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2021-05-14 14:50:05

Study Cinematography, Drama, Theater, Dance in Wales

Study Cinematography, Drama, Theater, Dance in Wales

A Diploma in Film, Drama, Dance and Performing Arts is ideal if you dream of working in theater or show business. Better universities in Wales offer programs in performing arts, theater history, and staging skills. They provide a good balance of theoretical and practical work, students visit the best theaters in Wales, work with leading actors and showcase their productions to the local community. Graduates of the Faculty of Drama, Theater Arts work in the field of teaching, organizing events, public relations, film or music.

The Bachelor's / Master's Degree in Theater and Drama studies performing arts by integrating practice, theory, will work with fictional texts, and also link personal creativity with collective artistic collaboration. Students explore approaches, theories related to theater and drama through studio practice, academic research.


What is the Performing Arts Industry?

Performing arts are a form of creative activity that is performed in front of an audience and includes drama, music and dance. The performing arts-focused programs are highly hands-on, with students actively immersing themselves in advanced interdisciplinary practice, preparing to enter a highly competitive industry.

Performing arts typically include a wide range of specialties: acting, dance, vocals, dramatic musical theater, sound design, and digital video. Courses highlight the many possibilities of living, digital art in a variety of contexts.

The content of programs in the specialty "Performing Arts"

  • The performing arts programs are hands-on activities that combine music, theater, vocal and dance training with subject theory analysis.
  • Selected universities offer the opportunity to gain work experience while studying, which is an excellent opportunity to develop professional skills, which will be an advantage after graduation.
  • Most programs with the study of art have a common basis, covering various disciplines, only after 1-2 courses, students choose a specific profession. Some universities offer specialized degrees in each of the three main branches of the performing arts - music, dance and drama.
  • Several universities in Wales offer prospective students the opportunity to study performing arts alongside another subject in a collaborative program. Usually these are the humanities, for example, English literature or a foreign language.
  • The range of modules allows you to study acting, directing, theater history, theory, vocals, movement, development, ensemble practice, theater production, applied drama. The flexibility of the courses allows students to focus on a specific direction, career goals. By studying performing arts in Wales, students lay a good foundation for work in the booming art industry, from television production to independent art venues.

Length of study in music, drama, theater and dance in Wales

Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts programs in Wales last 3 years and graduates are awarded Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA) degrees.

Career Options for Graduates of Drama, Theater, Dance and Music Programs in Wales

Graduates of programs in drama, theater, dance and music in Wales find work directly related to a performing arts degree - an actor, community artist, dancer, music therapist, or theater director.

Other career options include broadcast presenters, teaching, screenwriting and theater management.

Careers in Drama, Music and Performing Arts:

  • Actor of cinema, television, theater
  • Creative Sector Project Manager
  • Journalists
  • Choreographers
  • Operator
  • Circus performers
  • Copywriters
  • Costume designer
  • Dancers
  • DJs
  • Artists
  • Musicians
  • Newspaper journalists
  • Teachers
  • Proofreaders
  • Scenographers
  • Production designers
  • TV presenters
  • Producers
  • Theater producers
  • Wedding organizers
  • Writers
  • Community workers.

Most industry professionals work on short-term or freelance contracts, moving between different positions and different fields. Finding a job is helped by extensive acquaintances among colleagues, work can be found through networking, attending auditions, collaborating with other artists, or even putting on your own shows.

The salary depends to a large extent on the type of position and the size of the production.

Best universities for drama, film, dance, music in Wales: Bangor University

Bangor University, founded in 1884, is today a thriving and promising educational institution offering excellent opportunities for studying film, music, drama and dance. About 10,000 students study here, and teachers and research are grouped into 14 academic schools.

The College of Arts, Humanities and Business brings together a range of related academic disciplines across 6 academic schools, offers the highest quality programs and research, and English courses for international students at Bangor University.

Bangor University specializes in a wide range of visual arts, including:

  • Music
  • Film
  • Media and digital communication
  • Performance studies
  • Creative and media practice
  • Game design and production
  • Professional writing and journalism.

Along with the freedom to develop your own original ideas, Bangor's structured support will allow you to find fresh creative approaches and prepare students for sustainable professional practice in a modern workplace.

The university supports students, takes care of them on campuses, in residences, students will be able to develop their creative abilities, high-level academic skills.

The University provides more than just skills training, aiming to provide its graduates with the opportunity to become national and international leaders in their fields. Teaching is conducted in small groups, which provides a stimulating and supportive learning environment.

Training facilities include a fully equipped media center with editing rooms, production studios, media and digital media equipment. Musical facilities and resources include electronic composition and recording studios, concert halls, rehearsal rooms, practice rooms, a music library and instruments.

Hands-on music teaching provides unique opportunities for performance, the interaction between live music and electronics, and for classical performance associated with musicological endeavors. A wide range of extracurricular activities, including orchestras, choirs, brass band, jazz band, concert orchestra, and opera and musical theater groups, allows students to develop skills through practice.

Undergraduate programs in music, drama, dance and theater at Bangor University:

  • Film studies, theater, performance
  • Media research, theater, performance
  • Music, theater, performance
  • English literature, theater, performance
  • Cymraeg, Theatra'r Cyfryngau (Welsh, theater and media
  • Creative research
  • Creative Studies and Bachelor of Arts in French
  • Creative Research and Bachelor of German.
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