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Road to Eton: road to the dream of the Royal School of England

Road to Eton: road to the dream of the Royal School of England

Boris Johnson, Prince Harry, a good half of English actors - they all come from the "English school of gentlemen". Even in a country like Britain, where educational institutions are on the list, there are legends! In the academic world, these are Oxford and Cambridge, and as for schools, one of them is Eton College, which is often called the "school of English gentlemen".

Founded in 1440, the boys' school has produced a galaxy of outstanding scientists, politicians and writers. 20 British prime ministers, writers George Orwell, Ian Fleming, scientists such as Robert Boyle and John Smith studied here. We will tell you how British gentlemen are taught and what the path to the royal school of Britain looks like.

Learning at the school of kings: a school uniform with top hat and tailcoat and the oldest classrooms with a 500-year history

The college is located not far from the summer residence of the Queen, near Windsor, which houses the oldest and largest currently inhabited castle in the world. It is home to members of the royal family: no wonder many of their offspring have studied at Eton over the years! For example, Prince Harry and William are graduates of King's College.

Private rooms and top chef

Children study at full board, that is, they spend all their time within the walls of the school, with the exception of vacations. The residence includes 25 houses, each housing up to 50 boys aged 13-18. The children live in their own rooms, the chef takes care of a varied diet for schoolchildren. I must say that college teachers are the best of the best, who work and live on the school grounds, and there are only 8 students per teacher - a paradise for teachers and children!

British study programs

The college curriculum is built on the British educational model and includes GCSE courses, A-Level + is an extracurricular program that includes elite sports and hobby clubs. The sports infrastructure of the college, professional coaches and strict discipline in every possible way contribute to the all-round development of children. A summer program has been developed for schoolchildren who want to spend the summer with benefit in one of the most prestigious schools in the world.

Classrooms with 500 years of desks

The school residence is a true architectural masterpiece: many of Eton's buildings date back to the 15th century. They were built on an impressive scale! Construction of the current chapel was completed by the end of the 15th century, and Eton itself became the home of religious relics. The school's historic landmarks include a library and the oldest classrooms with writing desks dating back 500 years. The new generation in the literal sense of the word can sit at the same table with outstanding ancestors!

School uniform: tailcoat, tie, vest and top hat

Eton's school uniform is known all over the world: it still includes a black tailcoat or a slightly pretentious, old-fashioned jacket, vest, striped trousers and, of course, a tie. Despite the love for tradition, the form is updated at times, but the style remains the same. A special wardrobe item - a black top hat - is worn by schoolchildren on special occasions.

Did you know that about half of British artists have an elite education? Eton is one such institution. Tom Hiddleston (Thor, The Avengers, War Horse), Damien Lewis (Homeland, Will, An Unfinished Life), Hugh Laurie (House Doctor, Mr. Pip, Street Kings ») - graduates of Eton College. The school focuses on all-round development, including the comprehension of the fine and performing arts. Talented vocal and acting teachers, chic theater studios and stages help children unleash their creativity and take their first steps towards professional art service.

How much does it cost to study at Eton?

The school was founded by King Henry VI in 1440. Eaton originally opened with the goal of providing quality education to 70 poor boys. But today, Eton is one of the most expensive schools in the world, with tuition fees of around £ 42,000 (or about RUB 4,075,861) per year. By the way, in Britain there are institutions that are more expensive: Eton occupies only 6th place in the ranking of the most expensive educational institutions in the country. But the tradition of helping children from low-income families has remained, and today about 70 pupils of the school study at Eton with a big discount or for free. Oh, this British tribute to tradition!

Despite the fact that funding is of paramount importance for college applicants, the school conducts a tough selection and enrolls only students with high results in studies, creativity and sports. However, this criterion is not decisive for the college. Eaton's official website emphasizes the attention to children with great potential and interest in learning in Eton: “ We're also seeking boys who will make a contribution to school life and thrive in a boarding environment” (“We're also seeking boys who will contribute to school life and be able to flourish in a boarding school ").

On the Road to Dream School: Requirements and Admission Process

Breeding stages

Often schoolchildren come to Eton at the age of 13 - but you need to apply when the child turns 10, so that at 11 you have time to pass the first test that will show the child's preparation. If the test is passed successfully, the applicant will receive a conditional place in Eton, but that's not all: at the age of 13, a decisive moment comes - schoolchildren pass a difficult exam, according to the results of which children are selected to study in Eton. You need to apply to college no later than the child reaches 10 years and 6 months - the college strictly adheres to this rule. Competition for one place is at least 3-4 candidates.

Requirements for foreigners

It is doubly difficult to enter a prestigious college if you are a foreigner. The school requires applicants to have excellent knowledge of English, a deep knowledge of English literature and study skills that are taught only in educational institutions in Britain. For this reason, the path to the dream school for foreigners looks even longer - first you need to enter an English school and unlearn it for several years. Fortunately, there are schools in Britain that will purposefully prepare students for admission.


To apply, you need to collect a package of documents:

  • School report card for the last 2 years
  • Detailed description from the class teacher
  • Essay "Why I Want to Study at Eton"
  • Copies of diplomas, awards, certificates.
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