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2018-07-30 11:57:14

Summer Intensive English in the USA, America for Children and Schoolchildren

Summer Intensive English in the USA, America for Children and Schoolchildren

Every summer in America for the children and students from all over the world work camps with the study of English. Study and rest on similar vacation programs are very effective. In an English-speaking country, surrounded by foreigners, the child is immersed in a new language environment, which helps him to improve his level of English in a short time. Summer intensity in English in the US, America for children and schoolchildren in just 2-3 weeks will get rid of the language barrier, prepare for the passing of an international exam, entrance to a foreign school or university , prepare for a successful work in the international environment.

Summer Holidays in the USA: Key Benefits

  • Variety of classes: for schoolchildren of all ages and levels, any goals and in any city;
  • Constant practice in conversations with native speakers of American English;
  • Flexible pricing policy - in comparison with British or Swiss summer schools in the States can be cheaper;
  • The multinational composition of residents and many foreigners is a guarantee of tolerance and courtesy;
  • Opportunities for active, adventure and cognitive recreation, excursions and trips;
  • Facilitating admission to a university or school abroad . Many camps are in partnership with top educational institutions or are organized on their basis, therefore they offer the most effective, balanced classes and comprehensively prepare schoolchildren for enrollment;
  • In the intensive course, students develop valuable academic skills: they learn to write essays, prepare and conduct presentations, lectures, write scientific and research papers, correctly outline, search and rank information, and skillfully distribute their own time.
  • A variety of intensive programs, suitable for advanced students, as well as for children with zero language knowledge;
  • Preparation for international exams - TOEFL , IELTS , CELTA and others;
  • Leader courses at prestigious universities, where you can improve your knowledge, develop leadership and communication skills;
  • Camps that combine training sessions with a huge number of leisure and adventure activities. They can have a clear theme (for example, cinema) or cover different areas of creativity and sports and complement them with excursions, entertainment and beach holidays.

Features of intensities for children in the US

If the classical program in US youth centers includes from 15 to 20 hours per week, then intensive courses mean more active classes - 28-30 lessons (up to 40 lessons on super-intensities). Classes are held in small groups of 6-10 people.

On the first day everyone undergoes special testing, which determines the starting level. However, if the group has suddenly not very approached the child, do not worry - you can usually go to another group, having previously agreed with the teacher. Most of the training programs take place from June to August.

Teachers apply different teaching methods for different ages: for very young - this is the format of games, for those older (13-15 years) - interactive and team work, and for adults - the classical format.

During the training, students live in a residence with a full board. Sometimes foreign students are accommodated in host families. This format is more suitable for high school students, although each of the options has its own advantages and convenience.

Top-4 intensive summer schools on the basis of universities

  • Harvard University . A prestigious camp near Boston on the basis of one of the best universities - Harvard University (Harvard University). In summer, a unique course "Leadership and Innovation" is held in the student campus for high school students from all over the world. During the school holidays, students can significantly improve language and academic knowledge, develop leadership and communicative qualities, teach successful life in the modern business world and the legal society. When visiting Boston, time is given to a huge aquarium-oceanarium, shopping. Many impressions remain after a day spent at the Six Flags amusement park, and in Harvard, young students attend the Museum of Art and Harvard Square, Fanel Hall. The cost is from 8200 $ for three weeks.
  • Georgetown University . Residency camp at the University of Georgetown in the center of Washington. Training here during the holidays will help not only to significantly improve the level of the language, but also to improve entrepreneurship skills and personal leadership qualities, to prepare for successful work and study in the international environment. The program for future business leaders is a real gift for ambitious and self-confident schoolchildren aged 14-18 who want to become recognized professionals in their environment and develop successful business and their own business. The cost ranges from $ 7,950 for three weeks.
  • Stanford University . A busy program to train leaders near San Francisco in one of the best universities in the United States - the University of Stanford - for active, independent and ambitious schoolchildren who want to take a leading position in the world community in the future. In addition, the course can serve as an excellent adaptation to student life: students will feel like real students on the campus of one of the most prestigious universities, will enter into a single student brotherhood with their own laws and regulations. The cost is from 7995 $ for three weeks.
  • Yale University . Intensives for children at one of the leading universities - Yale University are conducted in an interactive, international and active environment - is not only lessons, but also a large number of leisure and entertainment activities, excursions, sports and creativity. Here you can communicate with your peers from different countries and prepare for training in the best schools, colleges and universities of the planet. There is a quota for representatives of each nationality (no more than 10% of the total number of guests): this helps to maximize the learning process, strengthen language practice. Especially effective is the training course for the IB international exam. The cost of the IB program is from 6800 $ for three weeks.

Our company will select you and your child an intensive program with the study of English for the summer holidays. With our help you can choose courses of the appropriate level and subjects with the best prices for them without intermediaries.

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