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Summer camps in Europe, the best summer camps in Europe for children and schoolchildren

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Summer camps in Europe, the best summer camps in Europe for children and schoolchildren

After reading this article, you will have a full understanding of the prestigious language schools-boarding schools in Europe. Our specialists have prepared comparative tablets with the advantages and disadvantages of training in the best children's camps in Europe.

The best summer camps in Europe - for children, teenagers and youth

In this article, you have an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with information related to the organization of education in prestigious children's European language boarding schools, their types, in particular children's, adolescents and youth, the offered educational programs, and their costs.

Excellent help in the process of choosing the best summer camp in Europe will be prepared by our experts list of top foreign language boarding schools abroad. Specialized educational vacation programs for study and leisure are offered to Russian teenagers and foreigners, in particular, most academic courses focus on a certain area, this may be pre-university preparation for enrolling in a rating university abroad, sports training, learning a foreign language and some others.

Learning a foreign language - faster to travel to Europe!

Currently, most parents with the goal of studying and improving their language skills at the same time with their child's excellent rest are choosing to travel to the best international children's language camps abroad, particularly in Europe. Elite European language boarding schools are hosting Russian and foreign children and adolescents who have reached the age of 3-4. Foreigners are offered a wide choice of thematic programs, which focus on sports or art, etc. The leading language camps in Europe provide not only an independent stay of the child, but also accompanied by the parent. We draw attention to the fact that adults themselves have an excellent opportunity to attend educational programs.

Within the framework of the stay in the European leading language children's camp, emphasis is placed on the quality study of a foreign language through a full immersion in the language environment. In addition to the educational component, experienced teachers develop an intensive and rich leisure program, which provides various entertainment activities, excursions and other activities. Staying at the top language school-board of Europe contributes to a significant improvement in the skills in English, French, Spanish, German or Italian, as well as acquiring new friends. In addition, it is worth noting that, while staying in a multicultural environment, a Russian teenager overcomes the communicative barrier.

In spite of your nationality, you have an excellent opportunity to study at any prestigious European children's center or language camp. The effectiveness of training is confirmed in practice! Thus, in the process of communication in the international environment, there is rapid progress in the development of language skills, and a very useful experience of communication is acquired by a foreign and Russian teenager. In addition, it is in the European language leading camps and boarding schools that you can qualify for academic training for further study abroad after the end of the 11th grade.

During the following holidays, the Russian teenager has an excellent opportunity to visit the rating language boarding school or camp of Europe, namely:

  • Summer camps and international centers operate
  • Winter Centers
  • spring Break
  • Autumn vacation.

At any age a child can visit a prestigious foreign youth camp, namely:

  • From 3 to 7 years old the child is usually trained in the accompaniment of an adult, at the same time the possibility of children staying on a full board
  • From 8 to 10 years - as a rule, at this age the child has the first experience of independent travel abroad, possibly accompanied by an adult, or the trip is carried out jointly with other children.
  • From 11 to 14 years - students already have experience of foreign trips to tours and camps, as a rule, the trip takes place on an independent basis. At this age is often chosen to attend intensive classes, or as an option, attention is paid to a particular sport or discipline.
  • From 15 to 18 years - foreign and Russian teenagers and students have experience of staying in prestigious foreign camps, as well as they have an idea of ​​the purpose of their trip, as a rule, this is preparation for the passing of the international language exam, admission to the prestigious secondary school-boarding house of Europe , or academic specialty.

To purchase a ticket to the selected children's language camp in Europe for holidays directly on our website, or to pay for the tuition directly to the boarding school, specifying information about the availability of vacancies for our specialists.

Rating children's language camps in Europe for a vacation - we communicate more boldly!

Prestigious European camps have specific characteristics. In particular, the basis of training is developing programs, and not academic studies, as you might think. Staying on vacation abroad, will give a foreign student and teenager a lot of brightest impressions and emotions. After all, during the training period for the students organized cognitive excursions, unforgettable adventures, teenagers learn to work in a team, play intensively, etc. It is in the prestigious language camps for children that foreign and Russian teenagers acquire confidence in communication, learn slang, and they understand the foreign language in various accents. For education in Europe, the following features are characteristic, such as multifacetedness and interest, not in one day, not a single schoolboy will be able to succumb to boredom in class. As part of a stay in a European specialized center, a foreign teenager will develop both communication skills and physical and creative abilities. It should be noted that among foreigners and Russian children, educational institutions are very popular, which are aimed at young athletes.

