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2023-03-12 17:33:48

What should a passenger who misses the plane do?

What should a passenger who misses the plane do?

Being late for a flight is probably the worst nightmare for any traveler, because everyone is sure that this event is a real tragedy from which it is impossible to find a way out. However, experts urge not to despair of latecomers, offering them several options that will help either go to the right point, or not lose money for the purchased ticket.


Determination of the ticket fare

Airlines usually sell their tickets at three different fares. They differ in prices, the comfort of the flight - as well as the ability to return the funds for the ticket if the passenger did not get on the flight. The name of the fare and the availability of a refund option are often indicated on the ticket itself, which is issued at the check-in desk.

The cheapest tickets are non-refundable: on coupons, the fare of a non-refundable ticket is often marked with the words "light", "budget" or "promo". There is no refund for such a ticket due to delay, but the airline will refund the funds if the flight is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. If the passenger before departure informs that he will not come to the flight due to illness, death of a relative or other valid reason, the carrier can meet halfway and either return the money for the ticket in full, or part of it, with the exception of airport fees and money for aircraft maintenance.

Economy class tickets are often marked with the label "optimum" or "standard". Such coupons can be exchanged with the payment of fees and fines. If the client of the airline contacted it and before check-in and departure warned that he would not appear on the flight, the carrier will agree to return the ticket, but with a fine. Aeroflot, for example, charges 2.8-3 thousand rubles for domestic flights, and from 45 to 50 dollars for international flights. If a passenger returns a ticket that provides for transfers, he will have to pay fees for each of the connections. Some air carriers may offer the client a voucher instead of a refund for tickets, and you will not have to pay a penalty in this case. The right to choose a refund or voucher remains with the passenger.

Buying a business class ticket gives the customer a complete list of privileges under which he can exchange the ticket after the departure of the aircraft, without paying any fines or fees for this. However, the cost of such a seat can cost 100-150% more than an economy class ticket.

Dialogue with the company before the departure of the aircraft, if check-in for the flight has ended

If the passenger did not have time to check in for the desired flight, but the plane has not yet departed, he can try to negotiate with the airline staff. Carriers have strict rules, but they often meet halfway if the passenger had good reasons for being late: heavy luggage, a large airport or a remote gate from the check-in desk.

If the carrier clearly refused, the passenger can contact the company's representative office by phone or at the airport branch to find out whether he will be able to change the ticket or get money for it. Economy class coupons are almost always burned out if the passenger has not warned about his delay in advance - the business class client will receive his money back or a new ticket without difficulties. To do this, you will have to write a statement, but the passenger will go on the road on the next flight.

A passenger who has passed check-in, but did not have time to board, will not be able to agree with the staff if the gate of the gate is closed. Here, the only solution would be to appeal to the airline with a request to replace the "burned" ticket with a new one or return the money for it, but taking into account the fine and duties.

If a traveler with a non-refundable ticket is late for boarding for valid reasons, he also receives the right to a refund. If customs officers or border guards conducted a long check of the passenger, but did not find prohibited items, and he missed the flight, the victim can collect evidence and apply to the carrier with a request to return the money. The security service, at the request of the passenger, will provide him with a certificate indicating how long the search was carried out.

How to behave if you miss a transfer flight?

A traveler who did not have time to get from one plane to another can get out of the situation in several ways - they all depend on how he booked the ticket. If the tickets are purchased with one booking, then all the airlines making this flight cooperate with each other. If, due to the fault of the first air carrier, the client is late for the connecting flight, the second carrier will either provide a ticket for the new flight free of charge, or will take the passenger by bus or car to the desired place (if possible).

To get a transfer, the victim can contact the representative office of the company-culprit, which is located at the airport, or call there by phone. According to the laws of civil aviation, being late for a connection due to the fault of another airline is considered a flight delay, and the guilty carrier must provide the victim with drinks after 2 hours, hot food after 4 hours, a hotel room if the passenger is delayed for 6 hours or more.

If the traveler picked up the tickets on his own, none of the airlines will be responsible for the fact that the passenger did not have time for the connection. Even if the first carrier is very late, it is not considered guilty of the fact that the client was late for the flight of another company.

Tips from tour operators

Experts urge not to forget that check-in for most flights begins 2-3 hours before departure, and ends 40 minutes. Landing is completed 15-20 minutes before the start of the flight, and the company can inform the exact regulations by phone.

Many companies give the opportunity to extend the registration on their website, in an online format. If the tourist understands that he will not have time to check in for the flight, he can log in to the site and extend the time of this procedure. On the site, you can also go through electronic registration and not print paper coupons, if the function is provided by the carrier.

The Fast Track service is provided by large airports in many countries. If the tourist was checked in in the last minutes of boarding and is not sure that he will have time to get to the gate, he can order the service directly at the reception. Users of the service without queues will be taken to all points of inspection and control directly to the place of boarding.

Tickets always indicate the local time of departure and boarding. In order not to be late for the plane due to the fact that it was not possible to understand the time zones, you need to fix the right time in advance.

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Egor Eremeev
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