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2021-05-14 14:49:59

Marketing and Marketing Analytics in Ireland for foreign students

Marketing and Marketing Analytics in Ireland for foreign students

Ireland is a developed country where you can get top-notch tertiary education in a variety of ways. The art of marketing can also be learned here. Ireland is rich in universities that are equipped with everything necessary to study this type of activity, constantly inviting qualified specialists from all over the world. These professionals often hold high positions thanks to their Irish diplomas.

Bachelor's and Master's degrees are highly regarded not only in Ireland but also abroad. Irish universities are participants in many European and international academic projects in which students are actively involved. Universities in Ireland are primarily scientific and research centers; first of all, those who want to devote themselves to a scientific career enter them. Ireland truly values workers with a college degree because they help take the country to a higher economic level. The best universities for studying marketing and marketing analytics are concentrated in the country, namely:

Institute of Technology Carlow

It is a leading and competitive marketing university with effective teaching methods. Thanks to this, students at the end of their education already have work experience.

Why study at the Institute of Technology Carlow?

  1. High-quality and new technical supply
  2. The focus of study on gaining practice, experience through internships and various projects
  3. Attracting successful employers and businessmen to the training process
  4. Developed research areas
  5. Collaboration with national and foreign scientists, companies and partners.
  6. Opportunity to pursue a degree in game development, distillation, aerospace engineering, and even brewing.

Tuition fees for international students depend on the program you choose: bachelor's programs start at € 9750 per year, and master's programs start at € 10,750 per year. Also, the institute has more than 9000 students. People mainly go to Ireland to study economics and law, the humanities, to receive specialties related to information technology, the teaching of which is especially well-set. Many research laboratories of all major corporations for the production of microelectronics and software in North America and Japan have their offices in Irish universities. The university also offers distance learning opportunities.

Studying at this university will be the first step towards a successful career in business, law, humanities or science. For example, with the education of a marketer, specialists are often invited to work in Japan and the United States. Many specialists from all over the world prefer to work with IT Carlow centers.

Griffith College Dublin

This is a multidisciplinary university, whose graduates successfully realize themselves in the fields of finance, information technology, law, media, design, music and theater.

Why study at Griffith College Dublin?

  1. Intercultural environment - more than 1,500 international students have already chosen this institution of higher education
  2. A wide range of programs - certificate, bachelor's, master's, postgraduate courses
  3. High-quality professional internships lasting up to 1 year
  4. The opportunity to get an art education - the educational institution issues diplomas of graduation from higher education in the field of art and theater
  5. Classes are held in small classes.

College equipment is excellent:

  • Convenient classrooms, student residence, library
  • Computer centers, research laboratories
  • Art school, theater
  • Tennis courts, sports complex.

Over the years, many graduates have achieved significant success in areas such as finance, business, IT, design, law, media, music and theater. Seamus Heaney and John Hume alumni have become Nobel Prize winners.

Strong specialties:

  • Business administration, accounting, law
  • Journalism, media and communications, international business, finance
  • Marketing, management, marketing analytics, PR.

Reasons to choose Griffith College Dublin:

  1. The value of graduates in the global labor market.
  2. Very high level of training in IT and programming programs.
  3. Opportunity to undergo an internship while studying.
  4. Practically oriented programs.
  5. Affordable tuition fees.

For admission, you will definitely need excellent knowledge of English - training takes place in English, and secondly (IELTS with a score of 6.0).

INTO University of Stirling

It is a popular university in Ireland among the local population and international students. Located in the picturesque city of Scotland - Sterling.

Many popular figures have graduated from this university, for example, the writer Ian Banks, as well as some British politicians and Olympic athletes. The University of Stirling is quite multicultural - approximately 25% of students come here from 99 different countries from around the world.

Why study at INTO University of Stirling?

  1. The university is in the top 16 UK universities that are equipped with high-level sports facilities
  2. This is where the best Student Union in Scotland is located
  3. The percentage of satisfaction with education and social life at the university is 86%
  4. Almost 97.5% of university graduates find a job within 6 months after graduation
  5. The university has the most comfortable and good campus
  6. There are carefully designed preparation programs for international students to help them get into college
  7. Lectures and seminars are conducted by highly qualified teachers
  8. There is an opportunity to continue studying in other educational institutions of the country
  9. There is a high probability of employment in a large company in Scotland.
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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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