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2023-01-07 15:02:46

What you need to do when you come to Australia

What you need to do when you come to Australia

Australia is a wonderful country for tourism, although many travelers are not found there. Despite the fact that the remote state does not receive tens of millions of guests annually, there are many fascinating sights and places that are definitely worth a visit. The culture and nature of Australia is different from other countries, and a trip here is an unforgettable experience that will leave a unique impression.

Travelers who have visited those places, call a lot of interesting activities that you can do, sailing or arriving in Australia.

Sydney Opera

The Opera House, located in Sydney, is the most recognizable building in the country. According to statistics, tourists photograph the Sydney Opera no less often than the pyramids in Giza or the Burj Khalifa in Dubai! However, only a small part of travelers went to the theater for a performance, and in vain: from the inside the building is no less beautiful than from the outside. The theater has 4 stages: the Drama Theater, the Opera House, the Studio Theater + a huge concert hall for 2500 spectators. Moreover, the theater has a restaurant and 2 cinema halls.

The Sydney Opera House was born in 1973 and during its existence has received over 40 million visitors from almost all countries of the world. On the site you can find the schedule of performances and the current repertoire.

Blue Mountains National Park

A hundred kilometers from Sydney is the country's largest national park, which is called the Blue Mountains. The park got this name thanks to the blue haze from eucalyptus trees growing throughout its territory. If a traveler visits the state of New South Wales, he will have the opportunity to ride on a cable car over the Blue Mountains and admire the landscapes of this place. The cabin will take the visitor at an altitude of 270 meters, and in general the path stretches for almost 800 meters. Skyway cabins have a transparent glass floor, which creates the feeling that the passenger is just floating in the air. From the booth, visitors to the park can see the most beautiful locations: Katoomba Falls, Jemison Valley, the Three Sisters rock complex.

The cost of one ticket to the booth costs $ 30-35.

Swimming in the company of dolphins

There are many dolphins off the coast of Australia, and at almost every seaside resort, a guest can swim with them. The most popular places among sea dwellers are the resorts of Shark and Manki Mia, which is located in the west of the country, 800 km from Perth. Every day, dozens of dolphins swim to the shores to communicate with vacationers and play with them. Guests can feed friendly dolphins and even go into their water: mammals will not be frightened and will swim nearby.

Dances of the Tasmanian Devil

Many of us are familiar with the film about Taza - the Tasmanian devil, who spins like a spinning top, and destroys everything in its path. The beast from the cartoon has a real prototype - the Australian Tasmanian devil, which is the real pride of Australia.

They live only on the island of Tasmania, and they are known throughout the world for being ready to fight with any enemy, even with a large predator. At night, devils emit frightening screams, so they are called so. To see the beast live, the traveler can visit one of the national parks where the Tasmanian devil lives – for example, Naravntapu Park.

Visiting the Penguins

In the southern territories of Australia, which are located 1.5 thousand kilometers from Tasmania, there is Macquarie Island. The area is considered the southernmost territory of the country and is equally remote from Antarctica and New Zealand. Due to its unique location and representatives of flora and fauna, the island is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. On macquarie Island, which has an area of less than 130 square kilometers, you can meet elephant seals, albatrosses, fur seals and even penguins.

Macquarie is regularly equipped with expeditions with scientists who study the unique flora and fauna of the island. However, travelers can see the island with their own eyes if they buy a ticket to a cruise on the liner, which lasts 12 days. The ship will make a trip to Antarctica with a stop on this island, but the ticket will not be cheap - for almost 2 weeks the tourist will have to pay $ 10,000 .

Great Barrier Reef

One of the main natural attractions is the Great Barrier Reef. It is the world's largest concentration of coral reefs, consisting of more than 900 coral islands. The length of the reef exceeds 2500 kilometers, and the area is as much as 350 thousand square kilometers. km - this is more than the area of Italy! A huge reef is located along the entire coast of Australia from the eastern part and invites guests to diving. On the shore there are many companies that will teach travelers how to properly dive under water and get the maximum impression of underwater walks. During diving, you can see reef sharks, sea turtles, dolphins, thousands of species of fish and mollusks, but the highlight of the program is the beautiful multi-colored corals themselves.

Harbour Bridge

The largest arch bridge on the planet is located near the Sydney Opera House, and it was built and opened exactly 90 years ago. For lovers of heights, there is a tourist program in which people climb to the top of the bridge and admire the landscapes of Sydney under the supervision of professionals. For $ 240 you can climb to a height of 134 meters and admire the city at any time of the day.

Kangaroo Island and its main inhabitants are kangaroos

The third largest in the country is Kangaroo Island, which is known for its marsupial inhabitants. The island is located a hundred kilometers from the city of Adeliad and receives guests around the clock. There are a lot of kangaroos here, and many of them trust people, coming close to get acquainted. If the animal is approaching, the tourist can feed it and try to stroke it. By the way, small kangaroos live in the mother's bag for up to 10 months, and then get out of the shelter and begin adulthood.

Cave paintings of ancient Australians

History buffs should come to Kakadu National Park, which offers a huge gallery of drawings left on the rocks by ancient people. The oldest images are applied to the stones more than 20 thousand years ago: these drawings depict animals, their entrails and structure. The park is located 200 kilometers from the city called Darwin, on the northern part of the continent.

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