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Study in York for foreign students: the cost, reviews

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Study in York for foreign students: the cost, reviews

British methods of teaching students are so good that they have long become a unique brand of the country. Graduates of English educational institutions receive the most prestigious diplomas, which will enable them to build a brilliant career. But during the studies the students are waiting for a lot of tests and requirements, exactly the same as entering the educational institutions. Consider the main features of education and upbringing in the English city of York. York - a city in England with a rich historical and cultural past, famous for its architecture is a popular tourist center.

Advantages, basic features of education in educational institutions

  • In this city are located some of the best British educational institutions: Queen Ethelburga's College, University of York, The Hull University Oncampus;
  • The universities of York include the best research centers in the United Kingdom, where every 5th student is a visitor from abroad;
  • The organization of instruction in private boarding schools is based on the principles of comprehensive development of students, as well as creating an ideal environment for improving the language level and deepening knowledge;
  • Diplomas of York universities are very prestigious and highly appreciated by employers;
  • The curriculum is based on a balanced and comprehensive development, as well as the education of responsible and creative personalities who are able to make decisions independently;
  • This city will be an excellent environment for the development of language skills.


Education system: main educational levels and programs

English course consists of several educational stages and has some differences from others. Students finish secondary education a few years later, and the last classes of the school are aimed at in-depth study of subjects, so the knowledge of the graduates of York's schools is much higher and the chances of entering the university after the British school are much larger.

Educational level


Name of certificates and diplomas

1. Preschool



2. Preparatory school


Certificate of secondary education - GCSE

3. Senior School


4. Further Education


A-level or IB certificates

5. Higher Education


Diplomas of bachelor, master or PhD

2. Forms and process of education in leading schools in York

Along with the state, a large number of private boarding schools operate in York, which have a number of unconditional advantages: living in comfortable residences, finding students constantly under supervision, small classes, highly qualified personnel. Especially it is necessary to consider for foreign students international schools and colleges - they are not so strict academic atmosphere, and being close to peers from other countries will help to adapt more easily to new conditions.

Secondary education in England presupposes not only a general education in subjects, but also a definition with specialization and an in-depth study of core subjects, that is why every school curriculum pays great attention to pre-university preparation (GCSE, A-Level and IB).

3. Educational programs, certificates and diplomas of British samples

  • GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) - for students after 8th grade: after the completion of the two-year program, the students take the exam and receive a certificate of completion of secondary education (GCSE);
  • A-level - for students after 10th grade: they are seriously preparing to enter the best universities of the country;
  • IB (International Baccalaureate) is an international program that operates in more than 100 countries of the world, therefore IB diplomas are accepted almost in any university of the planet;
  • Foundation - a course of teaching English, improving the language skills for education in a British university (however not all universities accept with the certificate of the Foundation);
  • Oxbridge Pre-U - a relatively new course, developed on the basis of Cambridge and Oxford; the certificate of completion of the course is an advantage when entering the top universities in Britain.

Opportunities for foreign students

  • Scholarships and grants. There are scholarship programs and grants in York that can seriously cover the costs of education. For example, the University of York operates the program "Global Education", which covers the costs of studying in the magistracy and graduate school in the following areas: engineering, medicine, education, management and science.
  • Custody. In Britain, under the age of 18, students are required to have an official representative. Generally, private schools offer their representative as a guardian.
  • For admission to the universities of York, the passport is not enough - it is necessary to take special educational courses to universities and pass exams.

List of the best programs and top schools in York


Educational establishments

Average cost of education

Vacation programs

Arsenal FC (Children's summer camp with football)

Village Camps (camp in England with football, golf, horseback riding and basketball)

2,630 £

(14 days)

2,400 £

Language school

Hampstead School of English York

460 £ (14 days)

Primary, Secondary Education

Queen Ethelburga's College

Aysgarth School

12,300 £


7,340 £

Pre-university preparation

St Peter's School

Scarborough College

8,770 £


8,239 £

Higher education

University of York

The Hull University Oncampus

4,780 £


4,400 £

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