European youth language camps - rating and directions of training

It should be noted that the division of foreign boarding schools into two separate areas is envisaged. So, entering the European academic center, foreign and Russian teenagers have an excellent opportunity to obtain prestigious secondary or higher education, while teaching is conducted in a foreign language. Foreigners are offered educational programs oriented to effective preparation for the passing of academic examinations, training in a leading secondary school, college, university. In addition, very effective language courses are offered in European countries. It is impossible to distinguish the key difference between the classical camp and the children's camp, because in both cases, academic programs provide for interactive instruction in a foreign language, and various exciting leisure activities are organized. In addition, some of the elite language centers are located on the coast, thus providing an excellent opportunity for practicing water sports.

It should be noted that the rating of top language schools-pensions and camps has been developed, several parameters are based on it. Guided by the rating, you can choose for your child the preferred option of training and rest. Speaking about prices, the cost of training is determined by a specific country, the degree of popularity of an educational institution, the rating. In particular, the cost ranges from 400 euros to 2,000 euros per week, the price includes all services except air travel.

Brief information about the best language camps in Europe

As part of the process of choosing a European private language boarding school, your child needs to ensure a balance between the comfort of accommodation and the high level of quality and effectiveness of the educational program. If you compare with Russia, then in Western countries there is a slightly different attitude to comfort. Children of Europeans go abroad, if you want to learn another foreign language. In connection with which, foreign teenagers make a choice regarding living in host families for the purpose of fully immersing themselves in a new language environment, or they stop at places where local children spend their holidays. As practice shows, European teenagers stop in the top language camps, which are considered elite in the territory of Russia, which indicates their high cost. Our highly qualified specialists advise Russian teenagers to select those prestigious language boarding schools in which there is not a large concentration of Russian-speaking youth. Otherwise, the effectiveness of training decreases, but you can find many friends from Russia

We study a foreign language in the best children's camps in Europe

Separate attention deserves the widest list of language camps abroad, the target audience of which are foreign and Russian children, adolescents and young people. So, successfully operate the leading international camps, in which the majority of pupils are foreigners. At the same time, it is possible to find advanced language boarding schools, among whose students it is difficult to meet foreigners, including Russian adolescents, and where through other instruments a full immersion in a new language environment is achieved. With regard to the effectiveness of training in this type of language camps in Europe, it is due to the extent to which the particular camp's chosen educational program corresponds to the interests and preferences of the foreigner. So, we should note that in the case of a competent selection of a language program for a leading camp in Europe, the effectiveness of mastering the educational program is essential. By attending classes that are in the best interests of the child, he quickly and better memorizes new words, grammatical constructions, when compared with standard classroom occupations.

Below is a table on the types of European best language camps regarding the age of Russian and foreign adolescents.

Age of foreign child

Type of European language camp

5 to 8 years

Daytime Camps

From 8 to 12 years old

  • International language camps
  • Camps for local adolescents

From 12 to 15 years

  • Camps for local children
  • Camps that provide accommodation in host families

15 to 18 years old

  • Summer boarding schools
  • Language courses that provide accommodation in a host family
  • Camps for local adolescents

From 18 plus

  • Youth and student camps
  • Language courses that provide accommodation in a host family
  • Summer school-boarding houses

It is worth noting that universal prestigious children's language camps have been established and are successfully functioning in the countries of Europe, which in turn offer a variety of sports and creativity to the attention of Russian and foreign teenagers, as well as organizing cognitive excursions and recreational activities. As you could understand, within the walls of such leading European boarding schools, there is no emphasis on classes on a particular subject, during the academic course, time is equally given to sports and creativity. In the case of specific hobbies for your child, and he aims to develop his skills in a certain direction, then it is worth choosing a thematic or highly specialized prestigious language camp in Europe. As practice shows, they do not envisage conducting classes in a foreign language, on the contrary, there is a full immersion in the language environment, and foreign teenagers are motivated and interested in self-development and gaining new skills.

It should be noted that for a qualitative study of a foreign language, it is not necessary to go to the rating international language camp. So, abroad you can come to any prestigious language children's camp for significant improvement of language skills. The key condition in the selection is to ensure the correspondence of the top European language school boarding house to the interests and preferences of the student.

