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City tower of Innsbruck in Austria

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City tower of Innsbruck in Austria

When traveling around Austria, come to Innsbruck - this is an interesting city with centuries-old history, ancient museums, churches and other attractions. The city tower is one of the unique buildings created in 1450: at that time it was an important element of the city, as it was used to carry out daily processes and effectively protect both from ill-wishers and natural disasters. The tower attracts tourists with its architecture and unique elements; if you wish, you can climb to the observation deck and imagine yourself a medieval herald.

Tower history

  • 1450 - the construction of the city tower, which was part of the town hall
  • 1529 - heralds appeared on the tower whose tasks included alerting citizens about a fire, about approaching enemies, about other events, regular notification of citizens about time
  • 1967 is the last year of the work of the heralds on the tower.

The construction was also used for other purposes: the townspeople traded at the foot of the tower, made appointments - in a word. It was the center of Innsbruck, known both in the city and beyond.

Tower Feature

The architecture of the building will pleasantly surprise and delight tourists: the tower is built of yellowish-pink sandstone, whose age is 230 million years! Six floors of the structure were used, including as a prison. Today a hall has been built here for up to 15 people - it is rented to celebrate various events.

The observation deck is located at a height of 31 meters: on the balcony, tourists can walk around the structure in a circle. Above the observation deck is a small tower with a dome - it was installed in 1560. There was a lantern on the dome to help wanderers find their way to the city at night.

Under the observation deck there are mechanical watches installed back in 1603 and having 4 dials - one on each side of the tower. Below them is a sundial that was actively used in antiquity. A unique gargoyle gutter made of iron is striking.

You can view the tower for free, the entrance costs 3 € for an adult and 1.5 € for a child, and by purchasing an Innsbruck Card, you can get inside for free. From the observation deck offers a picturesque view of the surroundings of the city and the peaks of the Alpine mountains.

Interesting Facts

  • 148 steps lead to the observation deck
  • Centuries ago, public executions were carried out at the foot of the structure.
  • Initially, the tower was planned to intimidate other peoples who decided to declare war on Innsbruck.


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