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Best summer camps in the USA for international students

Best summer camps in the USA for international students

The USA is one of the most popular countries with foreign students wishing to improve English skills. Therefore, for children, schoolchildren and teenagers, language camps are the best options for spending summer holidays. Summer camps in the USA offer their students a lot of opportunities for immersion in the language environment, various entertainment and a lot of options for international communication. Children's language camps abroad offer young students not only English courses, but also thematic programs - vacation, adventure, sports, creative.

Study and rest in language camps in America for international students

In the United States, there are several hundred language camps for foreign students. The most popular time for vacation abroad is summer. Many prestigious summer camps are located on the coast, which means that just a few steps from the building you can find a beach. SMAPSE experts will tell you about the summer camps in the United States, which are considered the most prestigious, and each year a list of TOP institutions for education:

  • Language centers ELS (English as a second language). The network of international educational centers organizes language courses for schoolchildren and teenagers from 14 to 18 years in several American states - New Jersey, California, Massachusetts. The guys are waiting for a balanced program of at least 2 weeks, including learning English and a rich cultural and entertainment part. Accommodation option for students is the host American family. This is an excellent option for full immersion not only in a foreign language, but also the culture of another country.
  • Summer Camps Kings. This is another network that has branches not only in several cities of America - Boston, Los Angeles and others - but in countries around the world. Most of the summer programs at the Kings Center in America are designed for high school students from 16 to 18 years old. Their task is to prepare young people for admission to a college or university abroad. For studying, an intensive program is offered, including up to 28 language lessons each week, or standard - 20 academic hours + 8 hours of classes in the chosen subject (preparation for IELTS, TOEFL, entrepreneurship and others).
  • UCLA. This language school of English language in one of the most famous universities in America - University of California in Los Angeles. The university has an excellent campus with an excellent infrastructure, which includes all the necessary facilities for students to study and live. Students, teenagers and students from 10 to 17 years can become students of the UCLA program. The direction of the training courses is to improve the level of English proficiency (grammar, vocabulary, etc.). Weekly children devote to academic studies for 15 hours, and in their free time engaged in various activites - sports, creativity, cultural program.
  • Language camps FLS. Educational camps and schools on the basis of various educational institutions in several American cities - Las Vegas, Los Angeles and others. Children from 15 years can spend from two to four weeks studying English and taking up additional activities (photography, sports and others). Totally 18 academic hours every week. Classes are held in groups of up to 15 people. Accommodation format - host family, half board
  • GEOS. This educational center is located in one of the most interesting cities in America - New York, or rather in the heart of Manhattan. Courses are available for schoolchildren and students from 14 to 21 years, accommodation in a residence, or in a host family. The excursion program and free time will be devoted to the study of the megalopolis - these are trips and walking tours to cultural places and sights.

Summer camps in America - daily routine, studying conditions

During studying, students in the US summer camp work with all the main aspects of the language - grammar, vocabulary, listening, writing and speaking. Lessons are allocated for about 15-20 hours per week, depending on the type of program-standard or intensive.

The day schedule in American language camps is approximately the same: for classes all students are divided into small groups of 10-12 people, where students have a similar level of foreign language skills. At the same time, America's language summer camps will suit students at different levels - both for upper-intermediate students and for children with insufficient language proficiency.

In the summer language camps in America, foreign students age from 6 to 18 years old. And since teachers of language schools and camps are professionals in their field, the material will also be submitted in accordance with the age groups of the students: this is either a game format or an academic one. Many summer schools are held on the basis of higher education institutions - colleges or universities such as Harvard, Stanford, UCLA in California, Berkeley, etc.

This means that in such summer camps there is access to the infrastructure of higher institutions, and it is usually quite good: it is comfortable classrooms, a library, necessary sports grounds, recreation areas and much more. Under such conditions, schoolchildren and adolescents will be able to feel like real students of an American university.

In addition, students will enjoy a rich leisure and entertainment program. The development of various activities of the camp and the school is paid the closest attention, which helps to make the rest of foreign students truly unforgettable. Events of this format include excursions (around the city or sightseeing places), as well as parties, barbecues on the beach, a show of talent and that's not all. In addition, communication with teachers and fellow students in an informal setting helps children to apply knowledge of the language received during studies. 

Tuition fees in language camps in the USA: ranking, reviews, prices

When calculating the cost of studying in a children's camp in the USA, several basic points are usually taken into account: the educational process, accommodation, meals, excursion program. Also, many institutions charge a registration fee, which is not refundable. The cost of staying at the language camp of America ranges from 1000 to 3000$ for one week.

A significant impact on the price of educational services is provided by the location of the training center - a camp in the province will require less expenses than a language school in the capital of the country. Also somewhat expensive are themed camps, such as the Nike sports camp. There are professional coaches working with the guys here, but they are wearing a real football uniform. The hotel article of expenses of the foreign student will be visa registration, insurance and purchase of air tickets in both directions.

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