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Best schools in Florida for foreign students

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Best schools in Florida for foreign students

Best Florida Schools for Foreogn Students - Quick Reference

When deciding to attend elite schools in Florida, foreign students aged 11 to 18 are provided with an excellent opportunity to combine relaxation with effective learning of the English language. Throughout the United States, the status of the most progressive and technologically developed country in the world is fixed. There are top universities, elite colleges and schools successfully operate, education in which helps to significantly improve the level of English proficiency, and close acquaintance with culture and American traditions.

Florida's leading private schools have developed a large list of English language programs targeted at students with varying levels of English. So, knowing English at low level, foreign student will be able to choose the optimal and preferred language course based on their individual requirements and goals. The variety of summer educational programs that are offered to the attention of foreign students in elite schools in Florida deserves special mention.

When choosing a leading American summer school, consider the composition of the students. Thus, greater learning efficiency is achieved through a smaller number of foreign students in one language group. Thus, this situation contributes to the development of language skills in practice, both in the framework of education and in the framework of informal communication with peers, as well as participating in various leisure activities.

The specific characteristics of teaching at the best summer schools in Florida, providing for the teaching of English, is due to the organization of a rich excursion program. There foreign students get acquainted with American history, the main attractions of the country, while immersing themselves in a new language and cultural environment.

The geographical location of advanced schools in Florida for foreign students

It is worth starting with the fact that Florida is located in the southeastern United States, representing a major economic, scientific and financial center. Everywhere Florida is assigned the status of a “sunny state." In this connection, in addition to studying, foreign student enjoy a wonderful climate, relax on sandy beaches and take fascinating walks in theme parks.

It is in Florida that a multicultural environment has been created, active business activity is being conducted, the work of large international corporations is concentrated. Florida is a city in which a creative atmosphere reigns, in which foreign students are closely acquainted with the culture of the international community, walk along the cozy streets that have gained fame thanks to series and films, while at the same time improving their level of English.

In addition, studying at Florida's leading summer schools promotes familiarity with international education standards and the requirements for foreign applicants for admission to America's top universities.

The main advantages of studying at the best language schools in Florida for foreign students

  • The widest selection of educational programs and a guarantee of a high level of educational services
  • Excellent feedback from foreign students who were educated in advanced schools in Florida
  • Only experienced and professional educators are involved in teaching
  • An individual approach is used in teaching
  • Harmonious combination of relaxation and learning
  • Intensive leisure program providing educational excursions and recreational activities
  • Classrooms are equipped with modern equipment, and infrastructure developed
  • 24-hour security guarantee for all students.

Classification of summer educational programs for foreign students

  • The traditional program - is divided into a standard and intensive English course, providing for 20 to 30 lessons per week, combined with a leisure program. As for the leisure program, it includes recreational activities and educational excursions. Some of Florida's leading language schools have developed a special program that organizes travel for international students. In particular, as part of education at an elite American school, a trip along the state coast lasting 1 week can be organized.
  • The academic program - is focused on providing foreign students with quality pre-university education, as well as studying with the aim of successfully passing international language exams. Within the framework of this educational program, foreign students are given the opportunity to closely acquaint themselves with the specific features and requirements of obtaining an elite American education.
  • Sports programs - include not only teaching English, but also conducting professional sports training in swimming, rugby, football, etc. The target audience is young sports enthusiasts who show an interest in sports or further receipt of a sports scholarship.
  • Creative programs - their goal is due to the improvement and disclosure of dance and musical talents and abilities, drawing and singing skills, film editing, as well as comprehension of acting. The program also provides for tours, lectures and useful classes.
  • Adventure programs - provide for the organization of hiking, surfing, downhill along with professional mentors. The target audience for education under this program is foreign students who love extreme sports and stay in the fresh air surrounded by picturesque natural landscapes.

Florida Ranking Schools Leisure Program

The most informative and interesting excursions are held in Florida due to the concentration of a large number of famous museums and attractions, natural parks and reserves. The geographical location of a language school in Florida defines a list of possible excursions that are organized in places such as:

  • Orlando Museum of Art
  • Walt Disney World
  • Amusement Park Island of Adventure
  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  • Marine park
  • Miami Zoo
  • Barnacle Historical Park
  • Water Park "Typhoon Lagoon"
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • The beaches of Miami, Daytona, Fort Lauderdale.

As part of the leisure program, fun discos, sports competitions, parties, barbecue, etc. are provided.

TOP 9 best Florida schools for foreign students 

  • University of Miami summer camp - additional classes to attend are independently selected by foreign students within the walls of this educational institution. Foreign students are invited to attend clubs on acting, visual arts, fitness and much more.
  • Elite language school - Rennert International Miami - an educational program that harmoniously combines classes in English and relaxation. At the end of educational program, graduates of the English language significantly increase their skills in conversational communication. In addition, an intensive leisure program is organized especially for foreign students.
  • Leading language school - LAL Boca Raton - a vacation program in the English language has been developed, in which teaching is conducted in a game format, allowing foreign students to significantly improve their English proficiency. Classes are held in the format of discussions, role-playing games, as well as various studyings.
  • Prestigious school - Windermere Preparatory School - a specific summer program has been developed, the target audience for the passage of which are future business leaders. The organization of this course is carried out jointly with institutions such as The Startup Studio, Nord Anglia Education, Rollins Crummer Graduate School of Business, SunTrust Bank.
  • Florida Preparatory Academy - an English language program has been developed that focuses on the harmonious development of all aspects of English language proficiency. The target audience is foreign students aged 14 to 18 years.
  • American Heritage School Plantation Florida - is a top American school, which ranks 17th in the ranking of the best schools in the United States and 1 place in the number of scholarship holders of the National Merit Scholarship among educational institutions in Florida. Foreign students over 11 years old are admitted to education. With regard to accommodation, foreign students live in host families. The cost of education starts at 45,000 $.
  • Monteverde Academy - the target audience of which is foreign students who are fond of sports and strive to become holders of the American certificate of secondary education. In addition, the elite academy has excellent infrastructural and modern facilities, while students can use a running track, baseball, football, tennis courts, golf and horse riding courses, etc.

Tuition at prestigious Florida schools

Tuition for two weeks at the best schools in Florida, on average, ranges from 2,500 $ to 3,000 $. Please note that the cost includes education in the framework of the chosen educational program, meals, accommodation, as well as a leisure program that provides for excursions and entertainment.

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