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2018-07-30 11:57:06

Study in the Czech Republic for foreign students: the cost, reviews

Study in the Czech Republic for foreign students: the cost, reviews

Czech Republic is popular with students wishing to study abroad: this country in Western Europe has a rich history and developed culture. The locals are friendly and disciplined, the cities of the Czech Republic are rich in architecture, thousands of castles, cathedrals, palaces, Baroque, Gothic and Classicist monuments. The local population values cultural national values, observes and supports traditions, due to which this country enjoys great popularity among tourists from all over the world. Czech education has high rankings and good feedback from graduates who say that studying in the Czech Republic is interesting, and the quality of education is very high.

Main features of education and upbringing of students

  • student visa allows you to travel around the countries of the Schengen member;
  • effective methods of teaching students;
  • prestigious and popular institutions;
  • experienced educators and teachers;
  • high level of academic preparation;
  • bilingual education: Czech, English;
  • prestige of universities;
  • top academic, linguistic programs;
  • cultural enrichment;
  • relatively inexpensive education in Europe;
  • the ability to combine study and work with students;
  • practically no age restrictions for students.

System of Czech National Education for Students

Education of students is carried out in prestigious private and public schools:

  • pre-school education is a voluntary visit to the kindergarten: parents themselves decide whether their child will visit the garden or not;
  • primary school is compulsory for students from 6 years (according to the curriculum, students under 10 years of age are enrolled in primary school);
  • in primary school of the second stage (middle classes) the education lasts 1-2 years, but its graduation is not enough to have the right to enter universities, additional classes are needed;
  • gymnasiums are accepted by students after the elementary school of the first stage - usually here students are studied up to 15 years. The curriculum of the gymnasiums is more professional and aimed at preparing for admission to higher education institutions, after graduation the students pass the Maturita exam, after successful completion they receive a certificate of maturity and can enter the university;
  • secondary special schools (professional college) accept students after primary school, and the term of the curriculum is 2-3 years.

An example of a Czech boarding school for foreign students from 11 to 14 years old with a middle-class program is Townshend International School with classes in basic school subjects: lessons are taught by experienced teachers, small groups of no more than 15 people are formed, and you can additionally practice English.

Graduate and postgraduate education can be obtained in one of the leading and popular universities in the Czech Republic - usually students enter at age 18 and study from 3 to 6 years:

  • Bachelor's program - duration 3-4 years allows you to get higher education in different specialties
  • Master's degree - additional higher education for obtaining in-depth knowledge, duration 1-2 years depending on the direction. However, some institutes allow you to apply immediately to the magistracy, thereby skipping education under the Bachelor's program, but in this case the duration of education will be 4-6 years
  • Doctoral studies or postgraduate courses are designed for students wishing to associate themselves with scientific work and obtain the status of Doctor of Science.

A bachelor's degree can be obtained, for example, in the prestigious Czech College of Czech College at the faculties of business administration, information technology. For students, more than 30 specialties are available in a private business school.


How to enter the country's educational institutions for foreign students

Under Czech law, foreign students have the right to study in secondary schools and gymnasiums for free. You can apply after 9th grade - you need to submit an application for examination, provide a certificate, an extract of passed subjects, pass the nostrification, if the application is approved - receive an invitation from a school, gymnasium or university for the registration of a student visa.

There are many programs for pre-university education, so that students can adapt to life in the Czech Republic, to teaching methods, to tighten the level of the language. In Czech universities and schools, a large percentage of foreign students are enrolled, full academic programs are available for them with diplomas and certificates, language and summer courses, programs for preparing for a secondary school or a university.

Before entering the Czech educational institution, it is important to tighten the language level for the child: special language courses are organized for this purpose. In the Czech Republic, there is bilingual education, which involves studying certain subjects in Czech, and the rest in English. For admission to some private universities, foreign students sometimes only need to speak Czech at a level no lower than B2 (such universities release students from passing the entrance examinations). After the end of the first year with high academic performance and a good level of knowledge of the Czech language, students can try their luck and transfer to a state university for a budgetary form of education.

The legislation provides for the combination of studies and work not more than 20 hours / week, but the student must be in the first place.

The cost of teaching on academic and linguistic programs

  • At the Townshend International School, which provides education according to British standards, the cost of the program for one year in grades 7-9 will be 10,968 €, 10th-11th grades - 11,709 €, 12th-13th grades - 12,529 € (this price includes all necessary teaching aids and materials ).
  • The course for preparation for the University in the Prague Language Institute, includes classes in the Czech language for academic purposes and English - the cost is 3,590 € / the entire course, the duration of which is 7 months. The program includes 660 hours of Czech, 100 hours of English, the price includes: methodological materials, final certification, accommodation, transfer, ticket for public transport, visa support, excursion support.
  • At the Unischool language school, the English language course costs 790 € / 10 days, and it provides very intensive linguistic lessons. The price of the course includes accommodation, half-board meals, transfer, curators, sightseeing tours, corporate certificate at the end of the course.
  • The cost of studying for a bachelor at Czerch College is 4,950-6,500 € / year (depends on specialization). The price of the MBA program lasting 1 year will be 6,950 €, the duration of 2 years - 9,900 € for the whole time, the price of the annual master course is 6,500 €.

Accommodation during study in the Czech Republic

Most boarding schools, colleges, universities have their own residences (student dormitories), which allows students to live with their classmates near the school if the housing is not on its territory. For students will be available comfortable rooms with accommodation for several people, they are equipped with everything necessary for comfortable living, recreation and self-education. So, full boarding accommodation is available: the boarding school Carlsbad International School, the language school Premium Prague Language School or Townshend International School.

The SMAPSE company will help to find housing if necessary, and also will select an academic or linguistic program with the desired form of education and quality education. Admission to the course through the SMAPSE company absolutely free - SMAPSE works as partners with foreign educational institutions.

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