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Summer Camps in Boston for foreign students

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Summer Camps in Boston for foreign students

Boston is one of the most popular summer routes for acquaintance with American history and culture, and Boston children's camps are an excellent choice of summer holidays for students abroad. Boston is one of the most modern and developed cities in the state of Massachusetts, but at the same time it is one of the oldest cities in the US. As an educational center, it includes more than a hundred institutions, including top universities: Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Boston's camps are at the top of the world's rankings, so students in summer schools will get acquainted with representatives of different cultures, being studied in international groups.

With the aim of making the vacation period in the field of study and recreation memorable for foreign students, the organizers offer a variety of summer courses. In general, in the leading summer camps in Boston - for students - educational and entertaining directions have been drawn up. The language component is based on modern linguistic programs, which are aimed at students with different levels of language proficiency, including for students with low language knowledge. The entertaining programs represent the top adventure events in Boston. So, the classical component is the excursion component: as a rule, camp students attend one or two attractions a day, among which are Harvard, Boston library, amusement parks, a historical center and much more. Of course, in the priority courses with language learning, but also much attention to the organizers of sports and outdoor recreation: schools are equipped with green areas, gyms, tennis courts, playgrounds for national American sports - rugby and baseball. There are libraries, lounges and computer areas. The emphasis is also placed on the development of creative abilities.

There are camps that combine several directions, but there are also special offers for developing specific skills. For example, a special course in which the language program is combined with football training, led by specialized trainers from the Football Association, in addition, there are camps for obtaining new knowledge in the field of information technology and much more.

TOP and prestigious camps in Boston

Education in Boston is suitable for foreign students over 12 years old, and the most adult youth programs are designed for young people under 21 years. The doors of Boston camps are open to all comers from the second half of June to the second half of August.

  • In Boston is located one of the elite branches of the famous network Kings, which specializes in familiarizing high school students with educational institutions and preparing for studies abroad. The Kings program is characterized by high intensity and saturation.
  • Geos is another prestigious language camp that is suitable for students older than 14 years who are ready to live in host families.
  • Another popular network, FLS, awaits all those who are over 14 years of age with an exciting program of study and activities, including such excursions as a visit to New York and a tour of Boston.

These are just a few summer camps in Boston, which are very popular. What will be the cost of education in summer camps, depends on how many days of studying and what program parents will choose. So, the price of a two-week stay in the camp will be from 1,950 $ to 3,100 $. Boston camps have high rankings not accidentally: they will allow you to learn about other cultures, get acquainted with educational institutions, perhaps, be inspired by further education, all against the backdrop of the rapid development of the English language.

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