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2018-07-30 11:56:58

Summer camps in Cambridge for foreign students

Summer camps in Cambridge for foreign students

Summer camps with studying English in Cambridge are an ideal opportunity to learn a language in one of the educational capitals of the world and get unforgettable impressions of the trip. Vacation programs, an amazing combination of study and rest, allow you to learn the language at a high level due to the constant practice of language. Despite the accepted stereotype that studying abroad requires perfect English, it is not so - summer educational programs are suitable even for children with poor language knowledge.

Children's language camps in England have a high ranking all over the world and excellent reviews from students from different countries. The cross-national composition of participants allows you to learn the traditions and culture of other countries. Summer camps give the best results in the language practice of children, because when communicating with peers, the student uses English.

Language camps for children are held on the basis of prestigious universities, leading colleges and schools with high rankings, and a wide range of programs - from adventure to scientific - will enable each student to find an interesting program for him.


Cambridge is a city in the eastern part of Great Britain, which gained wide popularity due to the University of the same name. Cambridge University occupies one of the best positions in the world educational rankings. It is one of the oldest universities in Europe.

Cambridge is an ancient city with a huge variety of attractions: monuments, museums, ancient streets, churches, etc. Of particular interest is the huge number of universities and colleges built in the Middle Ages. The unique spirit of the city attracts students from all over the world.

Benefits of education in Cambridge camps

Education in the language camps of Cambridge, which keeps its teaching traditions since ancient times, has a number of advantages:

  • Learning English in one of the world's best educational capitals
  • High rankings of educational institutions
  • Excellent feedback from students
  • Highly qualified language teachers
  • The student spirit of the city, imbued with discoveries and a desire for study
  • A great multicultural learning environment
  • Modern infrastructure of colleges, universities and schools, on the basis of which the education is conducted
  • Great excursion program
  • Interesting courses
  • Each school is unique in its atmosphere, which makes the learning process truly exciting.

Summer camps in Cambridge

Cambridge offers a wide range of programs depending on the interests of students. Students during the summer holidays will not only significantly improve the English language, but also get a large number of unforgettable impressions with friends from different countries.

Summer educational programs include:

  • Traditional: English classes or an intensive language course, as well as a wide variety of extracurricular activities and excursions.
  • Sports, in which young athletes will be able to do their favorite sports on a professional level. Most educational institutions have an excellent sports facilities with the latest equipment.
  • Creative, where students along with English can develop their musical or acting talents.
  • Adventure: every child can feel like a real explorer! The magnificent nature of England is an indisputable plus for choosing this type of education.
  • Scientific, for the time of learning in which students can feel like real designers, biologists, engineers or programmers.
  • Educational, aimed at preparing students for transfer to an English school or entering a higher education institution. Also there are programs aimed at preparing for the IELTS, FCE or CAE exams.
  • Business programs for start-up entrepreneurs, where they will learn to set goals, make presentations and discuss on different topics.

The choice of the educational program depends on the child's interests and goals.

Accommodation in Cambridge

Summer camps offer several accommodation options for their students:

  • The residence is ideal for students. 24-hour supervision, a wide range of extra-curricular activities and a large number of peers will make the rest interesting for any child.
  • The hotel usually offers modern rooms for 1-2 people. This option is more common in England.
  • Host family is another popular accommodation option. It will allow you to immerse yourself in the culture of Great Britain and get acquainted with the traditions and features of the country in everyday life. All families are carefully selected and usually live near the school.
  • Full-time education is suitable for students who are having a rest with their family. This option of the course implies the possibility of attending all classes and some extra-curricular activities. In most cases, the child will also be able to attend excursions organized by the school, for an additional fee.

Leisure activities of children's language camps in Cambridge

Children's camps during the summer holidays are not only study, but also real rest for children. The key to unforgettable summer adventures in the camp is its wide excursion and leisure program.

In Cambridge, vacation programs offer a visit to the city's main attractions, sports, various creative circles and sections. Also for children there are barbecue parties, movie nights, talent shows and much more. Programs for extra-curricular activities and excursions depend on the chosen camp and course of study - usually they include visits to attractions such as:

  • Cambridge university
  • Tour of the River Kam
  • Botanical Garden
  • Various museums (zoological, anthropology and archeology, etc.)
  • Some famous churches and cathedrals (for example, the Church of St. Mary)
  • Theaters
  • Parks
  • Walks for shopping and much more.

Cambridge Camp Ranking for Students

Most vacation programs take place on the basis of elite educational institutions and have a high ranking all over the world.

TOP-5 leading summer camps for students in Cambridge:

  • Cambridge University Summer Academic Camp is one of the best summer camps in the country. This camp offers a wide range of interesting summer programs for students - summer courses for beginner architects and biologists, young chemists and programmers, future writers and economists, young politicians and doctors, and much more. This children's camp is held in one of the most prestigious universities in the country.
  • Abbey College Cambridge Summer Camp is held under the aegis of the international network school of English. This camp represents an excellent vacation program aimed at preparing students for elite educational institutions in Britain.
  • CSVPA - Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts is part of the famous Cambridge Educational Group. It offers a wide range of interesting programs for students in the field of art, design and the film industry.
  • Summer Camp St Edmund's College is part of Cambridge University and is the second most popular in England. This children's camp is interesting for its unique and friendly atmosphere.
  • Clare College Cambridge Bucksmore - is conducted on the basis of the Clare College, which is a member of the Cambridge University group. This summer camp has gained wide popularity not only due to its excellent educational programs, but also the creative development of its students.

Tuition fees in Cambridge summer camps

Prices for education depend on the chosen educational program, its duration and the prestige of the institution. The average cost of education for one week is 1,500 - 2,000 £.

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