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Language camps in Boston for foreign students

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Language camps in Boston for foreign students

Boston is the capital and largest city of Massachusetts, one of the oldest and wealthiest cities in the United States. Boston is the economic, cultural and educational center of New England and the country as a whole. More than one hundred universities and colleges are concentrated here, including the most prestigious and ranking ones: Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston University and Boston College. Many educational institutions offer vacation programs for students from all over the world. The language camp is a combination of leisure and study, active pursuits and sports, creativity, entertainment, they are designed specifically for foreign students.

Language camps in Boston: the main advantages for foreign students

The popularity of language camps is growing from year to year. Advantages of studying in Boston:

  • A large number of various proposals;
  • Available, including, for students with a low language level;
  • A unique system that combines study and rest;
  • Complete language immersion;
  • Carefully designed programs;
  • Own methods and teaching materials;
  • Organization at a high level;
  • Accommodation in a comfortable environment;
  • Ability to do your favorite thing / hobby;
  • A big plus to the portfolio.

Children's camps in Boston: features, courses and programs

The language camp is held during the holidays: in Boston, mainly summer and winter courses are presented. All participants are divided into groups by age and level of ownership. You can choose from a wide variety of activities:

  • Raising the level (standard, semi-intensive, intense, super-intensive)
  • Preparation for exams and tests (IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT and others)
  • Academic grade
  • A bias on a specific section (business, journalism, literary and other).

Classes are held in small groups before lunchtime on weekdays - teachers are doing everything possible to ensure that each student reveals his potential. Time after lunch and weekends are devoted to leisure, sports, creativity, hobbies and hobbies. The schedule is drawn up so that students have the opportunity to rest and learn a lot of new things, and a list of available sports and creativity is counted in tens and hundreds. There are also academic programs with the study of the subjects of the school curriculum (especially interesting for those entering the US schools and colleges). Vacations in the camp give a unique opportunity to have fun and usefully, to make new friends and start talking in English without hesitation!

The host party provides all participants with a decent level of comfort. There are several types of accommodation:

  • Residence. Accommodation on campus in student hostels: separate bedrooms for 1-2 or more people, living rooms and kitchens, separate or shared bathrooms. In the buildings there are laundries, play areas, security systems. The staff of the center helps to resolve any issue. Students receive a balanced diet several times a day.
  • Host family. There is a bedroom in the house of an American family, you can use all the amenities. A great option for those who love home comfort, helps to better adapt to the lifestyle and norms of behavior. Families are monitored by employees. Usually students have breakfast and dinner at home, and lunch on campus (other options are possible).
  • Hotel / apartment / apartment. There are different types of rooms and different sets of services. Meals are provided on campus, individual plans are possible.

Best Boston language camps for students: prices, rankings

The cost depends on many conditions: the content of the course, focus, intensity and others. The total cost includes:

  • Language classes;
  • Accommodation, meals;
  • Physical activity and creativity;
  • Disciplines;
  • Cultural and entertainment programs;
  • Educational aids;
  • Transfer from / to the airport;
  • Medical insurance (not always).

Individual expenditure items:

  • Plane tickets;
  • Visa application;
  • Pocket money;
  • Additional lessons and activities (optional).

To apply, you may need a passport and a copy (or other identity document), certificates of language proficiency, consent to comply with the rules. After the approval of the application, payment is made and the process of obtaining a visa begins. Take care of booking a place better in advance, as the demand for these programs is high.

Examples of a language camp in Boston:

  • Harvard Summer School. The summer school is held on the basis of the renowned Harvard University and to date offers some of the most popular and quality seasonal programs in the country. Students can use all of Harvard's resources, including laboratories, libraries, research centers, meet with invited experts, best teachers and scientists, world-renowned specialists. Moreover, participants can earn credit units (credits), which will be credited to them upon admission to the university! More than 40 disciplines are available for study - technical, humanities, social sciences, informatics, foreign languages (more than 10), economics, literature. Lectures and seminars, discussions and discussions, laboratory work are held. Duration - from 3 to 7 weeks. The earned credits can be set off on admission to the bachelor's program at Harvard University. From 8,500 $ for 3 weeks.
  • Emmanuel College. The college is located on a 17-acre campus in the heart of Boston. Here are available: Standard course (20 lessons per week + events), Studies (hiking and adventure), Leadership (critical thinking and analysis skills, problem solving, interaction, public speaking), Football (15 hours of language, 12 hours of professional training weekly). From 1,400 $ a week.
  • Boston School of Modern Languages. One of the oldest, most respected and prestigious schools in the US has an extensive scientific and technical base, its own methods and teaching materials. "Activities" - 20, 25 or 30 lessons per week; mathematics, computer science, science; creativity, clubs and interest sections. Academic lessons are designed to effectively develop the skills of grammar, vocabulary, phonetics, vocabulary, speech production. Lessons are held in an interactive format: in the form of role games, discussions, dialogues, songs and stories. In a short period, the level rises significantly. From 320 $ a week.
  • Cushing Academy Boston. The Academy was founded in 1865 and is listed on the list of the most prestigious boarding schools. Offers a variety of quality vacation courses: Preparation for SAT or TOEFL, Scientific bias (Prep for Success (12-13 years), Studio Art (13-18 years), College Prep (14-18 years), Critical Skills Across the Curriculum (14-18 years), English as a Second Language (14-18 years)), Engineering (STEM) (science, engineering, engineering, mathematics), Robotics, Leadership, Creativity and performing arts. From 10,395 $ for 5 weeks.
  • English Language Center (ELC) Boston. Professional courses: camp at Wheelock College (Summer Junior Program Wheelock College) and campus camp at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Winter program (Winter Junior Program Boston Homestay) allows you to plunge into New Year's celebrations, visit Christmas concerts and performances, get unforgettable impressions. From 2,950 $ for 2 weeks.
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