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2019-08-22 00:22:33

Best schools in Toronto for foreign students

Best schools in Toronto for foreign students

Leading schools in Toronto for foreign students

Currently, foreign students from 11 to 18 years old can receive a prestigious and high-quality secondary education in Canada. Toronto is universally recognized as the most prosperous and safest Canadian city, this information is confirmed by the annual ranking prepared by The Economist magazine. Toronto is ranked fourth in terms of aggregated quality of life. The following are two main reasons for choosing elite Toronto schools for high-quality secondary education:

  • The use of modern teaching methods
  • Effective pre-university education.

In addition, Toronto's leading schools are on the list of the top best schools in the world, not inferior to US ranking institutions and offering lower tuition fees.

Specific characteristics of educational programs for foreign students

Choosing an educational institution in Toronto, a foreign student begins to think that a public or private school is better. If a teenager at the age of 11 enters the elite public school of Toronto, then the cost of education for him will vary about 12 CAD $ per year. Please note that leading state schools do not provide for accommodation on the territory of the educational building, in addition, there is no support for resolving issues related to the migration service. So, in accordance with Canadian law, foreign students under the age of 18 must have a guardian.

High-level academic preparation is worth highlighting as the main advantage of getting advanced secondary education in ranked private schools in Ontario. In this connection, upon graduation, graduates of prestigious private schools in Ontario freely enter the best universities in Canada, the the USA and Great Britain. Given the high cost of education, elite closed boarding schools are extremely popular among foreign students, the walls of which provide students with accommodation and meals. In addition, round-the-clock safety and supervision by the teaching staff is provided. As a rule, foreign students are accommodated in comfortable residences. As for tuition fees at private schools in Ontario per year, it roughly ranges from 30,000 CAD $ to 60,000 CAD $.

Teaching is conducted in English or French. It is also worth noting that Canada has not adopted uniform standards in the field of education. Thus, each Canadian province, in the development of educational programs, takes into account its own traditions and needs.

If you have selected leading schools located in the east and southeast of Canada, then the teaching is conducted in French. In the rest of Canada, teaching is in English. In addition, Toronto's leading schools have developed effective language courses that teach English or French to foreign students. After several months, the foreign student has significantly improved language skills and the level of knowledge of a foreign language.

What you need to know about studying in Canada?

  • Top private schools in Toronto provide an opportunity to study in the framework of the 3-semester education programs, which helps to complete the education in a shorter period of time.
  • Accepting young children to leading private schools in Toronto for teaching, high school programs are popular among foreign students.
  • A credit system has been adopted - in order to receive a certificate, a certain number of loans are required, which are educational credit units.

Two types of educational programs are offered to foreign students, namely:

  • Classic Secondary Education Program
  • The program with a specialized study of disciplines of interest Advanced Placement
  • International Baccalaureate - having a diploma on passing this program, the graduate enters the ranking universities of any country in the world without passing the entrance exams.

List of the TOP-5 boarding schools in Toronto

  • St. Andrew's College - adheres to a separate educational format, accepting only boys. As part of the teaching, emphasis is placed on the comprehensive development of students. So, foreign boys acquire not only academic knowledge, but they are actively involved in sports and creative activities. In the case of excellent academic performance, a foreign student may become a recipient of a scholarship tie or award badge. As for foreign students, educational programs for middle and senior classes have been developed for them. The cost of education starts at 55,000 CAD $.
  • The prestigious international college Columbia International College - effective educational programs have been developed, the target audience of which is foreign students aged 13 to 18 years. Teachers provide support and attention to foreign students. As for high school students, they are specially offered a preparatory program aimed at successfully passing entrance exams to elite foreign universities. The cost of education fluctuates on average about 44,454 CAD $.
  • Brookes Shawnigan Lake - an impeccable reputation has been earned during the period of its activity, after graduation, graduates leave only positive feedback due to the high level of quality of educational services, teaching, comfortable living and dining conditions. A high school program and an IB international undergraduate program have been developed within the Toronto Ranking School. An extremely high level of teaching is conducted in the direction of art, the level of acquired skills almost corresponds to the university. Tuition starts at 47,500 CAD $.
  • Trafalgar Castle School - is a top school in terms of the effectiveness of pre-university education, inviting girls aged 10 to 18 to study. The attention of foreign girls is offered in middle school and high school programs. So, upon graduation, 98% of graduates become students of ranking universities around the world. The cost of education on average varies about 59,515 CAD $.
  • Branksome Hall - only girls are accepted for education, teaching is carried out according to IB program. As for the location, the elite school is located in the heart of Toronto, while students can take exciting walks in the picturesque park areas. The tuition for the semester will be approximately 28,565 CAD $.

