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2018-07-30 11:57:15

Studying in New Zealand for foreign students, the cost of studying in New Zealand

Studying in New Zealand for foreign students, the cost of studying in New Zealand

For students who wish to receive education abroad, take a language course or combine study and rest during vacations, there are a lot of effective and balanced programs in New Zealand. It is a country with an amazing nature, located on two islands of the Pacific Ocean. The cost of studying in New Zealand for foreign students depends on several factors: the type of program, the level of student preparation and the ranking of the institution. According to the data of 2018, New Zealand is included in the TOP-10 of the world's countries with the highest standards of living and security: students from all over the world come here every year to receive education in various areas.

Advantages of studying in New Zealand for international students 

  • a wide range of specialties
  • low cost of studying 
  • obtaining international diplomas, certificates
  • an opportunity to see the unique nature
  • a loyal program for immigrant graduates who want to continue living and working in New Zealand
  • an opportunity to combine studying and work in the university
  • good environment of the country, high level of security.

New Zealand language schools and summer programs for foreign students 

Before starting to study at a school, college or university in New Zealand, children and adults often attend language courses to improve the level of a foreign language proficiency, especially since admission to many schools requires a certificate of passing a language exam.

Types of English courses:

  • Preparation for language exams: IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, FCE
  • Academic English
  • Business English
  • English and Hospitality
  • English for diplomats
  • Individual courses

To spend summer vacations with great profit, to study, to rest and focuse on self-development, student scan choose staying in the family of a foreign teacher, where children have the opportunity to immerse in the language and cultural environment of the country, living in a host family. Teachers use informal methods and principles to teach children English: they communicate with their guests on a variety of topics, often studying is held during the game, during entertainment or excursions.

Studying in New Zealand for international children and schoolchildren

In elementary school children come from the age of 5, where they receive fundamental knowledge in key disciplines: they are instilled with a love of learning, a desire for self-improvement, develop perseverance and perseverance. Preschool age is the time when children practically do not attend academic studies: the main emphasis is put on education, development of personal skills, teaching children English and preparing for school in primary school. Teachers use unique teaching methods that help children to adapt to learning and increase their preparation for further education.

New Zealand schools use different programs, for example:

Pre-university courses for international students in New Zealand

Preparatory programs are popular with prospective students who want to study abroad - the learning process entices foreign boarders, helps them adapt to life in the country, and learns about the specifics of the education system abroad. In New Zealand, pupils are most often enter International Foundation program: the learning process takes 30 weeks, and during this time the students receive the necessary academic and language preparation for admission to the best universities. Types and costs of the International Foundation program:

  • Standard course - from $ 6340 NZD / term
  • Intensive course - from 34400 $ NZD / rate.

How to enter the University of New Zealand? Directions and specialties

TOP-5 list of popular New Zealand universities:

  • University of Auckland
  • University of Otago
  • University of Canterbury
  • Victoria University of Wellington
  • Massey University.

If a foreign student do not have an opportunity to enter a BA course in a university right after the school, there are possible options:

  • the end of 1 or 2 course of a university in the native country
  • the International Foundation preparatory program
  • admission to the international college with further transfer to the first or second year of the university.

Also, admission to the University of New Zealand will require the passing of a language exam and a certificate that can be obtained in language schools and specialized centers.

Leading universities in New Zealand offer a bachelor's degree in the following areas:

  • hotel business and tourism management
  • international relationships
  • business and management
  • environment protection
  • linguistics
  • filmmaking
  • digital media
  • IT-development
  • health care
  • 3D animation.

Examples of educational institutions and the cost of studying in New Zealand for foreign students 

  • Edenz College Auckland (Auckland) offers foreign students a degree in IT, business and management, healthcare, 3D animation and filmmaking. In addition, language courses are organized here - at lunchtime students can attend free English classes. A special Career Center has been created in the college, where students are helped with employment. The cost of higher education is from 17000 $ NZD / year
  • Rangitoto College (Auckland) is a state college on the north coast, where students have access to beach rest, and foreign boarders live in host families. The college invites schoolchildren from 16 years to obtain a New Zealand matriculation certificate NCEA or the international program International Baccalaureate, the cost of studying is from $ 15250 NZD / semester
  • Taylors College Auckland (Auckland) is an educational center where foreign students can complete a high school program, a Foundation course, an English course in different areas: academic, business, TOEFL, IELTS. After graduating from an academic or language program, graduates enter prestigious and elite universities for English-language programs around the world. The college courses are fully adapted for foreign students, progressive and modern teaching methods are used, the cost of studying is from $ 475 NZD / week
  • Embassy Auckland (Auckland) - the language school offers classes in a group or individually: general English language courses and preparation for the IELTS exam are available. Study can be combined with active rest and even extreme entertainment. The cost of studying is from 355 $ NZD / week.
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