Pros and cons of staying in the prestigious international children's camp in Europe

The goal of creating international language camps is to ensure that children and adolescents from all over the world have the opportunity to learn about the new language, traditions, culture and customs of the country. The optimal age for staying in the top international language camp is the interval from 8 to 12 years. It is at this age that it is easier for Russian and foreign teenagers to overcome personal complexes that involve the use of a foreign language in everyday life, and they have an excellent opportunity to meet peers from around the world while enriching their horizons.

Below is a comparative table with the advantages and disadvantages of staying in the leading international language camps in Europe. This table will help you make the right choice of educational institution.



The presence of foreign children and adolescents is provided on a twenty-four-hour basis. So, inside the walls of the language boarding schools, an internal daily routine is established. There is a round-the-clock supervision of students, while Russian children do not have time for boredom. Thus, foreign teenagers between the ages of 9 and 12 will be able to have a good rest with benefit.

High cost of training

Europe's top language camps provide the widest choice of sports sections and diverse entertainment. In addition, the pedagogical staff organizes an intensive excursion program, which contributes to the overall development of adolescents.

The composition of students includes a large number of teenagers - representatives of Russia, Arab countries and China. In connection with which, the effectiveness of training among these adolescents will be determined by the motivation, desire and interest of the child.

The highest level of comfort and quality of residence of Russian and foreign teenagers is guaranteed.

A true young sports lover will not be able to engage in professional sports with a certain kind of sport. Conventional sports are carried out for the physical development of children.

Within the walls of international language camps, there is no provision for testing in order to obtain international language certificates, which confirm the high level of proficiency in a foreign language.

Thus, you might have noticed that the advantages of staying in the international rating camp overlap any disadvantages. Upon arrival at home, parents will be surprised at how much better their child has the level of fluency in a foreign language.

The best camps for local adolescents - the pros and cons

It is worth noting that they are created not only for foreign teenagers, in connection with which, it is not envisaged to conduct classes in a foreign language. Along with international camps, the security level is equally high. As a rule, such ratio 1: 8 prevails with respect to the number of professional teachers and monitors to schoolchildren. However, in comparison with top international camps, the level of comfort of living is slightly lower. At the same time, a Russian teenager will not have the opportunity to communicate in Russian, which will positively affect the improvement of language skills.

In addition, the prestigious European camps for local children have a narrow specialization. Thus, such camps will be an excellent place for foreign teenagers who are actively engaged in certain activities and want to develop in the chosen direction. Target audience for visiting the best language schools-boarding houses are teenagers aged from 8 to 15 years. And we draw your attention to the fact that the higher the degree of correspondence between the direction of the camp and the preferences and hobbies of the child, the greater the effectiveness of learning a foreign language.

Below is a table with the advantages and disadvantages of staying in a leading European camp for local residents.



Low cost of training

Lower level of placement comfort

Prestigious camps develop an internal daily routine, the observance of which is compulsory. Twenty-four-hour supervision of the wards by the teachers is provided. Even in their free time, various events are organized for children. Children will be full of bright and positive impressions of staying in such a language school-boarding school.

It is not provided for the organization of examinations aimed at obtaining international language certificates

Guaranteed full immersion in the language environment due to the lack of compatriots.

It is not supposed to develop an excursion program

Camps offer the widest choice of sports activities and recreational activities. The choice of a Russian teenager depends on his own preferences and hobbies.

Young athletes can professionally engage in certain sports

Pros and cons of studying in summer language courses with living in host families

If your child has already reached the age of 12, then he can already become bored in the walls of prestigious international language camps. If it is necessary to improve the language skills urgently, it is worthwhile to choose the best summer schools-boarding schools that provide accommodation in host families. The target audience for the educational program is foreign and Russian teenagers who plan to receive education abroad or carry out intensive training for the successful delivery of international language examinations.

Below is a table with the merits and drawbacks of studying at an elite language school-boarding school in Europe with accommodation in a host family.



Low cost of training

Possible obstacles with the organization of professional sports training

Guaranteed full immersion in the language environment. Learning a foreign language is not only in the classroom. So, the teenager on a regular basis daily communicates with the contemporaries, representatives of the various countries of the world.

Difficulties are possible within the host family, so a Russian teenager will require care, tolerance and friendliness. And we should carefully select a foreign family so that the child can feel at home.

