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Torture Museum in Mdina

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Torture Museum in Mdina

There are torture museums in many European cities: this is due to the fact that inquisition and torture were widespread in the Middle Ages - prisoners of war, bandits, robbers, thieves were punished, and tortured criminals were given maximum pain for the sake of repentance or recognition of the alleged crimes. As a rule, after torture, the prisoners did not go free, but went to the afterlife. The torture museum in Mdina is ominous and realistic: visit it while traveling in Malta if you are looking for special sensations and adrenaline.

History and features of the museum

The Museum of Torture is located in the ancient capital of Malta - in the city of Mdina. Previously, the building was a prison where criminals of all classes were kept: the poor and the rich. A prison opened in 1730, and a few years later the cells were equipped with torture devices: the Maltese ruler of those times was fond of torture and collected ideas of harsh punishments from all over Europe.

Museum visitors describe the first sensations as follows: “From the first seconds a slight chill runs across the skin, it’s damp and cold in the room, there is mold on the walls - from being there it’s not comfortable at all .” The museum’s peculiarity is not only a large collection of torture tools: gallows, tongs, a rack, a vice. The main feature is that the tools demonstrate work using wax figures similar to people:

  • Full height figures
  • They wear clothes of those times
  • Traces of blood and broken bones are pronounced on the body and clothes of the figures.

The museum has figures of people with severed hands and other parts of the body, including the head: accordingly, parts of the bodies are located in separate corners of the exposition. An unpleasant feeling enhances the sound design: ominous music with screams, groans and crying of people. With a weak psyche, a visit to the museum of torture is better to cancel, but if you are looking for unusual sensations, you should go here!

You can visit the attraction daily from 10 to 16 hours.

Interesting Facts

  • Feelings of fear and hostility are strengthened by the hunchback who is on the heels of tourists during a visit to the museum: he will show and tell about the arsenal of executioners used in different periods
  • The number of cells for prisoners in the former prison is 25, they contained 25-30 criminals
  • You can sit next to some figures, representing the anguish and fear of people before torture.
  • The collection includes not only medieval instruments of torture, but also objects of other eras used for similar purposes.


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