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Why should you choose Canada for education?

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Why should you choose Canada for education?

The Canadian educational system is recognized as one of the best in the world, so it is not surprising that hundreds of thousands of students from different countries come to this country every year. It is believed that the level of preparation for high school students, Canada is confidently leading, ahead of Britain, America, Norway, Germany and other European countries. At the same time, the cost of education in Canadian educational institutions is lower than in other countries with the study of English. In addition, you can start studying in this country at almost any age - here for each category of students you can choose the right option.

What do you need to send your children to study in Canada? In fact, the most significant influence on successful study abroad is provided by a properly selected school or any other institution. As a rule, in the case of foreign students, these are private institutions, and public schools can not accept foreign students for 2 reasons: without a residence permit in Canada and free education that normally applies to Canadian citizens.

And since receiving an education in Canada for foreign citizens is possible only on paid terms, SMAPSE experts recommend that parents immediately pay attention to private schools. Such type of institutions have undeniable advantages in comparison with all the others: this is a higher level of the curriculum; work in small groups, due to which the teachers have the opportunity to pay more attention to each of the students; Accommodation and meals on the campus of an educational institution and this is not all. The last points are especially important when the child is too young to be alone in a foreign country - then the staff of the school to which he has entered will look after him, and parents may not worry about his safety.

Of course, if the financial capabilities of the family allow, parents can accompany the child until the moment when he can settle in a new place for himself. Some parents also prefer to stay in the country for the entire period of study, but this is usually only necessary while the student is still small. In other cases, independent stay in a country abroad with immersion in the language environment will contribute to the child's personal development and his growing up as a whole.

In order to get an exhaustive answer to the question of how to send a child to study in Canada, SMAPSE experts recommend that parents also understand how to do the right thing. It is very important to understand how the process of submitting documents to institutions, the order of enrollment and a few other things is going abroad.

So, it is recommended to write an application, which on the student's behalf will need to be sent to educational institutions, SMAPSE recommend to do it at least 6 months before the beginning of studies, and even earlier. In these few months you will just have time to give the child to English courses, so that he does not go abroad with absolutely poor level, prepare documents, translate them into English, send them to schools, get an answer and even pass an introductory test. In advance for the application you will need the following documents:

  • Extract from the personal file with the student's grades for the last 2-3 years
  • Certificate of proficiency in English
  • Letter of reference from teachers from a previous place of study
  • Motivation letter on behalf of the student, where he will talk about his educational goals.

Specialists of the SMAPSE company will help you with the submission of documents upon admission to the schools of Canada, will consult on any matter, and all this is completely free.

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