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2018-07-30 11:57:13

Summer holidays in Cannes, vacation in Cannes for children and schoolchildren

Summer holidays in Cannes, vacation in Cannes for children and schoolchildren

Cannes is definitely one of the most famous cities of the French Riviera. Thanks to the prestigious annual film festival, the Croisette promenade is associated not only with palm trees and beaches, but also with an elite red carpet, chic, glamor and blinding light of soffits. For many foreigners, Cannes is reminded of the popular TV show "Fort Boyard": the fortress itself is located less than a kilometer from the city on a small island.

Summer in Cannes is long and warm - the average temperature is about 25 ° C. Despite the hot weather during the day, the Mediterranean breeze brings comfort and coolness to summer evenings. In Cannes, you can come to rest in some of the most elite networks of hotels and restaurants in the world. But if you want to know the language of the main romantics around the world and enjoy this unique atmosphere, then the vacation is effectively combined with the study of a foreign language.

Developing vacations for foreign children and school children in Cannes

The best way to learn a language is to live in a language environment. Prestigious linguistic centers on the Riviera will allow you to learn a foreign language and culture in an absolutely safe and friendly environment. A trip to summer camps is not only study, but also acquaintance with children from all over the world, constant communication in another language and exchange of stories from life in other countries.

The network of Atoll linguistic schools is recognized in Europe and abroad as one of the leading and most advanced in the sphere of organizing summer holidays for children and schoolchildren. Her top department in France has accumulated more than 30 years of experience teaching French to foreign children from all over the world. Atoll in Cannes offers programs of standard and intensive French language courses for teens from 13 to 17 years old. The program of 36 lessons for two weeks of the standard course corresponds to the equivalent of the school's semester at home, because both during and after the lessons the student is surrounded by a French-speaking environment! The linguistic center also offers a summer course of French for entering universities and 3 options for additional electives in subjects: phonetics, business French, politics. If there is a desire and the opportunity to learn the language privately, the school can make a student an individual plan. The cost of studying at the Atoll for one week of academic studies is 1015 euros.

For those who like to spend holidays with the whole family, the school has prepared a vacation family program. You will be offered two options for accommodation: in the residence of Aragon or the castle of Arabel. You can both learn French together, and choose different training programs.

The prestigious and popular educational organization Rivera French Institute organizes combined summer language courses in France , one of which is located in Cannes. The programs for studying English or French in the summer are formed in such a way that foreign children do not forget that they have come and have a rest! Academic classes are available for children with zero language knowledge between the ages of 8 and 18. The linguistic center is located on the Lerins Islands off the Côte d'Azur coast, and all foreign students are accommodated on the territory of the former royal fortress in complete security and under the supervision of the staff or in the family of choice. After the morning classes, students are offered sapsurfing lessons with an instructor, students can go on excursions to Cannes, Nice, Monaco and Maryland. At the end of the language courses, students receive certificates of the achieved level of language proficiency. The price of a two-week summer camp in the Riviera French Institute starts at 719 euros.

If you want to devote the summer vacation to the maximum immersion in all aspects of French speech, then Lines Valbonne offers the most intensive load of the French language for children and schoolchildren from 10 to 18 years. The program provides 32 lessons in two weeks. Given the small number of formed groups - from 7 to 10 people - the results of training are already visible from the first day. Every day, foreign students attend classes of reading, listening, writing + speaking a lesson, exploring the basics and "pitfalls" in the phonetics and grammar of the French language. Children are given homework, the training program also provides for seminars. In addition to an in-depth study of French, the acquired knowledge can be practiced and developed within two possible topics: the first one - with a focus on art, fashion, cinema and music, the second - a more professional orientation: debates, preparation for passing a language exam, business. This school has a high rating among the language programs for the summer and on the feedback of students helps to understand all the subtleties of the French grammar. The cost of training in a summer language camp together with living in a comfortable residence, meals and transfer is 3950 euros for two weeks and 5,800 euros for three.

On our website you can consider other options for studying in Cannes during both summer and winter vacations with different accommodation options and other conditions. You can also read reviews about foreign camps for students around the world and compare the rating of popular educational institutions.

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