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TOP-50 language schools and camps in Australia where international students can study high-quality English courses

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Nowadays, Australia is one of the most attarctive countries among foreign students wishing to get high-quality education abroad. SMAPSE offers you TOP-50 language schools and camps in Australia where international students can study effective English courses all year round. Australian language schools provide high-quality studying conditions, a wide range of courses and programs, exciting cultural programs and high-qualified teachers as native speakers.

SMAPSE experts have collected for you 50 best language schools and camps in Australia that allow to combine effective English courses with interesting cultural programs. Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts as they are always ready to answer all your questions. 

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English courses in Australia for international students

Australia is a very popular destination for studying English for foreign students, and there are many reasons for this:

  • High standard of living and security. Australia is considered one of the safest world countries, and the 3 main Australian cities - Melbourne, Sydney and Perth - are among TOP-10 cities with the highest standard of living.
  • Lack of entrance requirements. In order to enroll in English courses in Australia, you do not need to know the language at any level and even more so to pass exams.
  • The quality of educational standards: all Australian language schools (including private ones) undergo mandatory state certification for the right to study for foreign students, so you can be sure of the quality of education.
  • Low tuition fees compared to other popular areas for learning English (for example, the UK and the USA ), Australian schools offer quite humane prices for teaching English, depending on the chosen city and the studying season.
  • The opportunity to work part-time: this is a unique advantage of an Australian student visa. No other English-speaking country gives official permission to work on a student visa, and this greatly simplifies life and allows students to earn a little money.
  • A multicultural community and an incredible atmosphere: Australia is a patchwork woven from different nationalities due to its geographical location and history.
  • Unique nature and comfortable climate: Australia’s amazing natural and plant world will allow you to have an extra-curricular time.

Which Australian English language course to choose?

Australian universities and private schools in Australia offer a large list of courses for students of all ages. Here are the most popular ones:

  • General English Courses - classes aimed at improving the level of English. They are the most demanded courses among foreign students, because they help in a natural way to improve oral and written speech, listening skills, vocabulary and grammar. In addition, these courses are ideal for students whose level is not yet sufficient for admission to university or highly specialized courses.
  • English for Academic Purpose - a course that prepares students for admission and full-time study at an Australian university.
  • ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) - Intensive English courses for international students: a special program to help foreign students learn English for the purpose of further education or immigration to Australia.
  • Business English is a course introducing the specifics of international communication in the business sphere.
  • English for employment opportunities - classes preparing for employment in Australia.

In addition, there is a huge variety of courses for children and adolescents that combine learning and relaxation:

  • TAP (Teen Activity Program) - summer and winter camps lasting from 1 to 8 weeks, where the training is rich in entertainment, hiking, surfing and chatting with children from around the globe.
  • Study and live in your Teacher's home is a program that allows you not only to learn a language in individual lessons, but also to be immersed in it 24 hours a day, living in the family of your teacher.
  • Individual Study Abroad Programs - an opportunity to learn English and feel like a real Australian living on campus.

Tuition fees for studying English courses in Australia

The cost of English courses in Australia is about 30% lower than in the UK or the USA, but here the prices vary depending on the curriculum, city, season and duration of study. As a rule, English courses in Australia in private schools will be cheaper than university courses, and their quality will be much better.

For example, the cost of a two-week course, including 20 English lessons per week, can start from 450 Australian dollars (group courses without accommodation) and reach up to 3,000 Australian dollars (individual lessons and living in a teacher's family).


Cost per week, Australian dollars

Course Name

Number of weeks





General English






General English (long course)






Intensive English






Business English








Best Australian schools for foreign students

In choosing a language school, you need to trust both the rankings and the reviews of students and teachers. For foreign students, we can recommend the following schools:

  • Kaplan International Colleges is an accredited school with branches in 7 Australian cities and offering 4 study programs - Intensive English, General Language, Vacation English and Business English. The maximum number of people in a group is from 12 to 15, it is possible to live in a family or student dormitory. The curriculum is supplemented by various activities, and at the end of the course a certificate is awarded.
  • Eurocentres Language School is Australia's renowned school offering year-round English language courses in effective curricula. A distinctive feature is the small multicultural group composition, an extensive extracurricular program and the maximum use of the communicative method.
  • ILCS Language schools - a global network of language schools, characterized by the availability of courses for the preparation of international exams FCE, IELTS, CAE, as well as having a specialized course in preparing for admission to an Australian university. The main accommodation option is homestay, the curriculum is also complemented by various extracurricular activities.

Cost of living in Australia

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 398 594
Food 225 441
Transportation 79 185
Communications and utilities 96 102
Clothing 26 97
Sports and leisure 30 104
Total 854 1,523
Accommodation in Australia USD/Month.  
Shared room outside of centre 402  
Shared room in city centre 600  
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 795  
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 1,08  

Statistics of English courses in Australia

Programs Intensity Group Language requirements The minimum cost of the week AU$
Standard English 20 6-15 Beginner 230 +
Intensive courses 30 6-14 Elementary 350 +
Semi-intensive 24-25 6-14 Elementary 304 +
English for Business 25-28 6-15 Low intermediate 418 +
English for Specific Purposes 25 6-15 Intermediate 335 +
English for Academic Purposes 28 6-15 Low intermediate 330 +
Exam preparation courses 20 6-15 Low intermediate 330 +
English in Action 15-30 6-15 Beginner 340 +
One-to-one lessons individual 1 Beginner 95 +

Students Accommodation Options in Australia

Accomondation Meals Number of people per room Cost per week/min AU$ Cost per week/max AU$
Homestay breakfast 1-2 200 400
School residence - 1-2 165 350
Appartment - 1-2 300 500
Hotel optional 1-2 160 250

Estimated Costs

Estimated Costs Min. AU$ Average AU$
Consular fee of the embassy 140 560
Flight (Moscow - Sydney - Moscow) 1200 1700
Medical insurance 25/week 35/week
Study material 10 20
Delivery of invitations by express mail 80 95
Transfer/Escort 110 180
Additional payment for accommodation per week, during the high season 160 200
Additional payment for tuition per week, during the high season 230 370
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