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Best universities in Switzerland for foreign students

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Find best universities in Switzerland. Studying at TOP universities in Switzerland allows international students get prestigious and quality higher education abroad.

Traditionally, a great deal of foreign students choose to get higher education in Switzerland, which has shown unsurpassed quality in teaching business, management and tourism. These industries have received the greatest development in the country, therefore, Swiss universities are considered the best in preparing qualified personnel in these and related specialties. 

What are the best universities in Switzerland in tourism 

If your goal is a prestigious and truly high-quality tourism education, Switzerland offers the best universities with programs in tourism. The opinions of world experts agree that the best specialists in the field of tourism, hotel and restaurant business come out of the walls of Swiss universities: 

  • Les Roches International School of Hotel Management 
  • Glion Institute of Higher Education 
  • Cesar Ritz Hotel Colleges 

These universities have retained an impeccable reputation for being practice-oriented. For example, education in the hotel business is not complete without regular internships in hotels in Switzerland and other countries, where you can gain useful knowledge and experience in your specialty, and in the future, perhaps even get a permanent job in a well-known European hotel chain. 

Best universities in Switzerland for Business and management 

European University Geneva and Geneva Business School are leaders in management and business education in Switzerland. Despite the fact that these universities were founded relatively recently, now they have become world-famous universities. Studying in Switzerland at the faculties of business and management is a direct path to international corporations, politics and entrepreneurship. The knowledge and skills acquired at these best universities in Switzerland give you a chance to stay ahead of the competition and get your dream job. 

Tuition fees at best universities in Switzerland  

The cost of higher education in Switzerland is higher compared to other European countries, but the number of applicants is only increasing every year. Students know that all costs will pay off in the first years after graduation, and a prestigious education will remain forever. 

What are the best universities in Switzerland?

When choosing a higher education institution in Switzerland, you should first of all be guided by the presence of the desired faculty and, of course, the language of instruction. Among the main cantonal universities are: 

  • University of Geneva - French is considered the leading language here. The university teaches psychology, economics, exact sciences, theology and medicine. There are 7 faculties, an institute of architecture and a school for interpretes. 
  • University of Basel - German is the predominant language here. This university is the oldest in the country. Not so long ago, the educational institution was merged with the center of molecular biology, so research in this area of ​​activity is carried out here. The university offers a Faculty of Science, Philosophy and History. 
  • University of Zurich - invites applicants to join the ranks of students twice a year, conducting entrance exams. At the Research Center Zurich, subjects are mainly taught in German.
  • Brensky University - German language prevails here. In the building of the university - the Monastic Cathedral, there is the study of the well-known Albert Einstein.
  • University of Lausanne - studies are conducted mainly in French. The University of Lausanne in Switzerland prepares engineers with professional knowledge in the field of microelectronics and communication systems. It is considered as the best engineering university in Switzerland for foreign students.
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