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Higher education in London for foreign students - list, tuition, ranking

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Higher education in London for foreign students - list, tuition, ranking

Prestigious Higher Education in London

For many centuries, British higher education has been universally recognized as the best and has received the highest ranking from employers. So, upon graduation from a leading university in London, a graduate enjoys extreme demand on the labor market of any country in the world. Making a decision on obtaining London higher education, the foreign applicant is expected to have unique teaching methods, experienced teachers, as well as an individual approach to learning.

A fairly large number of universities are concentrated in the British capital, each of which can occupy top positions in international rankings of the best universities. Thus, each and every foreign applicant dreams of receiving an elite London higher education and a future promising career.

Millions of foreign applicants who are representatives of various countries of the world pursue the goal of obtaining student status at such elite and top universities as Oxford and Cambridge.

It is worth noting that it is in the UK that one of the highest educational standards among all countries of the world is set. In particular, this applies to the high cost of education and the quality of educational services. However, the high price is fully offset by the broadest job opportunities at the end of education.

Within the British system of higher education, 3 key types of higher education institutions are distinguished, namely universities, colleges, higher schools and music and art colleges. Currently, about 118 leading universities are successfully operating in the UK. It is worth noting that polytechnic institutes were given the status of universities. The predominant number of English universities is divided into faculties, which can also be divided into departments. Foreign students are charged with tuition. In this case, the final amount of the tuition fee is determined by the fact whether the student is an EU citizen or not a resident.

Tuition at Ranking Universities in London

Below are the TOP-3 of the best London universities .

Name of a London University

Education program

Training cost

Regent's College

Bachelor / Master

From 15,000 

Kingston University

Bachelor / Master

From 12,000 

City University London

Bachelor / Master

From 12,500 


The cost of education at leading London universities is based on several factors. So, the following dependence is observed, that the higher the position of a British university in the ranking, the higher the cost of education. You must admit that the extremely high tuition fees are observed in the elite Oxford and Cambridge, upon admission to which there is an extremely high competition for places among foreign applicants. The cost of higher education in London is determined by the type of educational program, in particular, a bachelor's, master's or MBA program. In addition, the prestige of the educational program and the length of study should also be taken into account. So, if you choose a bachelor's program, the price of studying in a medical specialty will be higher because of the five-year period of study, when compared with the usual 3-year education.

In addition, the type of specialization also affects the cost of higher education in London. So, the higher the prestige and its relevance of the specialty, the more expensive the learning process will be. Let SMAPSE experts draw your attention to the fact that medicine, law, economics, and management are prestigious specialties. In order to save the family budget, it is worth choosing less prestigious specializations.

On average, the cost of studying for a bachelor's program in London for foreign applicants varies from 9,200  to 12,000 €. At the same time, SMAPSE experts draw attention to the fact that such a price is inherent only in obtaining theoretical knowledge by students. Thus, in the British capital, the cost of obtaining a prestigious higher education in London, providing for intensive laboratory practice, will range from 13,000  to 21,000 . As an interesting fact, SMAPSE experts note that the price of conducting clinical practice in the framework of medical specializations for foreign students is approximately 25,000  - 35,000 . At the same time, for British students, the cost of education is much lower, amounting to 3,000 - 4,000 s per year.

The high cost of obtaining an elite higher education in London is associated not only with study, but also with living on British territory. Thus, these expenses are associated with food, accommodation, as well as payment for transport. So, on average, a foreign student spends about 1,000  per month in London. As for the suburban areas of London and other British cities, the cost of living in the UK will amount to 800 per month.

SMAPSE experts want to please you that the British government is gradually developing and implementing various programs aimed at providing financial assistance to foreign students. Their format may be different, in particular, these are grants, scholarships, promotions. In addition, it is possible to obtain medical insurance by a foreign student. It is also worth noting that the price of higher education in London can be significantly reduced by providing accommodation on the territory of student comfortable hostels.

