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2022-02-12 14:25:05

TOP-10 most outstanding hiking trips all over the world

TOP-10 most outstanding hiking trips all over the world

The Internet has flooded our entire lives, limiting our aspirations and desires in places. Indeed, why go somewhere and strive for something, if everything can be seen on the screen of a phone or computer without leaving home? And that's what a lot of people think. But thankfully, not all of them! There are many curious people who have devoted their lives to traveling and learning something new and unknown.

The Peace-Loving Wanderer

This is perhaps the most popular hiker. She is originally from America, her real name is Mildred Normann. The woman was the first to walk 3500 km along the Appalachian Trail in just 3 months. The resident of the States devoted her further life to hiking in her country, which lasted for 28 years. Mildred passed hundreds of cities, and the total mileage of her path was about 40 thousand kilometers. Almost the equator on foot!

Sarah Marquis

Another representative of the United States began her long journey by riding a horse at the age of 17 – then the girl traveled all over Turkey. Since then, her hobbies have changed and she has begun to travel on foot. The craving for adventure awakened in the American woman with unexpected jerks, after which nothing was heard about the woman for several years.

In 2010, Sarah decided on a desperate act - she planned to walk through Siberia, cross the plains of Mongolia, pass China and get to Thailand. The woman made a three-year journey alone, having walked more than 16,000 km during this time.

Jean Béliveau

Until the age of 45, Jean worked as a seller, and on his birthday he decided to radically change his lifestyle. So Beliveau made his first and only hiking trip in his life with a length of 11 years. Over the years, he has traveled to 64 countries and traveled more than 75,000 km.

Jean bravely overcame all the difficulties and obstacles that were repeatedly encountered on his way. The most loyal friend and reliable moral and material support of the traveler was his wife Lucy. Beliveau claims that, having gone on a long journey on foot, he realized his most cherished dreams and never regretted his decision.

John Francis

In 1971, Francis saw an oil spill into the high seas. The man was so impressed that he stopped using cars and began to walk. He then stopped talking to those around him, and his silence lasted 17 years. John's strange actions raised many questions, but he himself did not react to it.

For 22 years, Francis traveled around America and walked all the states. And only after that the unusual traveler returned to his former way of life and again began to use transport!

Not so long ago, the man wrote a book where he outlined the details of his unusual life. Currently, John Francis serves as a politician.

Polly Letofsky

The purpose of this woman's five-year hiking trip was charity. Polly visited 22 countries on four continents and traveled about 22,000 km. Reaching California, Letofsky flew by plane to New Zealand. After passing Australia, Singapore and Malaysia, Polly flew to New York and from there went to her native Colorado. For 5 years of travel, the woman managed to collect about $ 200,000 as donations for the treatment of cancer.

Stephen Newman

Little Steve from early childhood dreamed of becoming a traveler. Therefore, as soon as such an opportunity arose, he realized his dream.

Newman's hike lasted for 4 years, during which time he covered 24,000 km. Steve sent the details of his journey for publication in the newspaper The Columbus Dispatch. He was the first traveler to record a hike in the media.

Dave Kunst

American Dave traveled with his brother from 1970 to 1974. The brothers looked around the world: they were in Monaco, in Asia, in Italy and even in Afghanistan. After a bandit attack, John Kunst was killed and Dave continued the expedition alone. He crossed India, Australia, and then returned to the United States.

From the trip, Dave Kunst brought a valuable acquisition: a unique scroll with the signatures of the mayors of all the cities he visited.

Arthur Blessit

Arthur travels not for the sake of adventure and getting vivid impressions - the man dedicated his campaign to God, thereby showing Him his devotion. Throughout the journey, Blessit carries a large Christian cross.

The preacher's journey has been going on for 45 years. By 2008, Arthur had bypassed all countries of the world, as well as all major islands, thanks to which he got into the Guinness Book of Records.

Carl Bushby

The Englishman set himself a difficult task: to go from Chile to Great Britain, to get on foot through the Bering Strait to Siberia, to cross Russia from east to west, to get to Europe and finish his journey at the English Channel. The first part of the journey was successful, but Bushby could not get to Russia because of problems with obtaining a visa. Then Karl went to the Russian embassy in Washington, where he was still issued a visa.

Now the territory of our country has already been passed by the traveler, and Bushby is heading to Europe.

Robert Garside

Robert distinguished himself by the fact that he traveled to different countries not on foot, but by running! On the day, the man covered a distance of 80 km, and for 5 years the distance that Garside ran was 56,000 km. In 2007, the journey was recognized as a record in the Guinness Book of Records.

The extraordinary stories we have told prove that a person can do a lot. Nevertheless, our contemporaries believe in themselves less and less, and the reason for this is our mental limitations that we set for ourselves. Therefore, we live our lives more dimly and less interesting than our ancestors or contemporaries, from whom we need to take an example.

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