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Language camps in Paris for foreign students

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Language camps in Paris for foreign students

Language camp in Paris: advantages

Paris is one of the main European cities and a worldwide center of culture and art, fashion and gastronomy, politics and economics. In the city there are offices of thousands of companies, a large number of historical and cultural monuments. Paris is also a major research and education center, there are famous and prestigious schools and universities, and many educational institutions offer comprehensive vacation programs combining study and leisure. Courses are designed for foreign students.

Advantages of language camps in Paris:

  • One of the best education systems in the world;
  • Paris is the most beautiful capital of the world, a city with huge opportunities;
  • Carefully tailored educational programs;
  • Optimal combination of study and rest;
  • A wide variety of programs;
  • Organization at the proper level;
  • Sport, physical activity and various hobbies;
  • Highly qualified staff and teachers.

Paris is a city with enormous opportunities for organizing leisure and dull pastime! The camp is held mainly during the holidays: both in spring and summer, both in winter and in autumn. Duration of education - from 7 days, and the standard will be 2-4 weeks.

Children's camp in Paris: courses for students

Education consists of a comprehensive program:

  • Language classes;
  • Sports and physical activity;
  • Classes of creativity and art;
  • Excursions and entertainment.

Students are divided into groups according to their level of ownership and age:

1. Age groups:

  • 3-6 years old;
  • 7-9 years old;
  • 10-13 years old;
  • 15-18 years old.

2. Groups by level of ownership (French:

  • A1 (Débutant (F1));
  • A2 (Pré-Intermédiaire (F2));
  • B1 (Intermédiaire (F3));
  • B2 (Intermédiaire-Supérieur (F4));
  • C1 (Pré-Avancé (F5) and Avancé (F6));
  • C2 (Avancé-Supérieur (F7) and Supérieur (F8)).

Lessons are held, usually from morning to lunch, always in small classes in a cozy working atmosphere. Courses can be aimed at improving the general level of the language, preparing for exams or having a bias in a particular area (for example, business or tourism). A lot of attention is paid to conversational speech, overcoming the accent and removing barriers in live communication.

Extra-curricular activity is full of events and is aimed at active rest: students choose the preferable sports and creativity, engage in their favorite hobby.

Language camp in Paris: accommodation options, tuition fee

The host country provides all participants with comfortable living and dining conditions:

  • Residence.
  • Host family.
  • Apartment / hotel / apartment.

The cost varies depending on the institution, direction, intensity and other conditions. The total cost includes:

  • Language course;
  • Sports and physical activity;
  • Creative Activities;
  • Excursions and entertainments;
  • Accommodation and meals;
  • Educational aids.

Individual expenditure items:

  • Airfares and road expenses;
  • Visa fees;
  • Registration fee;
  • Additional lessons (if necessary).

Take care of choosing and reserving a place in advance, as the demand for camp, especially in summer, is very high. SMAPSE specialists will help you in solving all the arising questions!

Children's Camp in Paris - choose the best

Examples of a language camp in Paris:

  • OISE Paris. One of the most popular schools in Paris, specializing in language courses, is located in the historic center of the city in the Mare district, a short walk from the Louvre and Chatelet. "French + rest" - a comprehensive program: interactive sessions, discussions, presentation of presentations and reports, debates are held. The cost is from 2,070 € for 2 weeks.
  • Accord language school Paris. Prestigious educational institution, founded in 1988 and actively developing today, has accreditation CAMPUS FRANCE and SOUFFLE, various awards. The Language Center is within walking distance of the Lafayette Gallery and the Paris Opera. Vacation programs are characterized by an optimal combination of academic load and a variety of entertainment. The lessons develop common sections of linguistics - grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, writing. There are special interactive sessions aimed at developing oral speech, overcoming barriers in communication and softening the accent, expanding vocabulary and rapid progress. Sport and creativity also play an important role: golf, tennis, football, basketball, cinema and theater, music and much more. From 780 € per week.
  • Sprachcaffe Paris. The Paris center of the famous Sprachcaffe network has been operating since 1986 and during this time has proved itself in the best possible way. It is located near the famous Montmartre, which allows you to fully enjoy the charm of the historic part of the city. The comprehensive program of the camp includes language development, hiking, walking, entertainment and holidays, excursions around Paris and its environs. From 700 € per week.
  • CERAN Paris. Prestigious summer camp for 120 people works in July-August (the minimum duration of participation is 7 days). Standard course - 28 lessons weekly (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday - 6 lessons per day, Wednesday - 4 lessons). In addition to exercises in grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, students work on their own projects and presentations, make presentations, participate in discussions. Professional sports training is provided: mountain biking, kayaking, aqua aerobics, table tennis, water polo, volleyball, baseball, mini football, basketball, football, handball, gymnastics, squash, badminton, athletics, horseback riding, aerobics, swimming. There are excursions that show signs of the sights of Paris and the surrounding area. From 1,390 € per week.
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