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2018-07-30 11:56:39

Myths and legends of ancient Britain: deal with obtaining a visa

Myths and legends of ancient Britain: deal with obtaining a visa

Overseas tourism has long ceased to be a curiosity, and the times of the gloomy "Middle Ages", when the excursion to other countries seemed a pipe dream, remained in the distant and happy past. In addition, now the cost of a low-cost (low-cost airline) airline ticket is, if not publicly available, it is definitely quite a lift. Therefore, the widespread view that travel abroad remains the prerogative of wealthy people, can be considered obsolete.

The only difficulty that can await lovers of Sunday holidays in Paris or London is a visa, more precisely, the procedure for obtaining it. On the thematic forums you will surely be told the fables about the extreme intractability of the employees of the visa departments, the exorbitant consular gathering, the immense package of required documents and the fault-finding of the officials. For the most part, all these stories are nothing more than urban legends, and most often they are "spread" by those who have never been abroad.

In reality, the attitude towards domestic tourists in the consulate is quite benevolent, because other countries have long become the main "supplier" of solvent tourists, therefore, there are usually no difficulties with getting a visa, especially if you can clearly explain the purpose of the visit and are ready to document your material status documentarily.

But the very common in our system of OBS ("one grandmother said") still introduces respectable citizens in considerable confusion, because the situation requires further clarification.

Myth number 1. The UK accepts only wealthy tourists.

A short verdict: an outright lie.

In fact, the "legs" of such a delusion grow from the turbulent 1990s, when visas were given out very reluctantly and only to those who could afford it. The current state of affairs is much less frightening. You will indeed be asked to confirm your own financial situation, but it is usually enough to present a certificate from the main place of work, which will indicate your average monthly income. Also, an extract about the state of a bank account or an open deposit is quite appropriate. In a word, nothing supernatural; To get a loan from a bank is often much more difficult.

Myth number 2. A very high percentage of refusals to issue a visa.

A short verdict: half-truth.

It is widely believed that from 5 to 10% of applicants receive a refusal in the consulate. It is impossible to confirm or deny such "statistics" unequivocally, as the British immigration services are not inclined to disclose these data, and those that are are dated only in 2011 and refer to cases related to a relatively long-term visit to the country (study, work, reunification with relatives ). In addition, it should be borne in mind that in the United Kingdom there is no such thing as a tourist visa.

Myth number 3. Expect to long-term visa can only those who have been to England.

Brief verdict: half-truth.

This was actually practiced, but it was several years ago. Now the situation is reversed: getting a "long" visa has become much easier. There is even an unofficial opinion thatGreat Britain , on the contrary, "seduces" tourists, from whom only confirmation of solvency is required.

Myth number 4. Obtaining a visa requires a very large package of documents.


A brief verdict: an outright lie.

The British, despite their apparent phlegm, are not inclined to waste time, and equally apply to visa applicants. The problem, as it happens, is in the applicants themselves. Some of them turn to the consulate, sometimes not even holding an international passport, so the inevitable repeated visits are perceived by them as deliberate delays. Others approach the issue too responsibly, "endowing" the employee of the visa department with a mountain of documents, certificates, extracts and confirmations, the verification of which, naturally, takes time. In this case, the most natural way - to study the list of necessary documents (which is available on the relevant site) - seems to them too simple and straightforward.

Particularly often overlooked is the fact that now no one requires the presentation of purchased air tickets, and to prove its "trustworthiness" it is enough to confirm the reservation in the hotel (not even the original, but printouts from the site).

Myth number 5. Translation of the necessary documents into English is difficult, long and expensive.

Brief verdict: half-truth.

On the one hand, you really must submit the originals of all documents, supplemented by their translation into English , some of them are required to be notarized (and this, frankly, very, very difficult). On the other hand, most often there is an "ordinary" translation that needs to be "verified" only by contact information of the person who performed it (name, phone and e-mail).

Myth number 6. Visa processing is impossible without the services of an intermediary.

Brief verdict: half-truth.

The origins of this misconception are exclusively related to the level of knowledge (or rather, ignorance) of the English language, which rarely reaches even the requirements of the school curriculum. If you are all right with the language of the great Shakespeare, you can work out the drafting of documents without any difficulty.

Difficulties can arise in two cases. First, if in addition to the standard "How do you do?" You do not know anything. Secondly, if you need a visa as quickly as possible. Then really it is necessary to address in the corresponding intermediary firm (which has divorced a lot).

Myth number 7. The surrender of biometric data is humiliating for human dignity.

A short verdict: an outright lie.

If you can find something humiliating in putting your finger on the fingerprint scanner (and not at the stamp pad) and looking in the required direction (in order to "photograph" the drawing of the retina of your eye), then you do not need A visa to England, and a session of psychotherapy. Nothing "criminal" in this procedure has never been and never will be!

Myth number 8. Getting a British visa - the procedure is very long.

A short verdict: an outright lie.

Now all the "preparatory measures" can be fully implemented online (of course, if you are "friends" with English). Therefore, in order to send an application, you do not even have to dress and leave the house. At the same time, the composition of the package of documents differs little from that which you will be asked to obtain a visa to any other country. Decisions will have to wait up to three weeks, but you need to remember that this is the maximum period: in practice everything happens much faster.

In addition, you must remember that since April 2013, the list of those who can apply for an accelerated visa application has been expanded. Therefore, if you have already visited Foggy Albion for the past 5 years, and now do not plan to stay there for longer than a year, then you can apply for "accelerated service".

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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