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Summer Intensive English in Boston for children and schoolchildren

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Summer Intensive English in Boston for children and schoolchildren

Boston is the capital and largest city of Massachusetts, as well as one of the oldest and wealthiest cities in the United States. It is an economic, cultural and educational center of the country: more than one hundred universities and colleges are concentrated here. Among them, the most top-ranking and ranking universities in the world - Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston University and Boston College, which, among other things, often arrange summer intensive English in Boston for children and schoolchildren.

Vacations in the language camp are a combination of leisure and study, active pursuits and sports, creativity and entertainment, and most importantly the opportunity to enter a new level of English in just a couple of weeks.

Advantages of summer intensities in English in Boston

  • Intensive courses in the Boston camps help schoolchildren adapt to the international environment, fill existing gaps, and gain invaluable experience that will come in handy both in obtaining education in American universities and in teaching anywhere in the world;
  • Teachers of the language camps in Boston tend to give the student during the holidays as much knowledge as possible. In addition to intensive linguistic programs, courses on the development of leadership skills for future politicians and entrepreneurs are very popular;
  • During the holidays in Boston, the student will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the leading universities in the legendary Ivy League;
  • In addition to academic studies in the camps of Boston, master classes and lectures of famous scientists, businessmen and political leaders are held;
  • Summer schools in Boston are suitable for schoolchildren of all levels, including for children with zero language knowledge;
  • In all courses, much attention is devoted to the entertainment and cultural component: the students are waiting for unforgettable trips to the US cities, visits to various events and attractions.

Features of summer intensities in Boston

All students of summer intensity are divided into groups by age and level of English proficiency. You can choose intensive classes in accordance with your own goal:

  • Increasing the level of the language (semi-intensive, intensive, superintensive);
  • Preparation for exams and tests ( IELTS , TOEFL , GMAT and others);
  • Academic bias with the study of the subjects of the school curriculum (especially interesting for those entering the US schools and colleges );
  • A bias toward a certain sphere (business, journalism, literary and others).

During the classes, teachers do their best to make each student discover their potential. The schedule is drawn up so that children have the opportunity to rest and learn a lot of new things, and a list of available sports and creativity is counted in tens and hundreds.

Top 3 summer camps with intensive programs in Boston

  • Harvard Summer School . A summer school based on the legendary Harvard University offers some of the most popular and quality seasonal programs in the US. Students can use all of Harvard's resources, including laboratories, libraries, research centers, meet with invited experts, best teachers and scientists, world-renowned specialists. Moreover, participants can earn credits (credits), which will be taken into account when entering the university! To study are available more than 40 disciplines: technical, humanities and social sciences, computer science, more than ten foreign languages, economics, literature. Lectures and seminars, discussions and discussions, laboratory work are held. The cost of training is from 850 $ for 3 weeks;
  • Emmanuel College . The college is located on a 17-acre campus in the heart of Boston. In addition to the standard course, the programs "Studies" (hiking and adventure), "Leadership" (critical thinking and analysis skills, problem solving, interaction, public speaking), "Football" (15 hours of language, 12 hours of professional training weekly) are available here. The cost of training is from 1400 $ per week.
  • Boston School of Modern Languages . One of the oldest, most respected and prestigious schools in the US has an extensive scientific and technical base, its own methods and teaching materials. Intensive course "Activities" includes 20, 25 or 30 lessons of English per week + math, computer science, science and creativity. Lessons are held in an interactive format: in the form of role games, discussions, dialogues, songs and stories. During a short period of active studies, the level of English considerably increases in children. The cost is from 320 $ per week.
  • Cushing Academy Boston . The Academy was founded in 1865 and is listed on the list of the most prestigious boarding schools. There are many quality vacation courses offered here: Preparation for SAT or TOEFL, Scientific bias (Prep for Success (12-13 years), Studio Art (13-18 years), College Prep (14-18 years), Critical Skills Across the Curriculum (14-18 years), English as a Second Language (14-18 years), Engineering (STEM - Science, Engineering, Engineering, Mathematics), Robotics, Leadership, Creativity and Performing Arts Cost of the course is from 10,395 $ for five weeks .

Our company will select you and your child an intensive program with the study of English for the summer holidays. With our help, you can choose courses in Boston of the appropriate level and subject with the best prices for them.

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