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English in London, English courses in London

English in London, English courses in London

On our website you can find options for teaching English on language courses  and camps in London along with student feedback and school ratings. Our experts are always ready to help you choose the most suitable English courses in London, corresponding exactly to your needs and interests. Learn more about the features of learning English in London right now!

English courses in London - this is perhaps the best way to learn English. The modern world dictates the need to learn English in London as the most effective way to learn English in Britain, because English is an integral part of life today, and is there a place to learn English better than the very heart of the English homeland? Learning English in London is the best way to learn English at a high level, while not only improving your own language skills, but also getting a unique and unique experience of living, traveling and vacationing in a foreign country.

A highly effective and balanced combination of English classes in language courses with a diverse and rich cultural and recreational program allows English language courses in London to take a leading position among schools, colleges and universities offering English language courses throughout the UK and the world. Learning English in London will allow students to have fun, to relax, and to raise their level of English or to learn it from the ground up, to get acquainted with new people from many countries of the world, to learn a new culture. It is worth emphasizing that among the cities of the UK language schools and training centers in London offer the widest choice of curricula, language courses of the English language, as well as activities and excursions in the form of cultural and recreational programs. However, at the same time, English language education in London is the most expensive among the language courses of the rest of England.

English courses in London: features

In London, one of the leading educational centers not only in Britain but also in the world, there are more than a thousand language schools and other educational institutions offering English language courses, and the overwhelming majority of these institutions are accredited by authoritative international organizations that specialize in monitoring the quality of teaching English language courses. At the same time, one should not assume that the level of English language training in London is much higher than in English language courses in other cities, international training centers or colleges in the regions of Great Britain - this is not self-evident, but choose to teach English in London is the one who would like to take advantage of the diversity of language practice in the capital of the United Kingdom. The fact is that if in different regions of England there are their dialects, accents and dialects spoken by the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of this or that region, then in London on the street, in cafes and bars, in libraries and museums, one can hear a great many such dialects and variants of pronunciation (for example, the most famous dialect is the language of the Cockney - working class - and if you deal with this dialect, then all the rest will seem like a summer walk in the apple orchard).

In addition to communicating with the British, native speakers, and a rich and diverse cultural program, English language courses in London offer a variety of specialized training programs in a wide variety of activities: for example, the London School of English offers English language for lawyers and lawyers, middle and senior managers, politicians and bank employees, exchange traders, etc. There are also English schools offering a rather unusual language course in English: for example, there is a language course called "English and Cooking", after which students will not only improve their level of English, but also learn how to prepare different dishes of traditional English cuisine.

One of the main advantages of teaching English at the language courses in London is the proximity of all the main attractions of the UK located here. In the heart of the city are the famous British Museum and Gallery, the legendary Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Buckingham Palace, London's main park Hyde Park. You can explore the city on your own, but most of the courses include a rich cultural and sightseeing program, in which students organize many attractions along with teachers who provide historical information.

Types of English courses in London

Language schools in London offer English courses of several types that differ in duration, intensity of study, as well as orientation:

• Intensive course includes English classes on weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm. Each school day begins with discussion of news, conversations on any topics related to recent events, as well as exercises aimed at improving grammar and reading. Then there are lessons of colloquial practice in which students perform interesting presentations, conduct lively discussions, and teachers emphasize pronunciation and fluency of speech. In addition, throughout the entire English language course, students individually or in groups carry out a project, during which the vocabulary is replenished and the skills of working in the team are improved. Intensive courses are suitable for those children who already have a language base, and would like to improve in a short time with high efficiency in different areas of the English language, improve the overall level of English.

• A more relaxed morning course includes lessons from Monday to Friday from 9am to lunch. This variant of the language courses allows the children to spend more time outside the school, walk around London, communicate with friends, visit sights and go on excursions organized by the school. This is an excellent option for those who first go abroad for learning English.

• The course of spoken English is held on weekdays from 11 am to 4 pm. The main goal of this course is to break the language barrier of students. They also have a lot of time for rest and travel, but at the same time, emphasis is placed on conversational practice. This type of English language course is suitable for those who are confident in their theoretical knowledge, but feel insecure in conversations in English.

English courses in London with accommodation

Language schools and training centers where English language courses are conducted in London offer, as a rule, several options for placement of students:

  • Accommodation in the house of a host family or a family of English teachers;
  • Accommodation in a hotel or hostel;
  • Accommodation in a rented apartment / room;
  • Accommodation in a residence for students.

The most simple and affordable option is a hotel or hostel. In essence, hostels are a relatively cheap option of accommodation, so if you are embarrassed in the budget - it's your choice. In hostels, each resident is provided with a bed in a common room for several people. Of course, there is no need to talk about personal space in this case, however, it is quite possible to live in such a place for two or three weeks, especially since the cohabitants will most likely be other students who have come to study English at language courses in London . Thus, the language practice will be present not only within the walls of an educational institution, but also in everyday life. If you still have a lot of personal space, then you are more comfortable living in a hotel - it will cost more, but it is quite possible to find a budget hotel. In case of accommodation in a hotel or hostel, you will most likely have to travel every day to the language school and back, using public transportation - this should also be taken into account when choosing language courses in English.

More comfortable accommodation option - accommodation in student apartments, that is, in a small rented apartment. In such an apartment usually live several students, perhaps even from different countries. This option is more economical than a hotel, but more expensive than a hostel, and is suitable for everyone who is used to living in a more or less free mode. In general, the apartments are chosen by older children who are already quite independent and responsible for living without parents. However, culinary skills are also needed, since meals for living in apartments are not included in the price. When staying in apartments, which in the vast majority of schools are located directly on the territory of the school, there will not be a need to spend money and time on daily trips to the language school and back.

