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2022-07-18 16:12:14

The most unique and unusual restaurants on Earth

The most unique and unusual restaurants on Earth

Experienced travelers who have visited many countries of the world and spent more than one year abroad are well acquainted with the national cuisines of peoples, places where the best chefs work and prepare amazing dishes. Such tourists eventually become very difficult to impress and offer to visit a place that they have not yet visited.

However, around the world there are establishments that can not only feed the client, but also make him laugh or cry with fear, admire the entertainment program or fall in love with the local interior. Visiting such restaurants will be an interesting experience even for the most sophisticated travelers who know almost everything about the cuisines of the world!

Japanese Vampire Café

An unusual institution, the interior of which is created in the style of the shelter of Count Dracula, is located in Tokyo. Come here those who want to experience the thrill and tickle the nerves. Guests will be greeted by bats and a talking skeleton, fake blood will ooze from the mirrors, and the general atmosphere of the restaurant will make you experience fear and simultaneous interest.

In addition to traditional dishes of different cuisines of the world - roast beef, pizza, spaghetti, salads and rolls - special dishes stylized as an interior are prepared here. The waiter can serve a crispy shard, or, for example, a dessert called "Eyeball". Prices for each dish start from 666 yen (from 5 euros).

The Labasin Waterfalls Restaurant, Philippines

The restaurant is located in the open air, on the territory of a large coconut plantation, whose area exceeds 800 hectares. A picturesque institution stands right on the edge of the Labasin waterfall: benches and tables are installed right in the water, and a few meters from them the water flow falls down. The cool water cools visitors' feet by massaging and relaxing. Guests of the institution admire the beautiful views, begin to swim in small waves, go under the water jets right in their clothes and have a great time. Shoes in this institution are not welcome, so visitors undress at the entrance.

In the menu of the restaurant there are dishes of traditional Filipino cuisine, which are usually eaten without the use of cutlery, with your hands. The restaurant in the water villa is open around the clock, closing only in inclement weather and cold. The average check per visitor starts from 18-20 euros, and the restaurant is located in Quezon City.

Piz Gloria in Switzerland

The main highlight of the Swiss restaurant is its rotating mechanism. The establishment is located on the top of the Schilthorn mountain and offers visitors a view of the snowy ridges of the Alpine mountains. The platform makes a full revolution in 1 hour, which allows each guest to see a unique panorama that captures the Wall of Lauterbrunnen and the Eiger-Mönch-Jungfrau mountain. Before the visitor can start eating, he will climb to the restaurant on the funiculars and during the trip will be able to look at the world from a bird's eye view.

Those who have read the works of Ian Fleming about James Bond, know that this Swiss institution appears in one of the works. The interior of the restaurant also has elements that will inform the visitor of the connection with the most famous spy in the world. Toilet cubicles are made in an unusual style associated with the work, and one of the hamburgers is named after Bond and has a unique recipe. On the ground floor there is a small museum dedicated to agent 007.

The restaurant's menu mainly consists of Austrian, Swiss and German cuisines, especially popular veal entrecotes, bratwursts and pork schnitzels. The visitor will leave an average of 70-80 euros in the restaurant, which will include the cost of two dishes and a trip on the funicular.

Tali Wiru, Australia

The restaurant has neither walls nor a roof - visitors take delicious food in the open air, on the territory of the evening desert with warm air. The establishment opened in the Uluru-Kata-Tjuta National Park offers guests to taste a unique dinner consisting of 4 dishes and local wine of premium quality. After dinner, the restaurant's customers gather around the locals, who tell them legends from the desert and play the didgeridoo.

The restaurant is an amazing place that leaves unforgettable emotions that can not be experienced anywhere else. The total cost of an entertainment program with conversations of local residents starts from $ 350 per person.

Dick's Last Resort in the United States

On the territory of the United States, there is a network of non-standard establishments where the staff deliberately rude to guests, the furniture is made carelessly and unreliably, there are no tablecloths on dirty tables, and the menu is written with a sloppy hand. Waiters can make jokes, call names, throw napkins at a guest or pour sugar on him, even take away cutlery while eating!

At the entrance, each visitor is put on a white cap, where obscenities and insults are embroidered. The local atmosphere is recreated for those visitors who do not like the feigned politeness of the staff, who want to pass the test of a tough sense of humor.

These restaurants serve traditional American dishes in the form of sandwiches, pork ribs, french fries, steaks, burgers or seafood. The kitchen is inexpensive, the visitor at a time can leave in the institution from 15 to 30 dollars.

Finnish SnowRestoraunt

In the Finnish town of Kemi, a snow castle was built, in which a restaurant was opened. The entire interior of the institution is carved from ice blocks - tables, walls, sculptures and even glasses for drinks. The average temperature in the hall is maintained at +5 degrees Celsius, so visitors need to dress warmly so as not to freeze during meals.

Guests sit in the semi-darkness with blue light bulbs and eat classic lapland dishes - soup with deer meat, beef brisket, lamb stewed in dark beer, mashed potatoes from local potatoes. The average cost of lunch for a child will cost 16 euros, and a check for adults starts from 20-25 euros. The institution works every day, from 12 am to midnight, but eating at night is considered the most atmospheric.

Fàngwēng Restaurant in China

Thrill seekers should visit the Chinese restaurant, standing above the abyss. The premises are carved into the rock, they get to them by a suspension bridge, which does not inspire confidence among guests. The main hall of the restaurant is located in a cave and is illuminated by lamps hanging from the raw ceilings. Around the tables there is darkness, but from the windows you can see beautiful landscapes. The most daring visitors can ask for a table on the balcony, right above the abyss several thousand meters high.

The main dishes in this restaurant are fish and seafood. Here you can taste the unique sturgeon fish, the license for the preparation of which is available from a small number of restaurants. The average lunch check for two visitors will cost 40-45 dollars.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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