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2018-07-30 11:57:03

Summer camps in the suburbs of London for foreign students

Summer camps in the suburbs of London for foreign students

London - an excellent place for summer school and leisure for students. For foreign students, the time in the camp will turn into an exciting adventure in one of the largest cities in Europe, give new acquaintances and discoveries. Many festivals and events are held here in the warm summer. For children, the best excursion programs are organized, which include visiting art museums, exhibitions and galleries, and the students will like the amusement parks and walks around the city.

Summer schools with learning English in London: description and benefits

  • Education in London will allow students to broaden their horizons, learn a lot of interesting things about Britain, its traditions and culture
  • British schools, like all education in Britain, are famous all over the world for high quality, adherence to the most modern pedagogical methods, unique programs
  • It does not matter what the student chooses - living in a host family or on campus - safe and comfortable accommodation, high-quality board meals and full rest are waiting for him
  • Learning English in the capital of Britain is a great opportunity to improve your spoken English, bring it closer to the classic British standard pronunciation
  • The combined courses developed by the best teachers of London are very diverse. For each student, a suitable program will be selected: for students with poor language knowledge there is an excellent platform to master the basic language skills, for students with intermediate and advanced linguistic knowledge there are special courses to improve their level
  • In the camps of London, there is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the best educational standards and take a course of preparation for student life in an international environment!

The best summer camps in London: the features of vacation programs, accommodation and tuition fees

The first place in the ranking of the best summer schools in London is rightfully held by Abbey DLD College London. Abbey DLD College London is the leader in the high school grades. It is an elite school with an impeccable reputation, which it has won for more than 80 years, being the guarantor of quality education. The language school is located in the heart of London. Studying and relaxing on the language programs of Abby College is an excellent choice for those students who dreamed of international education in one of the most popular places for this. Teachers of the language center are the best teachers dedicated to their work, who have the skills to communicate with foreign students and are demanding to achieve high results. Filling groups is small, only 8-10 students: thanks to small groups, teachers can realize an individual approach to give each student as much attention as he needs. This approach is one of the secrets of the high results of students of the language school.

  • The course "Summer Academic English" is perfect for students of any age: from 7-18
  • For students 7-12 years old teachers work in primary and secondary schools
  • For students aged 13-18 years, the possibility of additional studying for admission to the programs GCSE, IB, A-level is offered. Also in school you can prepare for the IELTS standard exam. Tuition fee: 1,350 £ per week.

Pilgrims Harrow School offers the best combined courses for students of any age and level of knowledge for the summer. For students, there are excellent programs aimed at the basic requirements of junior and senior students. In a favorable atmosphere, the students will be able to participate in various camp activities, show new talents. Great attention is paid to acquaintance of students with the British culture - the language school works on the basis of the elite private school Harrow School. For foreign students who come to summer programs, it is planned to place on campus, where they live in 1-2-bed rooms. Meals are organized according to the full board. The teachers of the course in the vacation period believe that only in a language environment that involves live communication can the language be learned in a qualitative way, so that children's entertainment and activities are of great importance in the camp. For each shift, a surprise program "WOW!" Is prepared: students will have the opportunity to prove themselves in sports and art, go on a tour of London and much more. Age of students: 7-17 years. The cost of education will be from 1,350 £ per week.

For those students who dream not only about the academic environment in Britain, but also is full of adventure spirit and desire to get acquainted with Britain, its cozy towns and life in them, the camp in Uxbridge city will perfectly suit. From this city it is easy to get to the most popular and interesting British cities: London, Cambridge, Oxford and Windsor. Summer educational programs for students aged 9-17 offer students 15 academic sessions. The education takes place in small groups: thanks to small classes (up to 15 people), the teacher will be able to pay enough attention to each student and track his linguistic progress. Here the students are offered a choice of several programs, the duration of which will be from 1 to 4 weeks. The program Super London Discovery consists of a series of excursions called "Discover London", but for students there are other sightseeing trips outside of London. Another course, Trinity Examinations, is an opportunity to prepare and pass the Trinity College Oral Examinations. Tuition fees: from 2,300 £ for 2 weeks.

Frances King School - a prestigious educational institution in Kensington. The school is surrounded by a park zone, sports grounds and playing fields. The college has a special student atmosphere. The age of students is 13-17 years. For studying in the camp, there are no special requirements in the field of language knowledge, even for children with poor language knowledge, special programs have been prepared. 

  • 20 academic hours a week. 15 of them are aimed at the development of skills languages, and students choose the topics of the other 5 lessons independently ("Discovering London", "Fashion and Style", "British Sport", etc.)
  • An entertaining program that consists of various activities held in the camp: quizzes, karaoke, talent shows, parties and much more. The cost of education: from £ 507 per week.

Studio Cambridge Sir William is a very famous London language camp. In this camp there is a complete immersion in the linguistic, cultural and student environment. Students can adjust the summer course depending on their own needs and desires. They are offered a standard course of 20 hours a week and an intensive course: 28 hours a week. The age of students is 14-17 years. At the end of the camp shift, the students achieve stunning results: they acquire a strong command of spoken language, understand oral English better, improve grammar and vocabulary. Tuition fees: from 1,890 £ for 2 weeks.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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