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2018-07-30 11:57:12

Summer vacations in Switzerland for foreign students

Summer vacations in Switzerland for foreign students

When your child goes to spend summer vacations in Switzerland, he will not only have a great and fun time - a vacation in Switzerland for students helps them to improve the level of foreign language skills in a relatively short time. Summer holidays in Switzerland - this is teaching foreign languages in an unobtrusive, sometimes even a game format. A large selection of children's camps, several foreign languages for study by choice, many peers from around the world, fun communication and a rich leisure program - what else does the child need on vacation!

Every year, thousands and hundreds of thousands of students from all over the world decide how to go on a summer vacation in Switzerland, because a vacation in Switzerland for students is an excellent opportunity to relax and learn a foreign language in parallel. The fact is that Switzerland is a multi-lingual country - here at the state level the equality of German, French and Italian languages is enshrined. However, English is used here on a daily basis because Switzerland is one of the world's business and banking centers. Thus, it is not difficult for most students to find an educational program for the summer holidays in Switzerland.

Why should your child spend a summer vacation in Switzerland?

Summer vacations in Switzerland for students allow the child to enjoy pure air and unique nature, relax in hikes and walks, and get good knowledge of foreign language. In addition, Switzerland is a safe country, so you can be calm for the life and well-being of your child. It is worth mentioning the main advantages of summer vacations in Switzerland:

  • Vacations in Switzerland in the format of a language camp are an excellent and convenient way in a relatively short time to significantly improve the skills of owning any foreign language (a choice of the four most used in Switzerland: German, Italian, French and, of course, English). Your child is free to choose between them, and you can learn more than one foreign language - it all depends on the child's abilities, his aspirations and goals of the educational trip.
  • Excellent favorable climate, clean air and beautiful natural views - what could be better for a child during the summer holidays? All this is combined with a varied diet and a rich entertainment program during extra-curricular hours.
  • On the territory of Switzerland, there is a huge number of different language children's camps that offer students a variety of sports, including football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, ping-pong, as well as water polo, rowing, horse riding, etc. There are also a variety of creative circles: for example, drawing, singing and many other interesting activities. In addition, the students are offered trips to water parks, boat trips and sailing through the cleanest lakes in Switzerland.

Thus, the summer holidays in Switzerland for students will be remembered for a long time by your child both in terms of a fun holiday and positive emotions received from communicating with peers from around the world and from the point of view of the effectiveness of teaching foreign languages.

Specific features of studying foreign languages in Switzerland during the summer holidays

In summer language camps in Switzerland, students can choose to study one or more (depending on the ability) of foreign languages. In some camps for students it is also proposed to study Spanish or even Chinese! A specific list of foreign languages available for study in each summer camp depends on the location of the school. The fact is that in different cantons, the predominance of one or another foreign language is noted. For example, in the canton, the predominant part of the population are French, children's language camps offer language courses, primarily French. In the vast majority of language camps, English is also available, because it is international.

Such a division of Switzerland into different cantons with their own foreign languages will have the most favorable effect on the effectiveness of teaching the student to the language, because after traveling to Switzerland for summer vacations to study either English or French or any other language, the child falls, figuratively speaking, into a small copy of the country, in which a particular language is the main and only language. That is, in the German cantons the student will feel like in a mini version of Germany, while the quality of the teaching of the German language here in nothing will be inferior to the German language courses in the same Berlin. In addition, the practice of a foreign language will be already point-like - there will be no such that the summer camp is located in the Italian canton in southern Switzerland, but there goes a child to learn German. Again, the English language is universal, so you can teach it in almost any canton.

Another important aspect of the study of foreign languages in summer camps in Switzerland for students is the particular location of the camps relative to cities. Quite a large number of summer camps are organized at language schools or private boarding schools in Switzerland, and therefore are located in the territory of these educational institutions within the city or in the nearest suburbs. However, among the summer camps on our website there are some that the road can take some time to do. Many summer camps open in areas known to the whole world of resort areas, especially in winter (for skiing). Anyway, students who come to the summer camp in Switzerland to study foreign languages will be able to enjoy both the beautiful nature, and the professionalism of the teachers, and the communication with their peers.

