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The best camps abroad for foreign students

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The best camps abroad for foreign students

The best camps abroad for foreign students

Every foreign student believes that the best time to relax is the summer vacation, when you can forget about sitting behind textbooks. If you decide to take education in a leading language camp abroad, then you can not be afraid that you will take standard classes. Below are three key reasons for studying in the walls of advanced foreign summer camps, namely:

  • There is a full immersion of foreign students in a new language environment
  • There is close acquaintance and constant communication with peers who are representatives of various countries of the world
  • Education in a ranking children's camp will give bright and positive emotions and impressions.


Studying in the best language camps abroad

Education in an elite language camp abroad is completely unlike standard school classes at a desk due to the fact that the educational process involves the active use of an interactive approach and a game format. In this connection, classes are extremely exciting, and foreign students are interested in learning. As a rule, only experienced and professional teachers are involved in teaching at prestigious summer camps abroad.

It is also worth noting that for sending to study at a top foreign language camp, there are no requirements for excellent knowledge of a foreign language, since the goal of foreign students is to qualitatively learn a foreign language and improve their existing language skills. Thus, regardless of the level of knowledge of a foreign language, all the leading children's camps abroad receive foreign students. At the time of arrival at the elite camp at sea, it is planned to undergo testing to determine the level of knowledge of a foreign language, after which students are distributed among language groups based on the results.

As part of the language program, there is a significant improvement in the level of knowledge of spoken English. As for the educational program of the basic language course, it provides for 20 academic hours throughout the week. So, foreign students are intensively engaged in listening, reading, writing, and in addition, speech literacy improves. It is also worth noting that, as part of the educational process, foreign students acquire skills in putting the acquired skills into practice. If interested, you can choose an intensive educational program, which provides for 30 classes per week.

Another key advantage of studying in the best language camps at sea is due to the fact that, regardless of age, each student will be happy to spend summer holidays abroad studying and participating in various leisure activities. Thus, both the kid, the teenager, and the student will receive vivid emotions from being in a prestigious camp abroad. If you are interested in spending holidays at sea for the whole family abroad, family camps function successfully, within the walls of which you can relax and learn, surrounded by relatives and friends.

Among foreign students, the leading language camps abroad are in great demand and popular, in connection with which, advanced summer language camps have been created and are successfully functioning in many countries. Therefore, every foreign student will be able to choose an acceptable educational institution based on individual preferences, goals, financial capabilities. In particular, you can visit the ranking summer camp at sea, located in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Malta, Cyprus and the southern part of Great Britain. Agree that the choice is great! Thus, the choice of the country determines the studied foreign language, in particular, it can be English, Italian, French. In addition, the educational program of the summer camp at sea provides for various excursions, which contributes to a closer acquaintance with the culture and traditions of the countries.

The cost of education in the best camps abroad

The cost of education in foreign advanced camps at sea is determined by the following parameters, as the country of study, as well as the option of accommodation and meals. As a rule, in the walls of language camps abroad for foreign students there are several possible accommodation options, namely in cozy and comfortable camp residences, boarding houses, student hostels, hotels, or alternatively in the host family.

Thus, in order to choose the best foreign summer language camp on the sea, it is worth answering for yourself the following questions, such as:

  • Learning language like English, Italian, French, etc.
  • Geographic location
  • Variant of food and accommodation.

The organization of leisure in elite camps at sea for foreign students 

In the forefront camps at sea, foreign students, as part of excursion and recreational activities, gain useful experience in international communication along with effective learning of a foreign language. As you can already understand, at the present time there is a wide choice for foreign students of educational institutions, where you can have a fun and informative time and not worry about the safety of the child.

Let SMAPSE experts once again draw your attention to the fact that the main advantages of a foreign child’s stay in advanced camps abroad are due to receiving a huge number of the brightest emotions and impressions, as well as making new friends who are representatives of different countries of the world. As for the types of summer camps at sea, they can to be childish, youthful, or linguistic.