High intensity of classes - duration is at least 25 hours per week. As for international camps, the intensity of classes varies from 15 to 20 hours.

Usually a fairly high price is characteristic.

Possibility to pass international language exams

Foreign teenagers get acquainted with the tradition, culture and customs of the new country.

Top day camps for children in Europe-what are the benefits?

A prestigious European day camp will be an excellent choice for Russian kids between the ages of 5 and 8, who for the first time make an independent trip abroad. Our experienced specialists note that home children who do not attend kindergartens and spend time only with their mother will feel comfortable within the walls of the best day camps in Europe. In such prestigious language schools, boarding schools do not provide for language classes, however, babies are not required in the standard sense of the lessons. Through active games and intensive communication, Russian children quickly learn a foreign language, and improve their language skills. It should be noted that in the leading daytime language camps, only local children predominate among students, which guarantees a full immersion in the language environment. So, at the end of the day, about six o'clock in the evening, the mother takes her child to the morning, thereby living in a hotel near the school.

Below is a table with the drawbacks and advantages of training in the European daytime children's camps.



Lack of concern for parents, as mother controls child's life

The presence of the mother can play a negative role, so that the baby can have whims. Waiting for the meeting in the evening with his mother, the baby can remain in the camp silently.

The feeling of comfort and safety does not leave the child, as every evening he is next to his mother.

In this particular case, the presence of the mother may have an ambiguous effect, so it all depends on the behavior of the baby itself.

If your child has already left the childhood, then he may be bored in such a language school-boarding house. Agree that a Russian teenager may have difficulties adapting to a new language environment, there will be a decline in the effectiveness of learning a foreign language because of the presence of a number of mothers. Foreign and Russian adolescents who have reached the age of 8 and up to 15, it is better to go to the top day camps that provide accommodation in a host family, or in a prestigious international camp.

Advantages and disadvantages of training in prestigious camps with residence in host families of Europeans

Especially for foreign and Russian teenagers who have reached the age of 14, an exciting and informative educational program has been developed, which also provides active rest and accommodation in the host family of Europeans. Within this academic course, designed for the period of holidays, there is a full immersion in the language environment and a close acquaintance with the culture and traditions of another country, as well as the life of local residents.



If we draw an analogy with international language camps, then these leading language schools are characterized by a lower cost of education

The emergence of certain shortcomings in most cases depends on the personality of the student, that is, how well they will establish relationships with members of the host family. Thus, the parents of the child will require care in the process of selecting a suitable host family.

Guaranteed full immersion in the language environment. Mastering a foreign language is not only in the classroom, but throughout the day. After all, the teenager actively speaks with students who are representatives of the most diverse countries of the world.

Staying in a prestigious European camp contributes to a close acquaintance with the traditions, culture of the new country.

As you can see, the minuses are almost impossible to find, so safely send your child to the data of the camp, the teenager will receive only bright and positive impressions and emotions.

Rating summer schools-boarding houses and international student camps

The target audience for admission to the top boarding schools and international student camps in Europe is adolescents aged 12 and up to 18 years, and also older. It is impossible to imagine an institution better if you plan to devote time to an intensive study of a foreign language in order to obtain an international language certificate, the presence of which confirms the excellent level of its ownership. It is also worthwhile to choose the prestigious European boarding schools in case of quality academic training abroad. Entering the leading language youth camps in Europe, foreign teenagers have an excellent opportunity to repeat the school curriculum, devoting time to studying subjects that are of real interest, and also created all the conditions for the successful passing of exams that allow obtaining a European matriculation certificate or credits that are counted when enrolling in the best universities of any country in the world. It does not require any proof that language skills are greatly improved during the period of stay in the advanced language school-boarding house. If we compare with international camps, then it is in these educational institutions that emphasis is placed on the educational program.

Below is a table with the advantages and disadvantages of staying in the prestigious language schools-boarding schools in Europe.



The emphasis is on the academic component. As for the duration of the training, it is quite intensive, ranging from 25 hours a week. As you remember, in the walls of the leading international camps, classes are no more than 15-20 hours per week.

Choosing an educational program, it originally defined sports activities and activities, as well as a leisure program.

Provides an opportunity to select the disciplines to study

An opportunity is provided for the delivery of an international language certificate confirming an excellent level of language proficiency.

Staying in a language school takes place on a twenty-four-hour basis. The pedagogical staff establishes a strict daily routine, in addition, the students are constantly monitored. In addition, an active and exciting leisure program is organized for Russian and foreign teenagers.

