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TOP-10 most prosperous and richest cities in the world

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TOP-10 most prosperous and richest cities in the world


The country's largest financial center, which accommodates the offices of banks, financial corporations and insurers, several large watch factories and mechanical factories, where watches are assembled for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This city is firmly established on the top lines of megacities in terms of living standards, its quality and safety. It is also one of the most expensive cities on the planet, which cuts off the population with below-average incomes. Perhaps that is why there are more than a hundred billionaires registered here, regularly replenishing the city treasury with their taxes.


It is the capital of romance, culture, history, architecture of Romanesque and classical styles, romance, love... In this city there are offices of a number of important international organizations, including UNESCO.

The tax regime in the country is very tough, which fills the budgets, but repels the rich. Nevertheless, 24 owners of the largest capital on Earth found shelter here.


It is the financial capital of the Middle East, the most foreigner-friendly, open and ringing with the wealth of the Arab world. It is in the top three in all ratings of the "best" and "most" - by the number of artificial islands, skyscrapers, slaves and indoor winter resorts with skates, skis and blackjack (the rest is attached).

No wonder 41 sheikhs settled here. Rich, in a word. Being a Dubai Arab is beneficial – for tax resident citizens, there are a significant number of relaxations on the part of the tax regime.


It is a financial and industrial center of the national level. And also - the city of casinos, nursing homes, amusement parks and elite clubs of various kinds, from legal to those where people, weapons and illegal businesses are sold and bought.

For law-abiding citizens, soft laws apply, which allowed the city to become the headquarters for several international banks and the headquarters of transnational corporations. You can still buy real estate here almost without checks.


Economic, cultural and educational, scientific capital of China. By the number of museum exhibits per capita, New York and Paris easily do.

Not as brisk and businesslike as Shanghai or Hong Kong, but at the forefront of the struggle for state capitalism with a socialist face. In the suburbs, there are several territories of advanced development and offshore for companies with a high percentage of innovative products.


A port at the intersection of dozens of trade routes, which for centuries served as the sea gate of China. Next to the skyscrapers propping up the sky, there are blocks of slums and true favelas, where you do not feel the breath of not that xxi - XX centuries. The largest business city in China.


It was once a fetid colonial hole where England exiled incompeent officers and obstinate soldiers for final correction through a gravestone. Thanks to the successful location and a number of legislative and administrative reforms, as well as the decisive dictatorship of the law introduced by Lee Kuan Ye, he broke out "into the people" and became not only a transit point between Asia and Europe, but also a thing in himself.

Hong Kong S.A.R

It's a place paired with Taiwan's Taipei, an outpost of world-class high-tech industries. Offshore status, the absence of taxes on transactions outside the island and many other privileges that have lured entrepreneurs here give a huge impetus to development.

Of course, the principle of "one country, two systems" has contributed – and the lion's share of local revenues are reinvested in China, increasing the efficiency of the national industry.


The capital of the workshop of the world is Great Britain. Here is the oldest and largest British Museum in the world, the greatest stock exchange, docks, offices of all standing corporations on Earth without exception.

New York

The UN headquarters are located here, allowing the country to claim the status of the world's policeman and the main role in the transnational government. But that's not all – in the veins of a flat and elegant grid of urban neighborhoods, the blood of the world beats: money. By their number, the capital of the state of the same name does not know equals.

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