Staying in the best children's camps abroad, a high-quality service is provided to a foreign student, in addition, the teaching staff develops various activities of an entertaining and sporting nature. And most importantly - on an ongoing basis, foreign students communicate with their peers. Considering teenage camps at sea, it provides for a visit to the water park, dolphinarium, while young lovers of the inhabitants will be able to ride a horse.

It is worth noting that the nature and direction of cognitive children's tourism can be very different, in particular, ethnographic, historical, archaeological, geological or even ecological. In addition, the direction of the educational trip is harmoniously combined with the school curriculum, thereby contributing to greater teaching efficiency and improvement of language skills.

Professional expert assistance

Turning to SMAPSE educational center, you get the following bonuses, namely:

  • SMAPSE only cooperate with reliable camps for children abroad with an impeccable reputation. So, you have a great opportunity to relax on an all-inclusive basis in those countries that have a wonderful climate.
  • SMAPSE offer low prices for education in the best camps on the sea. SMAPSE experts guarantee full compliance with the quality of educational services cost.

Key benefits of studying at a leading camp abroad for foreign students

SMAPSE experts will help you choose the best and most suitable option for recreation and education at the top children's camp on the sea based on the individual financial capabilities, goals and preferences of the foreign teenager.

  • Your child will not constantly stay watching TV programs and playing gadgets, while staying in a foreign camp, the student will constantly stay in the fresh air and lead an active lifestyle.
  • Staying at the advanced children's camp on sea, your child will be able to make new friends who are representatives of different countries of the world, fully immerse themselves in the culture and traditions of the new country, while at the same time improving the level of knowledge of a foreign language.
  • Each leading camp abroad develops the widest selection of educational and leisure programs, taking into account the interests, preferences, age, as well as the level of students' abilities.

TOP 5 best camps at sea for foreign students

The name of the camp and a brief reference

Main characteristics

Kids Projects & Skouras camp in Greece, the target audience is students aged 7 to 17, the average cost of education is 800 , location - Soloniki

Among European countries, Skouras is the most famous and sought after camp among foreign students. For over 27 years, representatives from 35 countries of the world have been educated on an annual basis within its walls. For 3 weeks, students have been actively involved in sports, namely swimming, volleyball, basketball, horse riding, archery. In addition, it is planned to conduct classes in yoga, tai-bo, taekwondo, a climbing wall, as well as a visit to the rope course. In addition, a language school is successfully operating on the basis of the camp, which accepts foreign students with different levels of foreign language learning. Classes are held in small classrooms, the number of which does not exceed 10 people, for 5 days.

StudyCamp camp in Spain, the target audience is students aged 9 to 17 years, the cost of education does not exceed 506 .

Location - Catalonia a short distance from Barcelona. Fascinating leisure is guaranteed due to the close proximity of the sea, picturesque nature, conducting fascinating excursions, creative workshops, games, classes in English. There are 10 lessons per week.

Camp "Island of Dreams" in Cyprus, the target audience is students aged 7 to 17 years, the cost of education is 580 .

The programs include the study of Cyprus, its history, traditions, culture, nature, as well as national cuisine. Foreign students will be able to get acquainted with the main historical sights, visit an amusement park, take boat trips. A fascinating trip to the Santa Marina country club for active leisure is also planned. Young sports fans will be able to participate in classes at the climbing wall, archery.

Camp "Island of Dreams. Kids ”in Malta, the target audience is foreign students from 7 to 12 years old, the cost of education is approximately 690 .

This camp is aimed at young children. A game-based educational format is practiced, which encourages foreign students to communicate, which has a positive effect on overcoming the language barrier. In addition to education, various educational excursions, exciting games, show programs, parties, discos, beach vacations are provided, intensive sports are held.

Camp "Oliva Surf" in Spain, the target audience is foreign students aged 8 to 16 years, the cost of education is on average 410 .

Within the walls of this camp, 3 language programs have been developed, namely football (provides for training with professional trainers), sea (various sea sports (in particular, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, bodyboarding, paddleboarding, banana riding), and golf + Tennis: Regardless of the choice of an educational program, every foreign student will be able to master any sea sport.


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