The most optimal for young children is staying in the house of the host family - this option is one of the most convenient accommodation options while teaching English at language courses in London . The fact is that while studying English in London on language courses, the student will live with the British family, which will allow him to more deeply plunge into the linguistic and cultural environment. Students practice English not only within the walls of the school and not only on topics that are considered in the classroom, but also at home, in communication with members of the host family. The child learns a lot of lexical material, learns the established expressions, in a word - he will open a real world of live spoken English that will help him overcome the language barrier and subsequently easily speak English.

In addition to placement in the host family's home, students of English courses in London have the opportunity to live in the teacher's home and live with him and his family. This option is similar to living in an ordinary British family, but dramatically increases the efficiency of your child's entire journey. Language courses that involve living with the teacher are called Study & Live in the Teacher's Home. Studying at such language courses, the child will have the opportunity even in conversational practice to receive a teacher's advice about the correct pronunciation, the use of certain words and expressions. While an ordinary British family does not have a pedagogical education and can not always tell a child from a foreign country what mistakes it allows, the teacher can professionally and unobtrusively correct the student's mistakes and prompt him that will favorably affect the result of studying at the English language courses. Nevertheless, both types of residence in the family allow you to get the most out of living and studying in London.

However, it is not necessary to get to the language school, because many educational institutions for the period of courses rent a room in the center of London - this allows not only to facilitate the transport of students of language courses, but also to simplify the cultural and leisure part of their trip. The overwhelming majority of schools organize for their students a transfer from the airport to the place of residence or the language school and back at the end of the English language courses. It is very convenient and does not allow the children to get lost in the city upon arrival.

English courses in London for adults: cost

It goes without saying that, on average, the cost of English language courses in London is 20% higher than the cost of similar English courses in any other city or region. Specific cost should be seen on the websites of language schools or on our website, where there is a convenient search system for several parameters.

There is a significant difference in the cost of accommodation in London and other English cities: if the cost of a weekly stay (and in England it is customary to pay for living more than once a month, and once a week) in the home of a British family in London is at least 130-150 pounds sterling, in other cities a similar language course with a similar placement in the family will cost up to £ 100 per week. Do not forget about the cost of food - the products in London are quite expensive, so even self-cooking will be a tangible cost item. However, you can order and food systems, such as half board or full board - of course, when living in a host family or in a student hostel. Finally, if you need a daily transport connection to the language school and back, you need money to travel. London's Metropolitan is one of the most expensive in the world (you have to pay even when changing from one line to another, and travel costs 4 pounds sterling). Unfortunately, the excessive position of the pound sterling against the ruble aggravates the situation of budget planning. However, even with the most modest budget, our specialists will help you find English language courses suitable for your child in London. In addition, the cost of learning English at language courses in London will pay off in full, because the child will get acquainted with the new culture, see the legendary historical sights, meet new friends from different countries of the world, gain new knowledge of English and, most importantly, conversational practice. Students of specialized courses will receive professional knowledge in their field of activity, as well as a good competitive advantage in the form of a record of the completion of English language courses in London in their resume.

Language schools in London offering English courses

Consider two major language schools in London : the London School of English and the English Language Academy in Kensington ( Kensington Academy of English ). There are many more options for language courses, you can find them on our website.

London School of English has a century history of teaching English to foreign students. The educational institution has an excellent educational base, large and spacious classrooms and classrooms, modern computer classes, an extensive library, and offers a wide choice of English language courses for adults, as well as for students in junior, middle and high schools. The school has its own portal, designed to organize distance learning, which allows you to remotely learn the English language, while receiving the necessary online support within 3 months after the completion of the language course.

In addition to the students who came to the London School of English, primarily for general English (General English), there are a lot of students in the educational institution who have chosen to teach specialized English and have taken professional language courses: both bank employees and politicians , and lawyers, middle and senior managers. In the language school, group and individual English courses are offered to the listeners' attention. There are so-called combined language courses, in which students are engaged in the group, and individually with the teacher.

The London School of English has an unrivaled reputation and prestige, provides very comfortable conditions for study and living, so it's no surprise that the cost of English language courses here is higher than the average for the capital. A one-week general English course costs around £ 400, and the cost of specialized language courses is even higher. This does not include the cost of living - for example, accommodation in the family will cost almost 200 pounds sterling per week. The cost of training includes some additional services: snack (lunch) on study days, assistance with booking tickets to theaters, as well as a rich program of activities, which changes every week.


The Academy of English in Kensington opened in 1973 and offers general English courses, language courses for professional (business) English, as well as preparation for the passing of the IELTS international language exam . The educational institution is accredited in the British Council - this indicates the highest quality of education offered by the institution. The school enjoys high popularity not least thanks to the location - a few steps from the Academy building is the famous Hyde Park.

Like most language schools in London, the English Language Academy in Kensington offers its students a variety of language courses - from easy and unobtrusive to super-intense and even challenging. Minimum load for foreign students is 15 lessons per week. A distinctive feature of the Academy in Kensington is the emphasis on motivation to learn English: every month the student who demonstrates the best result is chosen - he receives a special certificate. In addition, the language school pays much attention to the content of the cultural and recreational program: teachers and school staff organize walking tours and weekend tours every week.

As for the cost of English language courses at the English Academy in Kensington, it is already closer to the average for London: from £ 200 for a 21-hour language course (per week). The easiest program (15 hours) will cost 150-160 pounds sterling. Accommodation here costs from £ 140 a week in a double room in a student residence to £ 200 for a host family in the UK (including half-board meals).

However, do not assume that English language courses in London are not strong - our specialists will choose the language course that best suits your parameters.

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