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2018-07-30 11:57:06

Study in Ireland for foreign students: the cost, reviews

Study in Ireland for foreign students: the cost, reviews

Ireland is a place where elite and prestigious schools, colleges and universities are concentrated: the state cares about the development of national education and is interested in attracting talented foreign students. The organization of education is carried out by special methods, so that students can immerse themselves in learning the profile subjects and develop in the chosen directions. The government and private institutions provide scholarships, grants and acceptable conditions to stay in the country after graduation.

The advantages of studying in Ireland for foreign students 

  • unique teaching methods;
  • high level of academic education;
  • ample opportunities for leisure and entertainment;
  • hospitable and friendly locals;
  • English is the official language here;
  • fidelity to British traditions;
  • large investments from the state in the sphere of education;
  • the combination of study and work is permitted by law;
  • the possibility of entering immediately after the school;
  • possibility to obtain a visa after graduation for a year;
  • cheaper accommodation than in the UK;
  • one of the safest countries in Europe;
  • internships during education;
  • practice-oriented classes.

Secondary education in Irish schools for foreign students

  • Pre-school education children receive in specialized centers from 4 years of age by special teaching methods: kindergartens do not exist at the state level, but there is a limited number of private gardens. In the development centers, teachers provide basic knowledge of writing, reading, math and take into account all the features of teaching and educating preschool children.
  • In elementary school, children can be enrolled at 6 years old, they usually study there for up to 12 years.
  • In secondary school compulsory education is provided for 3 years - during this time students study 3 main subjects: English, Irish, mathematics. After the termination of the curriculum, students receive a Junior Certificate confirming the receipt of secondary education.

For example, you can study in the middle classes on the basis of the private Irish boarding school Kings Hospital School Dublin, located in Dublin. The cost of schooling is 26,800 € for the academic year (3 terms) with accommodation and meals at the guesthouse.

  • Transition year - students of 14-16 years for one year of study choose the most priority subjects and disciplines.
  • Bacavria - after 3 years of study in the chosen direction the student receives Ordinary Bachelor Degree, after four years - Honors Bachelor Degree
  • The master's program assumes 2 years of study, special attention is paid to research and projects
  • Doctoral and postgraduate studies - from 2.5 to 6 years, depending on the specialization.

The prestigious Midleton College is popular with foreign students; Despite the fact that you can enter the university right after school, students try to deepen their knowledge of basic school subjects and improve the level of English. The cost for an academic year with living in the family is 18,695 €.

In high school, students spend 2 years studying additional subjects to choose from in order to prepare for university enrollment and increase their readiness for education - the program is considered an analogue of the British standard A-level or international IB. Upon graduation, students receive an Irish matriculation certificate - Leaving Certificate.

The high school program at the Blackrock College elite school-boarding school in Dublin is available only for boys - the institution provides a separate form of education and successfully practices special receptions. Boys independently choose disciplines for their development, and special attention is paid to sports in a prestigious boarding house. The cost is - 27,850 € / year.

Receiving higher education for students in prestigious Irish universities

A certificate with a high average score is an advantage for foreign students who wish to enroll in one of their programs:

The Dublin institute of design is considered the best profile university in the country - it is a very prestigious and elite educational institution, an accredited center for taking examinations BTEC, works as City & Guilds, accredited by QQI. Here you can get a bachelor's degree in the direction of "Graphic and interior design." The price of the undergraduate program without residency is 8,000 € / year.

Summer and language programs

To improve the general level of language knowledge, linguistic programs are provided for the summer, also in Ireland you can prepare for the exams all year round: TOEIC, IELTS, FCE, CAE, CELT. For those who want to immerse themselves in learning a foreign language, individual education is available alone with the teacher. Particular attention should be given to teaching the child language before entering a secondary, high school or university.

Combine the course in English with other hobbies: horseback riding, golf, studying law, finance or business, football, rugby, dance and drama.

For students who have already enrolled in an Irish institution, but who are hard at teaching in a foreign language, the opportunity is given to work on language courses in parallel. For example, in the summer camp of the Griffith College Dublin Emerald Cultural Institute, you can take English courses with an active entertainment program, soccer, rugby, golf or horse riding. Griffith College is a prestigious educational institution on the basis of which in the summer months the educational program of the ECI educational center is taking place, while students and students live in the residence of the educational institution. The price of courses ranges from 1,930 € / 2 weeks to 2,720 € / 2 weeks.

Compulsory guardianship of minors during the educational process

Local legislation provides for compulsory guardianship of students under 16 years of age: the guardian can be a resident of the country who is fully responsible for the child's life, helps in organizational issues of education, controls academic performance, represents the interests of the student and others.

Grants and scholarships for foreign students

In Ireland, the direction of scholarships and grants that are issued by the state or the universities themselves is very advanced - there are several types:

  • The Government of Ireland Scholarship provides a state scholarship for foreign citizens who are not EU citizens. The amount is enough to cover the costs of the undergraduate program and one year of magistracy or doctoral studies, residence during studies.
  • The Ireland Homecoming Study Program is designed for students of Irish origin who were born outside the EU. To receive the scholarship, it is necessary to prove that one of the relatives was an Irishman, and the amount received will cover only a part of the costs associated with studying abroad.
  • Government of Ireland and Enterprise Partnership Postgraduate Scholarship - the research center of Ireland for the promotion of innovative research aims to attract talented students with interesting research projects.

All students have the opportunity to receive material assistance from the state - for this it is necessary to apply with the application and submit the necessary documents. For advice, you can contact SMAPSE: specialists will help you choose an academic program or a linguistic course at the best universities in Ireland. Enrollment of the company's clients is free of charge: SMAPSE specialists are not intermediaries, but they work on partner agreements with numerous foreign educational institutions.

Can I stay in Ireland after graduation from a university or college?

Under the Third Level Graduate Scheme program, graduates have the right to stay in the country for a period of 6 to 12 months - this time is designed to find work in Ireland. In case of successful employment there is a great chance to get a green card or work permit:

  • In order to apply for a green card, you need an invitation to work from the employer for a period of more than 2 years, and the salary must be at least 60,000 € / year or 30,000 € / year in the most important areas for the country.
  • A work permit allows foreign students to work and reside on the territory of Ireland for 2 years, plus a permit can be extended for another 3 years. For employees with work experience of more than 5 years, an indefinite permit is issued.
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