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Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland

#21 for Hospitality & Leisure Management
Address: Löwenstrasse 16 CH-6004

Description Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland

  • Location of Culinary Arts Academy: Lucerne and Le Bauvere (two campuses), Switzerland
  • Age of students: 17-18 years
  • Educational programs In Culinary Arts Academy: Bachelor's degree, second higher, Master's degree, Foundation
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Specialization: hotel and restaurant business, hospitality technology.

The famous Culinary Arts Academy is located in Switzerland: traditions and features of many national cuisines are harmoniously interwoven in this country (in particular, Italian and French). Also, students master the skills of cooking traditional dishes of other countries: China, Mexico, Thailand, India, the Mediterranean region - in a word, all the popular and favorite dishes around the world.

Previously, the school was called the Culinary Institute Switzerland: it was formed as a result of the merger of the DCT European Culinary Center and the Culinary Arts Academy. This is a school of world-class, impeccable reputation and high prestige: Culinary Arts Academy has been the part of the César Ritz Colleges for a long time. Now the Academy is a valid and active member of the Swiss Educational Group: it is the largest national association that includes the best universities in the world in the field of hospitality. The history of the successful work of the organization is more than 25 years: it respects the highest world standards, instills in the students the flexibility, professionalism, the ability to quickly adapt to changing conditions and navigate the modern world. Today the association includes the following universities:

Culinary Arts Academy includes two campuses: in Lucerne (a German-speaking region) and in Le Bauver (francophone Switzerland). Lucerne is located on the shore of the lake of the same name - you can get to Zurich in just 45 minutes by transport; Le Bauvere is a famous and cozy resort on the shores of Lake Geneva - a good transport interchange links it with Montreux, Lausanne and Geneva. The beginning of the studying is conducted on the basis in Lucerne (1-2 semester), and from the 3rd to the 7th semester students study in Le Bauver, giving an opportunity to learn two different lifestyles, two different distinct regions, to draw a line between two cultural and linguistic strata, to more thoroughly and fully explore the culinary traditions of Switzerland. The corps in Lucerne since April 2012 is located in the building of the former hotel "Union", in the center of the historical district and at the intersection of the main trade arteries, occupies a majestic and beautiful building of the 19th century.

An important factor in the success of the association is the regular holding of the SEG International Employers Forum - SEG International Recruitment Forum. Since 2008, it has been held twice a year: many official employers and hospitality representatives visit it every year, more than 2,000 students - it enables students and graduates to successfully find the best companies, occupy profitable and high positions, and start the path to a successful international career.

Teachers at the academy are well-known professionals and chefs. Most of them belong to prestigious specialized organizations:

  • French guild of deli and restaurateurs
  • International gastronomic community
  • World Association of the Chefs Society and others.

All the teachers at Culinary Arts Academy have practical experience (or still work) in the best hotels and restaurants in Europe: five-star extra-class hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants.

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland

Program name

There is an opportunity to obtain a prestigious national certificate in the direction of "Culinary Arts", as well as a certificate of the British model (the end of the first stage of higher education). Holders of certificates can already start working as a cook in the best institutions, hotels and restaurants.

About the educational program: 1 (11 weeks) and 2 semesters (11 weeks) are held at the base in Lucerne. Educational groups are small, most of the classes are practical,  which are holding in a restaurant or coaching kitchens: students master all the basic professional skills, knowledge. Also in small classes, theoretical cognitive lectures are conducted, a large number of events, competitions and master classes are organized (within the school and on guest sites). There is a paid internship for 6 months.

  • Duration of studying: 1 year
  • Beginning of the course: January, April, July, October.
  • The price includes studying and accommodation + meals, special form, teaching aids and materials, insurance.


In the future, students can obtain a national diploma for the same specialty and a British certificate-analogue of unfinished higher education (the second stage of higher education). At this stage, students deepen existing knowledge, learn to lead the team and select personnel, develop organizational skills. During 3 semesters (from 3 to 5 inclusive, each - for 11 weeks) students are engaged on campus in Le Bouvet, a full-fledged professional internship (paid, 6 months) is provided.

Passing a full in-depth studying course leads to the Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts - this will help graduates to find the desired job faster and apply for a higher position. Students continue to study in Le Bauver during the 6th and 7th semesters (11 weeks each).

  • Duration of  studying: 3 years
  • Beginning of the course: January, April, July, October.
  • The price includes studying and accommodation + meals, special form, teaching aids and materials, insurance.

You can also get a valuable certificate for a specialty "Swiss confectionery and chocolate art": this is an in-depth preparation in the field of baking, sweet and confectionery, flour, the art of working with chocolate. The learning process includes the use of both historical, traditional recipes of Switzerland, and modern techniques. The studying is conducted on the basis in Lucerne and lasts for 2 semesters (a total of 22 weeks): this program includes an intensive foreign language course, a direct educational course and a paid internship in the country (6 months). This program was personally accredited by the American Culinary Federation Educational Foundation.

  • Duration of studying: 1 year
  • Beginning of the course: January, April, July, October.
  • The price includes studying and accommodation + meals, special form, teaching aids and materials, insurance.