As you can see, for all European language and children's camps and boarding schools, there is a lack of any significant shortcomings.

Foreign elite children's language camps - pros and cons

Comparative analysis of prestigious language boarding schools in Europe

Below is a list of key features of the leading children's camps in Switzerland:

  • Excellent opportunity for effective study of French, German, as well as English
  • The target audience for the training is foreign and Russian teenagers who speak a foreign language at the beginning and intermediate level
  • Switzerland is popular for its picturesque nature and excellent ecological situation
  • Switzerland provides the highest level of security among all countries in the world
  • It is in Switzerland that the best and top mountain ski camps are created
  • Russian children of younger age will feel comfortable during their stay at the best language schools in Switzerland, the principles of educational principles are based on the tools of progressive pedagogy, the family atmosphere reigns within the walls of educational institutions, and comfort is felt. Parents can not be afraid to send their child to study in Switzerland in the case of his first independent trip abroad.
  • Staying in Swiss prestigious language camps helps to overcome complexes and internal barriers when using a foreign language in everyday communication
  • Switzerland is suitable for those teenagers who have always sought to study in Europe
  • Switzerland suits those teenagers who have always sought to plunge into and learn about history and culture, the traditions of Europe.

Below we have prepared a list of the main features of staying in the prestigious language camps in the UK:

  • It is impossible to imagine a better place than England to comprehend English at an advanced level
  • If your child dreams of studying at the best boarding schools in the UK, then safely send him to the prestigious British children's camps
  • There is an opportunity to study at the leading summer boarding schools, which provide for teaching within the framework of the academic program at the top universities of the United Kingdom
  • If your child does not like the heat, then summer vacations are undeniably worthwhile in England.

Now it is worth to get acquainted with the key features of the stay of prestigious language and children's boarding schools and camps in Germany and Austria:

  • It is these countries that are best suited for improving the language skills in German at an advanced level
  • If a Russian teenager plans to get a secondary or higher education in German-speaking countries, then it's better to spend vacations in leading camps and language schools-boarding houses in Austria and Germany in order to adapt to the language environment and teaching methods
  • If your child highly appreciates the beauty of nature and ecology, then your choice for an unforgettable vacation is Austria or Germany.

Specific characteristics of education in the prestigious language children's camps in France

  • France was simply created to improve the language skills in the French language at an advanced level
  • Adolescents who plan to receive secondary or higher education in French-speaking countries must undergo training during the holidays in the best children's language camps in France
  • Getting unforgettable and bright emotions and impressions is provided to those adolescents who appreciate art, history
  • In addition to teaching, the child will be able to rest perfectly, staying at sea and basking in the bright sun.

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the rating children's camps in Switzerland



  • The highest level of comfort and quality of accommodation
  • Within the walls of the educational institutions there is a family atmosphere
  • The tools of progressive pedagogy are used in teaching
  • Excellent ecological situation and a truly wonderful climate
  • The highest level of security is guaranteed
  • It is for Switzerland characterized by the lowest ratio of the number of students per teacher, the number does not exceed six
  • Adolescent nutrition includes only natural and organic products
  • For Russian children, an important role is played by a small distance to Russia, when compared with Canada and the United States
  • In case of interest, it is possible to study several foreign languages, in particular English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, etc.
  • Full immersion in the German-speaking and French-speaking environment
  • There is a unique opportunity to study different dialects of the English language, in particular, American, British
  • Upon completion of training, a certificate of any standard can be obtained, in particular the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, France
  • The absence of problems and difficulties in obtaining a Schengen visa, visa centers are located in various regions of Russia
  • Staying in Switzerland, a foreign teenager has an excellent opportunity for tourist trips to various European countries
  • High cost of training, since it is in Switzerland that the most expensive and top children's language camps are located
  • Within the walls of rating language schools-boarding houses of Switzerland the number of Russian children and teenagers dominates, which somewhat reduces the effectiveness of training
  • Switzerland is not recognized as the best country focused on learning English at an advanced level
  • A selection of foreign teenagers is offered a rather limited list of educational programs
  • There are quite a few leading language camps offering serious and intensive sports programs, that is, there is no provision for intensive training in a particular sport
  • The validity of the visa is limited to the period of study in Switzerland

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of rating children's lag

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