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Higher education in Switzerland for international students: tourism, restaurant business, spa

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Higher education in Switzerland for international students: tourism, restaurant business, spa

The hospitality industry today is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy in the world, regardless of any crises, and also serves as one of the largest employers. By 2020, it is planned to create more than 303 million jobs: graduates of specialized universities receive incredibly wide opportunities for a successful career and self-realization - it is enough just to make efforts and perseverance.

The world leader of specialized education in this field is Switzerland: it is here that the most prestigious and privileged universities are located, specializing in restaurant, hotel and tourist business. Their main advantage is a huge amount of production practice and internships: before becoming a qualified specialist, the student passes step by step the work of the selected department, division or industry.

Often students work directly on the campus, where their studies take place - for example, there are schools of hospitality, located in hotels of major world networks. A big plus - internships are always paid, and not at the lowest rate: this is a great way to save money on training and earn pocket money.

Hotel business

Today, the flow of students in the direction of "Hotel Services Manager" increases. Switzerland has the best specialists who work in the most prestigious hotel networks in the world: the highest quality standards are maintained here, which can satisfy the most demanding customers.

Students of this specialty need not only profound theoretical knowledge and well-established practical skills, but also a brilliant sense of tact, education and knowledge of international etiquette - and all this is taught by the Swiss schools of hospitality and hotel business. Directly with practice, students will get acquainted with all the intricacies of a large hotel: restaurant service, booking systems and work at the reception, the development of a unique hotel concept and design, pricing, etc. Already during the internship, many students generate valuable business connections and receive job offers even before graduation.

What educational university to choose?

Restaurant management

Nowadays, restaurant business in Europe is at peak of popularity and development: the European countries are deservedly considered the birthplace of many culinary trends and the modern trendsetter. Europeans are fans of high, exquisite cuisine.

Swiss restaurant schools teach professionals in the following fields:

  • Culinary critics
  • Recipe authors
  • Art directors and designers
  • Chefs and confectioners of the highest class
  • Sommelier
  • Barista

Where to go to study?

Worldwide, the tourism and hospitality industry is the third largest industry in the world (after oil production and automotive industry), and for many world countries, tourism is the main source of income of the national budget. That's why, qualified personnel in this industry are valued incredibly high and are required constantly.

The tourism industry is a real treasure for adventurous travelers: so you can build a career with pleasure and inspiration. Specialists of the tourist sphere evaluate existing hotels and assign them stars, know the finer points of booking seats and air tickets anywhere in the world, orient themselves in prices, write guidebooks and develop new unique routes. Finance, marketing, personnel management, business creation from the ground up - all these disciplines are known to the specialists of tourist business in perfection.

  • SPA-management

SPA has long been considered an industry only for the rich - but today all people know that a wellness and pleasant rest can give a lot of energy. In SPA-centers around the world people successfully cope with stress, improve the condition of the body, restore physical and spiritual comfort. Qualified specialists of the best SPA and Wellness centers know all the features of the human body and are able to satisfy any wishes of their guests: they are distinguished by their own unique brand, original design, attention to detail and the highest level of service.

Education in the SPA industry touches on the issues of creating a business concept and design, managing and recruiting employees, creating the right range of services, analyzing the market and managing the existing business, developing it and expanding it.

  • Event management 

This specialty is quite young in the modern world, but every year it only grows and develops, correspondingly, demanding qualified young specialists who are able to quickly orient themselves and keep their hands on the pulse of time. Event-management is dedicated to the creation and organization of a wide variety of events: exhibitions, symposiums and concerts, conferences and forums, presentations and various competitions. Specialist of the Event-sphere is a skilled manager in the field of PR and information support, advertising, logistics; This is a wonderful organizer, coordinating the actions of dozens of contractors and hundreds of people.

  • Sports Management

Currently, sport is not only a struggle for the fastest and the strongest - it's a real show, followed by millions of people around the world. Sports attracts a lot of sponsors and investors, it becomes an inspiration for large-scale advertising companies, calls for careful logistics and Internet, TV and radio broadcasting. A specialist in sports management is a strong leader: an analyst, a manager, a leader who knows how to work with both brand managers and numerous sponsors, operators and service workers.

  • Management in the entertainment industry

The entertainment and show business industry today rotates and earns billions of dollars: it is a complex organization that constantly needs talented managers with a hard grip and instant reaction to events. Swiss universities prepare specialists who are ready to produce various projects on TV and radio, create their own shows and manage them, manage a concert hall or music club, cabaret or music hall, create unique parks of recreation and entertainment, create amazing programs for hotels, liners and resorts. Many graduates of the specialty "Management in the entertainment industry" successfully establish their own business, becoming important figures in the international show business.

  • Culinary Management

A high-level culinary manager is able to create a new restaurant guide or international ranking, create new recipes or open unique ingredients to the world, present a Michelin star for your institution or develop a unique recipe for a worldwide network of establishments. Culinary management is a deep and thorough study of the philosophy and traditions of cooking, modern trends and historical rules, the ability to assist the best chef, make up a menu or a wine card.

This course is more focused on the managerial, entrepreneurial emphasis: how dishes and service can make a restaurant successful. Graduates are able both to open new projects and work with start-ups, and to improve existing establishments: they successfully work as managers, raising culinary art all over the world to a new level.

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