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Year of study in Salzburg: information for foreign students

Year of study in Salzburg: information for foreign students

How to spend a year of study in Salzburg and to know the cost of education in schools and universities for foreign students - all this can be learned from the specialists of SMAPSE, which is a leading partner of international educational institutions around the world. Students wishing to get an education in Austria can consider the educational institutions of Salzburg - this is a cozy European city, the central part of which is listed by UNESCO. The locals are friendly, always happy to maintain a conversation with a foreign people and, if necessary, help, and they also love holidays and celebrations, as evidenced by the large number of holidays in the city. A developed culture is an important component of Salzburg.

The Austrian city of Salzburg is located just a few kilometers from Germany, which opens a lot of opportunities for inveterate travelers to visit this country without leaving their studies. And adventure lovers and nature lovers will appreciate the close proximity to the Alpine mountains: in summer, hiking, bike tours are common among students, and in winter, winter forms of entertainment, such as snowboarding or skiing.

Tuition at schools for foreign students in Salzburg

In Austria, education is carried out in German or English - teachers use current methods and principles of teaching students in different educational systems. After graduating from Austrian schools, which have high rankings, graduates enter prestigious universities in Europe.

Types of schools:

  • private
  • state.

The popularity of boarding schools is growing every year - these are educational institutions where students not only study in the daytime, but also live on campus, attend elective classes on interest, communicate with peers, participate in creative evenings and sports events, devote free time to socializing or self-development. Staying at the school on a full board basis allows you to come to the country without parents, and the cost for a year of schooling in Salzburg schools for foreign students will be from 33,290 €.

The curriculum includes both compulsory and optional subjects - schooling can be combined with teaching children English. Examples of required subjects:

  • English;
  • maths;
  • science (biology, physics, chemistry);
  • German;
  • social Sciences.

Examples of items to choose from:

  • drama;
  • art;
  • design;
  • foreign languages.

Year of study at the Salzburg language school for foreign students

It is not necessary for those wishing to tighten English or German in Austria to spend a year of study at a language school for foreign students - there are short-term courses with an intensive learning system, where in 2-4-6 weeks the student significantly increases the level of knowledge of a foreign language. Living in a school residence allows you to concentrate on your studies and spend time with interest and benefit.

The cost of studying a linguistic course for foreign students starts from 2,090 € / 2 weeks; already included in the price:

  • language education;
  • study guides, books and materials;
  • accommodation and meals (full board);
  • excursion program: trips, tours, walks, sightseeing and one full-day excursion weekly;
  • meeting and seeing off (Salzburg airport).

Education in Salzburg after grades 9, 10, 11, types of programs

After the 9th or 10th grade, students can enroll in the Advanced Placement preparatory program, which allows to enhance academic and linguistic skills among foreign students. During the educational program, students earn educational loans, which are taken into account when enrolling in a university. Students over 16 years old are accepted for the course, the cost of education starts from 37,640 € per year of study in Salzburg for foreign students. Advanced Placement is highly regarded all over the world, the results of examinations are accepted by top international universities, all over the world this program has good reviews of graduates.


Higher education in Austria

It is doubly nice to get a high-quality higher education in a European city with amazing nature and atmosphere, because the learning process will become more exciting and laid-back, students will be happy to attend academic classes.

The organization of education is built according to the classical scheme:

  • undergraduate
  • magistracy
  • doctoral studies.

Under Austrian law, students have the right to earn a certain number of hours while studying at a university and thereby partially cover the cost of tuition, but they can also apply for grants and scholarships that can cover the full cost of tuition and related costs. After receiving education, graduates have the opportunity to stay in the country to look for work - this is especially important here, because in Salzburg there are the largest international companies that regularly need highly qualified specialists.

TOP-3 universities in Salzburg:

  • University of Salzburg;
  • University of Mozarteum Salzburg;
  • Salzburg Medical University.

An example of a school in Salzburg for foreign students, the cost of education

American International School Salzburg AISS is an American private boarding school where the best teachers in Canada and the USA teach, and after graduation, students are awarded High School Diploma and Advanced Placement diplomas. The only boarding school in Salzburg with a full board system, where a large number of foreign students study. In the summer, for students from 10 years old, English courses are offered, the cost of which is from 2,090 € / 2 weeks.

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