Specific characteristics of higher education at elite universities in London

The following are the main reasons underlying the choice of English leading universities:

  • Great opportunity to choose your preferred specialty

The walls of the best British universities provide for teaching in various specialties. Making a decision on obtaining higher education in London, a foreign student will be able to study disciplines of various directions. Among foreign students, the following areas are extremely popular: management, economics, law, ecology, and design.

  • Individual approach to each student

The application of an individual approach to educational guarantees the effectiveness of education.

Bachelor's program as the first stage of higher education in London

The duration of studies in the framework of the basic course of British higher education of the day department is from 1 to 4 years, which is due to the chosen educational program.

  • Higher National Certificate, national certificate of higher education, or Higher National Diploma, national diploma of higher education

After undergoing education in professionally oriented higher education courses for 1 year or 2 years, graduates are issued national certificates and diplomas of higher education. These educational programs are equivalent to the first stage on the way to obtaining a scientific degree. Education of foreign students is possible in many areas, in particular, engineering, sports research, art and design, communications and the media, music technology. After graduation, graduates can find jobs in positions that correspond to the level of junior management, alternatively, you can continue education with the aim of obtaining a degree by moving to the second or third year of the bachelor's program.

The duration of education in the framework of the Foundation’s educational programs is 2 years, this course is a professionally targeted higher education program, which in its level corresponds to the first stages of obtaining a bachelor’s diploma. The attention of foreign students is offered various areas for study within the framework of the Foundation program, namely art and design, media and communications, engineering, hotel management. Passing these educational courses creates an excellent base, both linguistic and academic, for successful study at the best foreign universities, for obtaining a scientific degree and for building a promising career.

After 2 years of studying the disciplines that relate to the social sciences, namely theology, education, social work, communications, graduates are given a diploma of higher education. The target audience for these academic courses are students who seek future employment in the areas offered for education. In addition, such educational programs create an excellent academic base for obtaining education in these professional areas.

In the UK, the most popular among foreign students is obtaining a bachelor's degree in humanities, natural sciences, technical sciences, law, and engineering. As a rule, the duration of undergraduate studies is 3 years in the UK, Northern Ireland, Wales. As for Scotland, it will take 4 years to study here. It is worth noting that some educational programs provide for an extension of education for 1 year in order to undergo practice or study abroad.

Within the walls of the elite Imperial College of London, to obtain a master's degree, you will need to undergo education for 4-5 years.

The second stage in obtaining elite British education is a master's degree

In the vast majority of cases, the duration of studies in the framework of master's programs and MBAs in England is 1 year. For comparison, SMAPSE experts note that students at prestigious universities in the USA and Australia study for 2 years. The master's program provides for education in the framework of a certain specialization. On the basis of the results of written exams, a degree is awarded to graduates. However, at the same time, these candidates are required to submit their own dissertation.

The third stage in obtaining British higher education is a Master of Philosophy and a Ph.D.

As part of the third stage of higher education, only research activities are envisaged. After 2 years of additional education within the walls of a ranking university in London and the successful defense of a dissertation, awarding graduates with a master's degree in philosophy is provided. In the case of further education for 3 years after passing the master's program in order to obtain the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, the candidate must submit a dissertation.

The fourth stage of obtaining top-level higher education in London is the conduct of scientific research

Specialists can become owners of an advanced level of doctorate in the following professional areas, namely law, humanities, natural sciences, medicine, music, theology. The award of a higher degree is provided in the case when the candidate, who is usually a teacher of a British university, will publish a certain number of research papers.

Possible specializations for elite higher education in London

According to statistics, the following specializations offered by the best universities in London are most popular among foreign students, namely:

  • Business and finance, management
  • Economics
  • Jurisprudence and Law
  • Ecology
  • Art and design
  • Veterinary Medicine.

Young science lovers will be delighted with the news that ranking universities in London can be educated in such a rare specialty as molecular electronics.

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