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TOP-10 prestigious secondary schools in Australia where international students can get high-quality secondary education

Education information

SMAPSE offers a list of TOP-10 prestigious secondary schools in Australia where international students can get advanced secondary education. It is a country with a classic British educational system and amazing nature. SMAPSE experts can provide information about the specifics of courses and programs, they will tell about the organization and provision of the trip, preparation of necessary documentation for foreign students, visas.

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Educational system in Australia

Nowadays, studying in secondary school is divided into three stages: 1 - 7 years of studying (elementary school), 7 - 10 classes (middle), 11-12 years of schooling (high school). Children enter schools at 6 years old. School year is divided not by semesters, but by 4 quarters. Foreign students are admitted to the school at any time: the student can go to school at the beginning of each quarter (October, February, April, June).

Foreign students can study in private schools and boarding schools. The schools of separate education of girls and boys are also quite common.

The British system of education provides compulsory studying of English, mathematics, history, physics, at least one foreign language, geography, chemistry and biology. Physical education classes are mandatory for everyone, but you can choose your favorite sport and attend as an elective. In addition, creative lessons are provided for an individual choice. You can additionally be engaged in dancing, modeling, drawing, musical art or choose several creative courses.

Senior classes in TOP-10 Australian secondary schools

To increase сhances of entering prestigious higher educational institution, Australian students in 11th-12th grades choose several special electives: it can be classes in law, economics, technology, computers or accounting.

Entrance examinations to universities are not provided. University commissions pay attention to school grades and total score for all years (University Admission Index).

Australian and international students who plan to study at foreign universities, pass the two-year universal programme International Baccalaureate (IB). Taking IB programme guarantees admission to the higher institutions of Britain, Canada or the USA.

Senior classes in Australia

Main rules for admission to 10 best Australian secondary schools

To enter an Australian school, you need a good command of English and a language certificate. Assessments from the school for the last three years are also presented. The school administration takes into account scores in mathematics, foreign language, physics and geography.

It is quite obvious that some students may have insufficient command of English, therefore schools often offer preparatory courses in their language centers.

As for accommodation, foreign students can stay in a local family or in a general school residence. Parents can also live next to the child for one year if they issue an accompanying person's visa.

TOP-10 Australian schools are traditionally in high demand among international students due to the opportunity to enter the universities of the world without additional preparation or preparatory courses. Parents consider a low price for schooling to be a significant plus. On average, one year stands for 20-25% less than in the USA or Europe. Tuition fees depend on rating and location of the school. On average, foreign students pay from 9000 to 11000 AUD (Australian dollars).

A significant advantage of studying in Australia is the unique nature of the country, rare species of animals and temperate climate. The crime rate in the state is the lowest in the world. Getting education in the school of Australia combines a low price, excellent quality and excellent prospects for further education in the university.

Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts at any time as they are always ready to answer all your questions.

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