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Requirements for admission to Princeton University for foreign student

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Requirements for admission to Princeton University for foreign student

People want to enter Princeton for various reasons - this is the seventh university in the world ranking, represented by a good selection of specialties, known for its teachers and legends. Princeton is a unique university: 180 buildings in five styles (Gothic, Colonial, Empire, Romanesque, Art Nouveau) are located on a small territory. There is its own art gallery with works by many famous artists.

Why do tens of thousands of people dream of going to Princeton?

People with basic higher education and thousands of school graduates dream of entering Princeton. The number of international students entering Princeton University is 11-12%. The diploma of this university is appreciated in the largest companies in the world - having received it, you can easily get a good position in international companies.

Among the famous graduates, one can note: Michelle Obama (wife of Barack Obama), Haruki Murakami (Japanese writer), James Madison (one of the founders of the US Constitution, the fourth president of the country). Albert Einstein taught here, and the famous musician Bob Dylan even created a musical composition dedicated to Princeton.

There are many legends and beliefs associated with Princeton University, one of which says that when you enter and graduate from the university, you must pass the Fitz-Randolph gate. If you do this in the process of studying, the student will not be able to finish it. When enrolling in a university, students swear allegiance to the Code of Honor - one of its points prohibits cheating. Knowing that students adhere strictly to the Code, teachers often leave them alone in exams.

On the territory of Princeton University there is a Health Center - in it, every student can be tested. The university also offers several sports sections (basketball, football, martial arts, gymnastics and so on) and the study of more than two dozen foreign languages. Parties, festivals and other cultural events are regularly held, the tasks of which are to unite the team and spend interesting leisure time.

Princeton University unites 75 research institutes in various fields and 2 large laboratories: geophysical hydrodynamics and plasma physics. Students and faculty were the first to find an inaccuracy in the US Declaration of Independence, they came up with the TOEFL test, which is used worldwide. Every year, investors transfer tens of millions of dollars to Princeton research.

Princeton University has a developed infrastructure:

Undergraduate college

Faculty of Humanities and Applied Sciences

6 dormitories

Undergraduate students live there

high school

Graduate students who wish to obtain a Ph.D. There are several programs for masters

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Possible admission for all students, includes research

School of Architecture

Education is possible for all students in three specialties: architecture, design, urban studies

School of International and Public Relations

Available for undergraduate and graduate students, allows you to build a career in international diplomacy.

What to do in Princeton?

About one in ten applicants succeeds in entering Princeton. The selection committee has a very democratic requirement for candidates - there is no minimum threshold for grades in the school certificate and test results, but, of course, high grades increase the chances of success. The level of competition is incredibly high, and even if your certificates with an average score are accepted, other applicants who studied more diligently and hard can get around you at the first stages.

Entering the bachelor's degree, it is necessary:

  • Provide a school certificate with grades
  • Pass entrance exams ACT or SAT
  • Take two SAT Subject subject tests
  • Provide IELTS or TOEFL exam results
  • Submit two letters of recommendation.

Entering a magistracy, you need:

  • Submit a bachelor's degree
  • Take the IELTS or TOEFL tests
  • Present GMAT or GRE certificates (depending on specialty)
  • Confirm financial position
  • Write an essay and resume
  • Provide letters of recommendation from three teachers.

For foreign applicants, the selection committee determined two dates for submitting documents: until November 1 by the early line and until January 1 by the main line - the results are respectively known in mid-December and late March.

The cost of education on average is 52,000-55,000 $, including accommodation, meals and other related costs. If you don’t know what to do at Princeton University, having a great desire and not having financial opportunities, do not worry, the university has a number of funds and private grants:

  • Scholarship Boren
  • Grants Laura Bush
  • University Dean Fund
  • Scholarship Mellon Mays
  • Internship programs
  • Summer grants.

How to enter Princeton with increased chances?

You can enroll in Princeton with an advantage by studying at a foreign school. In the USA there are pre-university programs that increase the chances of enrollment: Advanced Placement (complicated), High School Diploma (universal), International Baccalaureate.

By attending Princeton University courses for and for students, you will increase the chances of successful admission:

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