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To learn acting in VFS: prestigious, modern, effective

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To learn acting in VFS: prestigious, modern, effective

A popular and prestigious VFS school will help to transform your talents and abilities into a modern, popular and respected profession - a movie and television actor. A one-year course of study is available to students even without prior skills, knowledge and knowledge: thanks to professional teachers and the broadest infrastructure opportunities, acting will be available to everyone!

Intensive annual program is aimed at the development of all basic, key skills and knowledge:

  • the basics of acting
  • stage techniques and methods of work
  • possession and control of voice
  • scenic speech
  • work in front of the camera and on stage
  • listening skill
  • stage plastic and much more.

The program is directed by Jennifer Clement, who took part in more than 100 films, TV shows and serials, numerous theatrical productions. She has been teaching for more than 10 years (the program has been taught since 1995) and encourages students to make new discoveries every day.

The successful territorial location of VFS (in the heart of Vancouver!) And unique, state-of-the-art equipment make possible any practice, rehearsal and training: modern stage venues and rehearsal workshops, film studios, viewing halls and a professional recording studio.

It is enough to name only a few graduates of the prestigious Vancouver Film School so that you can assess the quality, effectiveness and practicality of the acting program:

  • Grace Dove (Survivor, Underexposed Project (APTN))
  • Tarun Keram ("Star Trek: Infinity", "I am a zombie", Scammerhead)
  • Mayumi Yoshida ("The Man in the High Castle")
  • Arthur Romuald Hievert ("The Land of the Future", "Proof", "Almost a Man")
  • Emily Allerap ("Refuge", "Arctic Air", "Real Memories of an International Murderer")
  • Jonathan Cherry ("Bouncer", "Friendship and no sex?", "Destination")
  • William S. Vaughn ("Strela", "In a bunch", "If I stay", "Almost a man")
  • Sarah Canning ("Hundred", "War for the Planet of the Apes", "Dose", "Vampire Diaries")
  • Tanya Beatti ("Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn")
  • Crystal Meadows ("Grossologia")
  • Adam DiMarco ("Startrek: Infinity", "Motive", "Second Chance")
  • Magda Apanovich ("Continuum", "Motive", "Mentalist").

Information for the entrants:

  • Duration: 1 year
  • Classes start in January, March, May, June, August and September (for exact dates, please contact your manager)
  • About 300 graduates
  • Up to 10 major events each year
  • Regular work with a professional camera.

Applicants are waiting for a personal interview (motivation for an acting career, ambitions, favorite genres, films, actors, directors); it will be useful to prepare a promotional video - a monologue or a short scene in your own performance. If you are worried about the low level of knowledge and training - you can preliminarily finish the four-month courses in this direction (also offered in VFS).

Graduates of the program not only receive a prestigious diploma - they significantly supplement the personal portfolio: professional photo sessions and compilation of catalogs, commercials and short films are recorded, samples and voice demos are recorded for sending to the studio. Also, graduates get access to a unique specialized VFS vacancy fair, where the best offers from the leaders of the film and television industry are collected!

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