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TOP-10 most romantic places in the world

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TOP-10 most romantic places in the world

Spring is approaching - a time when the air is permeated with romance. From the glistening waters of the Maldives to the snow-capped peaks of Jammu and Kashmir, the world is full of places for a romantic date or a declaration of love, although most will prefer the mountains of European classics like Rome, Venice or Paris.

Our selection contains 10 of the most romantic places in the world that will make even the most inveterate skeptic feel deeply!


Scholars debate the origins of Venice as a Byzantine refuge in late antiquity, but most tourists don't care. They are attracted by the golden decoration of St. Mark's Basilica, romantic sailing along the lagoon, cafes on the banks of the canal and the dim light of the trattorias of today's Venice.

Whether it's palaces or temples, chapels or galleries, you will discover the greatest works of European culture and history in an entourage of half natural and half man-made beauty of local rivers and canals.


Turner painted Heidelberg bathing in rays of golden light, Goethe explored the local gardens, and Mark Twain wrote about his experiences there in the Tramp Abroad. But Heidelberg is not just a curious place for artists - the statistics of visits register the constant interest of tourists in the literary heritage: from 10 to 15 million people come here every year.

This is not surprising, given the romantic atmosphere of the Altstadt (Old Town) area. Its main wonder is that it survived the Second World War with almost no casualties, as well as an impressive terracotta palace, towering among the ruins of the city's castle. Urban eclecticism and breathtaking landscapes make it ideal for moonlit dates or romantic adventures.


A land of forts and palaces, deserts and jungles, Rajasthan is a land of extremes. Hop on a camel and explore the dunes with your soul mate, sail on Lake Nakki on Mount Abu, or dine at Udaipur Lake Palace - each of these places will showcase the flight of the Indian Maharajas' fantasy and will be remembered for a long time. For an unforgettable romantic evening, visit Jaisalmer before sunset and watch the evening dawn over the Golden Fort.

Islands in Greece

Narrow steep cobbled streets. White-stone churches strewn with flowers. Miraculously sprouted through the dusty and rocky soil, olive trees in bloom. Rakia, ouzo and metaxa sparkle in tall glasses, music plays, and the rhythms of modern music echo the tradition of the centuries.

The sea here is simply amazing, the sun caresses the skin, and does not burn, in a word, it is truly a paradise. European civilization made the right decision when choosing a place for its appearance.

New York

One of the world's greatest cultural capitals, New York City is home to dozens of the finest galleries, music, restaurants (damn well over 20,000!) And bars, not to mention bookstores, cafes and boutiques. The streets here are whole continents, neighborhoods are whole worlds: from Jewish cuisine in the Upper West Side to Jackson Heights in Queens in the East. New York is the largest melting pot in the world, where history is made. Whether you just want to walk with your lover in Central Park or dine on top of a skyscraper, there is no better place than New York for a romantic date, a second honeymoon or an easy affair.


Paris, like London , is a network of neighborhoods and districts, small villages, each with its own micro-culture. Parisian neighborhoods vie for tourists, but when it comes to romance, the choice is tricky and difficult.

The Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame and Champs Elysees should be on every beginner's itinerary. But even outside the mainstream, there is something to see or do. You can groom your loved one, buy junk at flea markets in Cité or the Latin Quarter - or stock up at the Dimenshans market and have a picnic in the Bois de Boulogne, the hunting domain of twenty generations of French kings.


Medieval towers, watermills, narrow mountain streams and a cobbled pavement are just some of the most important attributes of Mostar, a small picturesque town built by the Ottomans in the 16th century. The famous bridge stretches over the azure waters of the river, connecting the two halves of the city - Christian and Muslim. During the Bosnian war, the monument was almost destroyed, but the careful work of the restorers created a miracle.

What could be more romantic than a bridge that has risen from oblivion in a divided but united city? In local restaurants, waiters wear national clothes. Above all, do not forget to visit the restaurants in the Ottoman Quarter! It is best to do this at dusk, when tourists head home to enjoy the tranquility of Mostar's old world.


Fez, dotted with medieval riads, fountains, minarets and bazaars, was the capital of Morocco until 1925 and, undoubtedly, in terms of history and romance, remains so to this day. A special attraction for visitors is Fes El Bali (Old Fes), one of the world's largest car-free urban areas, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Getting lost with your loved one in the local market, among the copper chasers, countless antique shops and leather workshops is more a pleasure than a nuisance. Be sure to try it (especially since the hospitable Arabs will be happy to help you "find" back when the adventure is boring).


A stunning mix of Baroque, Neoclassicism, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and other styles that would take an architect's vocabulary to formulate - Budapest is imbued with creativity, it's blood in its veins.

The city is located underground on several thermal springs that have been used since Roman times for relaxation and rejuvenation, as well as on a number of Ottoman-style hammams. If you're feeling hungry after a hot bath, Budapest's best restaurants offer an eclectic mix of world cuisine, from upscale Italian, German and Turkish eateries to traditional Hungarian taverns.


Known for its eclectic restaurants and bars, the medieval city of Barcelona has a lot to offer the adventurous couple, from Gaudí's gardens and the massive Sagrada Familia to the Picasso Museum (where in Barcelona without it?). Then you can sit in a quiet wine cellar with a glass of cava and a plate of tapas. There are many great bars to visit after dark, from traditional wine bars with flamenco performances throughout the week, to sophisticated cocktail bar and lounge mixes where jazz orchestras are responsible for live sound.

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