Students who have a bachelor's degree in relevant specialization or practical work experience of 6 months (also accepting a diploma of a second higher education in the direction of "Culinary Excellence") can receive a master's degree at the academy.

  • Duration of studying: 1 year
  • Beginning of the course: January, April, July, October.
  • The price includes studying and accommodation + meals, special form, teaching aids and materials, insurance.


The postgraduate program lasts 2 semesters (traditionally, for 11 weeks each) and includes an internship for 6 months (paid). This is the development of theoretical knowledge, and the improvement of practical skills plus restaurant management skills. So the student will be able to run the restaurant business from and to: to form and make out the menu, to recruit staff and work with him, etc. With the help of this program, the student will be able to change the scope of activities if the first higher education was received in another specialty.

  • Duration of studying: 1 year
  • Beginning of the course: January, April, July, October.
  • The price includes studying and accommodation + meals, special form, teaching aids and materials, insurance.

Quick overview: a preparatory, effective program will help to significantly improve the level of English and prepare for productive study abroad.

About the educational program: you can start the studying every semester: the course provides separate blocks for 4 weeks each (4 weeks - the minimum duration of the course, the rest of the time is calculated depending on the progress and the level achieved), the intensity is 20 lessons per week; the classes are provided in Le Bauver on the basis of Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland. The following areas of knowledge are studied:

  • Academic skills
  • Grammar, structure of written and oral speech, word forms
  • Successful learning strategies, methods
  • Reading of original texts, understanding and analysis of textual information
  • Auditing (perception of English speaking by ear)
  • Communication skills
  • General Theory and Technology of Hospitality
  • Development of critical and analytical thinking
  • Lectures of invited specialists, guest visits to various hotels.

Accommodation, housing and food

International students are provided with housing from the foundation of the academy for the entire duration of studies: the cost includes accommodation in comfortable double rooms with a private bathroom. A personal luxury room is available on request at an additional cost.

Subjects, specialties, faculties

Subjects list : Advanced Professional Diploma in Swiss Pastry & Chocolate Arts, Bachelor's Degree in Culinary Arts, Cookery, Culinary arts and restaurant services, Culinary skills, Hospitality and tour business, Hospitality economy, Hospitality Management, Hotel and tour management, Hotel business, Hotel business: planning, analysis, hotel industry, Hotel management, Hotel management: management, communication, Hotel services, Management of hotel staff, Master of International Business in Culinary Management, Organization of hotel business

Equipment Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland

The Culinary Arts Academy is superbly equipped with the latest equipment in classrooms, training kitchens and working restaurants. There is also a separate kitchen for cooking bread and baking, a platform for working out the menu. In a constant mode, a modern restaurant for 80-100 people, where young cooks can fully practice and gain valuable experience.

Map, location

Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland reviews

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I am an educator so you please send me an email of your program details for a possible partnership. Thank you
Manager SMAPSE
Good day! Please send your request to us at Our specialist will contact you.
Hello,I was wondering if I apply and I get accepted. Is there a probability I may get a part time job in order to be able to pay my tuition fee.
I would like to consult about
Smapse Manager
Good afternoon, Suliman. Our specialist has contacted you by email.
Is this institute suitable for those who want to leave after grade 11? Or is it rather an addition to an already existing education? I want to go to study as a pastry chef at a full-fledged higher educational institution (like we have in Russia, after the 11th grade, there is a tower), but in another country. Do you have any recommendations for educational programs in other institutions?
Hello, i was just wondering if i Apply how big are the chances for me to get accepted?
Smapse Manager
Thanks for your inquiry. Our manager will contact you by email.
Good afternoon, what exams you need to pass for admission to the bachelor's degree in culinary arts
You need to pass the international exam in English. Have good grades and recommendations from teachers.
How long is a bachelor's degree if you already have a higher diploma in culinary arts?
SMAPSE manager
Dear Melanie, if you have a bachelor degree already, then it would be better if you start masters
Hello! What IELTS is needed to apply for cooking? (Cook)
Good afternoon! To enter a university in Switzerland, you will need an IELTS Academic
Tamerlan Gadzhiev
Hello, which IELST is needed for the entry of Akademic or General?
SMAPS Manager
Good afternoon, Tamerlan! For admission to a university in Switzerland you will need an IELTS Academic. Our manager sent you more detailed information by mail, please check.
Hello! Are there any entrance exams? if so, in what subjects?
Aisuluu, thank you for your comment. Exams are not required for admission - only a diploma of previous education and confirmation of knowledge of the English language. It will also require recommendations, a letter of motivation and desirable work experience.
Probability of studying at a college abroad, Knowledge of English deficiency Spasibre
Manager Smaps
To enroll and assess knowledge, assessments should be submitted for the last 2 years of study + certificate (in English). An interview can be scheduled. If the level of the language is insufficient, then it is necessary to take the preparatory courses. The length of the preparatory courses depends on the level of knowledge of the language.
SMAPSE Education
Thanks so much for your feedback!
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