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2018-07-30 11:57:00

Summer schools in Nice for foreign students

Summer schools in Nice for foreign students

An unforgettable trip, a sea of impressions and learning a foreign language - all this awaits you in the children's summer school in Nice! Study and rest in close relationship will make the summer holidays interesting and informative. Vacation programs in Nice offer French or English language instruction in combination with an extensive program of extra-curricular activities and excursions.

France is in the TOP-10 countries in terms of the quality of education and its accessibility. Linguistic courses with the study of English and French in Nice are not only an opportunity to learn a foreign language with experienced teachers, but also a chance to visit the most beautiful cities in the world with ancient streets and numerous museums, see world-famous sights and visit the world fashion capital as part of sightseeing trips.

Effective educational programs combined with modern teaching methods will make visiting of summer courses interesting for each student. Numerous discussions, joint projects and presentations will teach students to express their thoughts and defend their point of view, and also to interact in a team.

France offers a wide variety of prestigious courses for students of all ages. A large number of vacation programs will allow students to find a school that meets their interests and goals: France offers not only general educational programs, but also highly specialized courses that are even more interesting and informative.

Education in Nice during the holidays is not a constant cramming of the language, but his practice in constant communication. Many elite schools offer real adventure programs for their students, during which students will be able to visit the trek and get acquainted with the nature of France.

Summer schools and courses in Nice for students: location

Nice - the world famous resort, located on the Cote d'Azur of France. Sometimes this city is called the French Riviera for its beautiful white beaches, beautiful nature and ancient streets. It is located in the Gulf of the Angels, not far from the mouth of the Var River. In the north, Nice is surrounded by low hills. All this allows you to see completely different landscapes, from which equally breathtaking.

Nice - a city with an ancient history, the atmosphere of which can be felt, walking along narrow streets near small cafes, enjoying the view of small houses that store the history of this place. However, you can see a completely different Nice - the western part of the city is a modern tourist center with a lot of luxury hotels and shops, restaurants and offices.

The climate of Nice is warm and sunny in the summer months, so that students will have the opportunity to enjoy a dip in the warm waters of the sea. Also in the city there are many gardens and parks, which is also an undoubted plus.

Nice is a city that gives its unique atmosphere, which is closely connected with modernity and history, city landscapes and nature, the best educational institutions and amazing places for recreation.

The advantages of studying in the language schools of Nice

Education in one of the most famous cities in Europe has a number of advantages:

  • The ratio of the quality of education and prices. High standards of education in Nice are combined with fairly democratic prices.
  • The excellent location of the city will allow students to enjoy nature and sunny days, as well as visit most of the sights.
  • A wide selection of educational programs makes it possible to find an interesting program for everyone: thanks to the large number of levels and groups, even students with poor language skills can feel comfortable.
  • National composition. Most schools accept students from different countries, and it is better for students to choose the leading summer schools, where there are few people from the same country, as this will help to get additional practice of the language after the end of the classes.
  • Highly qualified teachers build their classes using the latest teaching methods. Most lessons take place in a game form that allows you to learn a foreign language easily and entertaining for students.

Summer study programs: features and conditions of vacation programs in Nice

Traditionally, the summer schools of Nice offer vacation programs that consist of:

  • Course of foreign language ( English or French )
  • Leisure programs (non-class activities and excursions).

The language course usually includes 20 to 35 language lessons per week, depending on its intensity. During the classes, the students get acquainted with the basic grammatical constructions, develop the skills of the spoken language and the perception of speech by ear, and also replenish the vocabulary with stable expressions and idioms. Teachers pay much attention to the development of personal qualities of students. Specialized same courses allow you to get acquainted with the vocabulary of a certain industry, discuss the current situation of this industry and much more.

The program of rest helps to make a vacation unforgettable for students! Visiting sights and museums, getting acquainted with the culture and traditions of another country will make the holidays truly entertaining, exciting, interesting.

An important aspect of studying abroad is accommodation. Summer schools Nice usually offer the following options for placing students:

  • Residence (modern rooms with private facilities for 2-3 people)
  • Hotel (comfortable rooms for 1-2 people)
  • Host family
  • Full-time education (students attend classes and some leisure activities, but without accommodation).

The host family and full-time education were less popular in Nice compared to other cities. Meals in most cases are organized on the basis of a full board or half board.

Admission to summer language courses does not require special documents, but on the first day students usually pass a language test for distribution to the appropriate groups.

Extra-curricular activities and excursions in the language schools of Nice

Leisure activities are an important part of the vacation program. Below is an incomplete list of what activities are waiting for your children:

  • Dancing
  • Painting
  • Acting skills
  • Football
  • Swimming
  • Beach volleyball
  • Fitness
  • Gym
  • Barbecue parties
  • Disco
  • Sports and others.

Please note that the list of extracurricular activities may vary depending on the chosen camp.

Excursions and day trips are an integral part of summer holidays. For students of language courses in Nice, summer schools usually organize trips to places of interest such as:

  • Boulevard Promenade des Anglais
  • Le Chateau Castle
  • Place Massena
  • Orthodox church of St. Nicholas
  • Chapel of Mercy
  • The Matisse Museum
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Modern Art Museum
  • Old town and much more.

Some summer schools arrange trips to other cities in France.

Ranking of the best children's camps for the holidays

TOP-3 summer schools in Nice:

  • The language school France Langue Nice offers a program of French lessons for students + rest. This school was opened in 1994 and has repeatedly proved the high academic level of its students. The school is located in the economic center of the city, near which there are numerous cafes and shops.
  • The language school Sprachcaffe Nice is part of an international network of schools that has won prestige on the world stage. This school is considered one of the most popular and interesting in Nice. The French language is taught on the basis of a communicative method.
  • Azurlingua School is a language school specializing in teaching French as a foreign language. The basis of the philosophy of the school is an individual approach to each student, his needs, interests and goals: this makes programs most effective for each student.

In Nice, you can also find summer schools specializing in teaching English. For example, the Riviera French Institute takes high-level instruction in English and French for students.

Tuition fees in the summer schools in Nice

The average price of education is 700 € - 1,000 € per week: the cost of the course usually includes education on the selected program, study materials, accommodation, meals, recreational activities and excursions.

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