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Top 6 best language camps in London for foreign students

Top 6 best language camps in London for foreign students

What could be better than learning a foreign language in his native country? To study English perfectly suited Britain, and especially - the capital of the country. Language camps in London are perfect for an exciting vacation abroad for foreign students. Studying abroad and choosing a language camp in London, young students will not only receive a lot of positive emotions, but also overcome the language barrier and will be able to make new friends from different corners of the world. Studying at a children's camp abroad is an excellent contribution to a promising future both in terms of education and career.

Learning English in London for students

In the British capital to date, there are several dozens of language schools and educational centers, where students from all over the world come. The language camp in London for students can be of several types depending on the type of study and residence:

  • Full board (accommodation and meals in the residence of the school, or in the host family);
  • Full-time studies (study on the program during the day, without residence);
  • Family program (education for the "child + adult" category).

The standard language program in children's camps abroad includes from 15 to 20 academic hours a week, 25-20 hours are already considered an intensive course. The lessons usually take place from Monday to Friday in the morning.

In the children's camp abroad, the students are not only waiting for the English curriculum, but also for the carefully thought-out entertainment part. The students of the language camp can devote their time to rest and leisure in the afternoon after lunch - participation in various sections and clubs, sports, as well as an extensive sightseeing program with visits to the main British attractions: Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, British National Museum, the famous London Eye and many others. On weekends students of children's language schools in London will be able to visit the territory of famous student cities such as Oakford, Cambridge, Brighton.

Language schools in London for students who are popular among foreign students:

  • St. Giles International. It is a language school of international level, which has been operating in European countries for more than 60 years. In London, the educational center has a campus for students from 12 to 19 years old. English Language School Giles Juniors is located on the base of 2 well-known institutions of higher education: Ramsay Hall and London University. Foreign students can enter this school.
  • Kings Summer. One of the most popular networks of children's camps for learning English has its own branch in the British capital. For students 14-17 years old with a language level from the initial to the confident. The London school Kings is located in a 2-storey building with spacious auditoriums and excellent technical equipment. Host students in host British families on a full board basis. In the summer months, students are offered a standard English course - 15 hours a week. The campus has a good location - just 15 minutes from central London.
  • Chelsea FC Foundation. This is not just a language camp, but a thematic one: as one can understand from the title, football will be an additional and important activity for its students. Students from 10 to 17 years of age will participate in training under the guidance of real professionals of the British football club. The language school is located on the basis of a private educational institution called Berlitz. The study of English includes 15 academic hours weekly, and football training - 20 hours a week (in the first or second half of the day, respectively).
  • Mill Hill Summer School. This leading private school, recognized as one of the oldest in Britain, is half an hour's drive from central London. The educational institution offers programs for learning English for students 12-17 years old. Simultaneously with the study of the language, the school undergoes studying in mathematics, science, creative activities, sports training. The campus of the school has an excellent infrastructure with excellent facilities for study, sports, entertainment and outdoor activities.
  • International Community Schools (ICS). This is a private school, which throughout the year offers educational programs of all kinds - elementary, middle and senior classes. In the summer months there are courses for learning English - a 24-hour camp, day or family education. In 2016, the ICS Center was recognized as one of the best British educational centers to improve the level of English for foreign students.
  • Language Studies International (LSI). The campus of this language school is located in a suburb of London in a spacious historical building of the reign of Queen Victoria. The school equipment is modern: a computer classroom, a library, wireless Internet, a cafeteria and much more. English vacation in London LSI school is suitable for students from 12 to 17 years.

Tuition fee in the language camps in Britain 

The cost of education in the language camp of London for foreign students will depend on the chosen program, the educational season and the type of residence. For example, a language camp with boarding (boarding) in London will cost from 900 - 1,000 £  to 1,500 £ for 2 weeks. The indicated cost usually includes the educational process, teaching materials, extracurricular activities and excursions. Additionally, accommodation is paid for in the daytime educational format, as well as - air tickets in both directions, visa processing, insurance, pocket expenses.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
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Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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