It has already been said that classes in summer camps in Switzerland are built in a playful, unobtrusive format. In this regard, it is important to consider the intensity of the classes. Typically, the academic load is about 10-15 hours of foreign language per week, but it can also reach 20-25 academic hours. In addition, older students can additionally study any disciplines in a foreign language - such lessons are taken mostly by high school students, who subsequently plan to receive higher education in Switzerland or in other countries. In addition, it is worth remembering that most camps are organized at private educational institutions in Switzerland with boarding, which allows parents to be calm for the quality of education received in the summer camp.

After classes in classes, children's camps in Switzerland for students will be able to visit excursions to various cities, hikes in the mountains organized by teachers and workers of the camp, as well as get acquainted with the main sights of the country, the history and culture of Switzerland. Often in summer children's camps are organized sports competitions and various cultural events. By the way, it is important to understand that experienced teachers work in children's camps, they understand the psychology of children perfectly, that's why they will be able to find an approach to an absolute student.

The process of teaching foreign languages in summer children's camps in Switzerland

Summer vacations in Switzerland can be conducted in camps and at language courses between June and mid-August. The high season in the majority of summer camps falls on July - the middle of August. To date, we can safely say that summer vacations in a language camp in Switzerland for students are more popular than winter vacations, because the duration of a vacation in summer is much more than in winter. In addition, not all are fond of winter sports or like winter, and in summer the climate is most favorable for most people and maximally disposes to rest.

The educational process in the summer children's camps in Switzerland is structured as follows. Classes, or groups, are formed with a mandatory consideration of the talents, skills, abilities and interests of each student. To identify these characteristics before the start of education and rest, the teaching staff conducts a special test, including the level of proficiency in one or another foreign language. This introductory "test" should not frighten students going to spend summer vacations in Switzerland, because it is designed to help them achieve the most effective results in learning foreign languages, having received the maximum from the educational process. With the proper formation of educational groups and the construction of a curriculum, none of the students will get bored. Anyway, at the end of classes, as well as on weekends, excursions, hiking, sightseeing, sports and games, as well as creative competitions and circles are organized for pupils.

Organization of accommodation during the summer holidays in Switzerland

As a rule, summer children's camps in Switzerland with the study of foreign languages function on the basis of a higher education institution or a private boarding school, so students are offered similar accommodation to students of these educational institutions: a student hostel or host family accommodation. The most popular, of course, is residence in a residence, but younger students will be more comfortable living in a host family accredited by one or another camp, which confirms the family's ability to provide the child with everything necessary for a comfortable life and study, recreation. Older students choose accommodation in dormitories in common spacious rooms designed for 2-4 people.

In addition, in many children's camps in Switzerland, day-time educational programs are available, which means daytime education, further excursions and leisure, and then students go home - this type of educational program is only suitable for those students whose families also came to Switzerland for the duration of their stay child in the camp or already live in the country on an ongoing basis.

Nutrition of students is organized on the principle of full boarding, children eat 3 meals a day in a common dining room. The dishes offered are varied, nutritious and balanced.

Tuition fees in Switzerland for foreign students

It is important to consider the cost of language camps in Switzerland for students. A week of stay in the camp can cost you in the amount of several hundred Swiss francs (₣) to several thousand. The cost of the summer camp, as a rule, includes the educational program for a foreign language to choose from, as well as accommodation and meals on a full board basis. In addition, there is a basic set of activities that are included in the cost, and the desired activities can be purchased later. Among other factors influencing the total cost of summer vacations in Switzerland, SMAPSE experts can note the following:

  • Number of foreign language classes - the higher the intensity of the language course, the higher the cost;
  • Number and list of ordered entertainment events;
  • Total length of stay of a student in a language children's camp;
  • Type of accommodation of the student (hostel or host Swiss family);
  • The location of the school or university, on the basis of which a summer camp is arranged;
  • Some other factors, such as: transportation of the student from the airport to the camp and back, the number of students in classes, various fees, including registration fees, etc.

Thus, the language camp in Switzerland for students is a wonderful and non-trivial way to spend summer vacations abroad, going to the country with a pleasant climate, beautiful nature and rich culture. The time spent in a summer children's camp in Switzerland, will be remembered for a long time to your child, after all he can find friends among contemporaries from the different countries of the world. In addition, summer vacations in Switzerland can be a stimulus to further work on improving the skills of owning foreign languages.

If you decide to send your child to Switzerland during the summer holidays, then do not delay with the selection of a specific place - SMAPSE specialists with many years of experience in the field of foreign education can help you in the form of advice absolutely free of charge! Just leave a request in the form below.

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