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2018-07-30 11:57:10

Summer vacation in London for foreign students

Summer vacation in London for foreign students

Education abroad in summer time in combination with a bright leisure will give children a lot of good and a lot of pleasant experiences! In many countries of Europe, America and the USA summer programs are very popular from year to year. This kind of time is ideal for the younger generation: abroad, young travelers will be able to learn about the culture and history of other countries, which will help to broaden the horizon. As soon as possible, children begin to speak English, literally absorbing everything that the student has tried to learn over the years at the school desk. The guys have new friends from different countries, unexpected talents are opened, young people gain self-confidence and independence.

Britain is the acknowledged leader in providing quality and elite education: in the famous cities of Oxford and Cambridge are the world's top universities and the oldest and most respectable colleges that arose in the 11th-15th centuries. Get into the atmosphere, saturated with a real student spirit, where the colleges themselves are masterpieces of architecture - great luck and a great chance to prepare for academic burdens in private schools in Britain. London attracts students with a rich cultural and social life: the summer program in London offers great opportunities to get acquainted with the capital of the Foggy Albion, full of museums, exhibitions and festivals. There is always a reason for language practice - in addition, in London, the widest range of summer courses, where everyone can find a program for their goals and needs. Especially it is worth considering the London summer programs for those who are thinking of getting further education abroad. British educational institutions - schools, colleges and universities - are very strict about applicants, and a high level of English is a must, can play a decisive role in admission.

Features of studying at summer programs

  • Students of the best camps are engaged in groups formed according to their level of knowledge - due to this, every student will feel comfortable here and have equal opportunities for realization. One of the advantages of summer camps in Britain will be the lack of language requirements as such, unlike schools, colleges and universities, where the level of language proficiency is one of the main criteria for enrollment.
  • Students are engaged in unique programs developed by experienced teachers of London, Oxford and Cambridge specifically for the effective mastery of language skills in a short time. Teachers put emphasis on developing oral, listening, writing and reading skills; one of the main tasks is to increase the fluency of speech by replenishing vocabulary and honing grammatical constructions. Fundamental importance is played by a reference point for the practical application of the acquired knowledge, so the students of the camps do not receive irrelevant, unnecessary knowledge.
  • The courses include thematic lessons: British literature, history, music, sports. Thanks to carefully selected material on special topics, students can learn more about the culture of the United Kingdom.
  • Students are actively involved in activities and discussions with a view to maximizing the use of the knowledge gained.
  • The young people study together with their peers from other countries: the group's filling capacity does not exceed 15 people, and the programs exist for all levels of English from Elementary to Proficiency.

Features of extra-curricular activities for students from abroad

The entertainment program of summer schools and camps is extremely diverse and fascinating:

  • several excursions for a full day: students go on popular routes in order to get acquainted with the culture of Britain
  • half day excursions
  • acquaintance with local sights
  • events on the territory of the camps: special creative circles, dances, discos, parties and quizzes
  • sports: football, volleyball, tennis, horseback riding, gymnastics.

As a rule, excursion programs in London include a walk with the camp's instructors and professional guides, acquaintance with Buckingham Palace, a visit to Trafalgar Square, an inspection of Big Ben, a visit to the Tower-symbol of Great Britain.

The cost of the program for students for summer usually includes:

  • Academic English lessons: depending on the camp and the type of program, the number of lessons can vary, on average from 15 to 25 hours per week
  • residence in the residence (on campus): students are accommodated in comfortable rooms for 1,2 or 4 people
  • board meals: full breakfasts, lunches and dinners
  • extra-curricular activities: every day for children prepare modern and interesting events in the camp - carnivals, parties, games, sports competitions, trips and excursions
  • testing to determine the initial level of language proficiency (conducted on the first day in the camp)
  • certificate of completion of studies in the camp or language school.

Leading Summer Schools in London: Programs and Prices

Examples of institutions

Features of the programs

Age of students

Tuition fees

Abbey DLD College London

This prestigious educational institution offers academic English courses, which is ideal for those who are going to study under British programs GCSE , A-Level and international IB.

For students aged 7-12 years, an academic course is developed, which is taught by primary and secondary school teachers.

For adults aged 25 and over, courses are offered for the development of communication skills - ideal for parents who travel with children.




from 1,350 £

(a week)

Summer Camp Pilgrims Harrow School

The course "English + rest" for students is designed for a minimum of three weeks and is intended for those who aspire not only to spend the summer after classes, but also to enjoy interesting trips and excursions, to try themselves in art and creativity.


from 2,980 £

(14 days)

Bell St. Albans School

Summer Active English: a combined course involves study and active leisure in the suburbs of London, Hertfordshire. Lessons are at a medium-intensive pace. The course duration of 1 to 13 weeks includes a large number of recreational activities.


from 1,065 £

(7 days)

INTO St George's University of London

SGUL - profile British university - offers to take courses in medicine during the vacation period. Here, students are expected to have lectures and seminars from leading experts in the field of medicine, real medical practice, work in the laboratory, introduction to the fundamentals of surgery, radiography, physiotherapy and clinical practice, as well as the opportunity to learn everything necessary to pass the UKCAT test.


from 2,500 £

(2 weeks)

Harrow Summer School

In the summer school there are various combined courses that combine learning English with piano lessons, dancing, football, rugby, tennis.


from 1,250 £

(a week)

SMAPSE company is the official representative of numerous educational institutions in London and provides free information support, advice and other services.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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