Admission requirements to prestigious schools in Toronto - useful information for foreign students

  • The presence of an international language certificate IELTS, TOEFL or DALF (in the case of education in French).
  • Academic requirements apply to passing the SAT or CAT test, the purpose of which is to assess academic knowledge. On an additional basis, it is possible to submit requirements for writing an essay or passing an internal exam.
  • The package of documents includes a completed application form, a contribution of an average of 200 CAD $ for the consideration of the selection committee of this application, school report cards for the last 2-3 years, and recommendations of teachers.
  • The presence of a mandatory guardian for foreign students during their studies in Toronto.
  • Usually, foreign students need to have a personal interview with a representative of the admissions committee and the medical commission.
  • The cost of education throughout the year ranges from an average of 20,000 CAD $ to 65,000 CAD $ 
  • The formation of the cost of education is based on such factors as the location of the institution, the prestige and status of the school, and the developed educational programs. As a rule, the cost of education also includes accommodation.
  • On an additional basis, it is possible to pay the registration fee and non-refundable deposit as part of the receipt.

Toronto educational system

The secondary education system in Toronto consists of two phases, including Elementary and Secondary School. At the same time, there is an opportunity to start learning at an earlier age due to work at the Preschool schools, in other words, preschool education. That is, children attend kindergartens created at schools, accepting children who have reached the age of 4 for education.

Prestigious primary education at TOP Toronto schools

From grades 1 to 8, primary education lasts. Upon reaching 6-7 years, the child can enter the first grade, and completion of education falls on the age of 13-14 years. At the same time, the Canadian primary education system includes Junior Kindergaten, which is a junior preparatory class, taking children 4–5 years old to study, as well as Kindergarten, which accepts children 5–6 years old to study.

In the case of the arrival of a foreign student in Canada for education, SMAPSE experts draw attention to the fact that your child enters a class that is appropriate for him / her by age, and not according to the principle of which class was completed at home. Based on the results of a language and academic test, a foreign student can be sent to a younger or senior class, everything will depend on the level of knowledge.

Within the framework of the Canadian elementary school, the purpose of education is to obtain general knowledge among students, the skill of building relationships in the team, and at the same time, creative abilities and comprehensive personality formation are developing. The form of education in the elementary school is not intense and calm, which allows students to avoid the occurrence of stress and overload, overwork, as well as actively participate in various leisure activities, attend sports sections, and classes in various studios and circles.

Elite Secondary Education at TOP Toronto Schools

Secondary education in Toronto provides for education from grades 9 to 12, representing the second stage of education. If necessary, on an additional basis, you can undergo education in the frames of the fifth year. To become a holder of a diploma of secondary education, you must successfully complete education from grades 9 to 12, as well as gain the required number of credits.

It is worth noting that a foreign student independently selects academic subjects for study from a list developed by the prestigious Toronto school. At the end of the educational program and the successful passing of tests and exams for each passed discipline, a certain number of credits are presented, which are estimated points. In case of insufficient number of credits received, the graduate is not issued a diploma, while he / she is given the opportunity to continue his studies in order to obtain the required number of credits.

The list of possible disciplines for study involves teaching within several levels of difficulty. The degree of intensity of classes is determined by where, after graduation, a foreign student seeks to enter, namely, a ranking university or college.

In this connection, a student in grades 9-10 is required to make a choice regarding where they plan to go to university or college, what specialization is preferable, and also based on their decision to study the entrance requirements.

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