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Summer camps and language camps in Switzerland

Summer camps and language camps in Switzerland

Children's camps in Switzerland during school holidays are not only a fun pastime for your child, communication with peers, but also highly effective and unobtrusive teaching of foreign languages. Language camps in Switzerland offer you and your child a non-trivial vacation during the holidays, to get new acquaintances with children from all over the world, and to learn a foreign language - in Switzerland there are four of them!

Every year, children's camps in Switzerland receive hundreds and thousands of children of all ages from all over the world who come to the language camps in Switzerland for a vacation to study a foreign language. Switzerland is a country in which the official languages ​​are French, German and Italian, although most of the population also speaks English at a fairly good level. As a result, it is not a problem to find the desired foreign language courses in the form of regular classes or in the form of a children's camp in Switzerland.

Advantages of language camps in Switzerland

After you have decided to send your child to a children's language camp, you need to choose a suitable country that allows you not only to get quality knowledge, but also to have a good rest. Switzerland is famous for its security, clean air and incredibly beautiful nature, mountain scenery. It is here that your child can learn a foreign language, play sports or creativity, develop his skills in a comfortable environment, and relax his soul and body after a weary academic year. The main advantages of a children's camp in Switzerland are the following:

  • Language courses in Switzerland in the form of a children's camp can significantly increase the level of possession of one or more of the four main foreign languages: English, German, French or Italian. The child can choose one or several foreign languages ​​for study and improvement, doing them either simultaneously or sequentially - depending on the abilities of each student.
  • In children's camps with the study of a foreign language in Switzerland, a child will be able to fully enjoy the cleanest mountain air, a favorable climate and a balanced diet provided by language camps.
  • The language camps in Switzerland are very diverse: the child can choose camps with various sports (from water polo and rowing on mountain lakes to bicycles and horse riding) and creative circles (from drawing and singing to make-up or aeromodeling classes). Although Switzerland does not have access to the sea, the country offers a variety of water sports, as well as activities related to water: hiking in water parks, swimming, boating on the lake and much more.

Thus, children's camps in Switzerland - it's an excellent choice for those who want to have a good rest on vacation and at the same time pull up knowledge of any foreign language, the choice of which is particularly great.

Features of teaching foreign languages ​​in Switzerland

Switzerland is, perhaps, the best country for simultaneous recreation and education, as there is a safe and friendly atmosphere, there is a rich culture and its unique way of life.

In Switzerland, language camps offer students the choice of one or more of the foreign languages ​​to study: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian are available. In many children's camps, it is possible to learn 2 languages ​​at once, while the set of specific foreign languages ​​directly depends on the canton where the language camp is located. For example, in the part of Switzerland in which the French-speaking population predominates, the children's language camps will be offered to study, first of all, French and English (English is international, so it is offered in the vast majority of educational institutions and children's camps in Switzerland ). By the way, in English in Switzerland, most of the population speaks with ease, because the country has a large presence of business from around the world. The division of the country into "language zones" will favorably affect the learning of the language: after traveling to Switzerland to study a foreign language, one can get into "small Germany" and learn German in the German-speaking part of Switzerland or in "small Italy" in the south and learn Italian. In addition, the practice of language is an important part of the study, so this division is doubly useful.

It is worth mentioning that the vast majority of language children's camps are located within the city limits or in the suburbs, but there are also such camps to which it is necessary to reach for some time. The camps operate within a world famous resort called Verbier, in towns and villages, etc. In any case, your child is waiting for incredible beauty of nature, professional teaching staff and fun pastime.

With regard to the intensity of classes in children's camps in Switzerland, the academic load can be from five to 25 academic hours of a foreign language in a five-day school week. Students of the older classes are free to take additional lessons in any disciplines that are also taught in a foreign language. It is worth emphasizing that almost all educational programs conducted in the form of children's language camps in Switzerland are offered by private Swiss boarding schools, so you can be fully confident that the best and most outstanding teachers will teach the student.

In addition to the educational process, children's language camps with the study of a foreign language in Switzerland offer students excellent opportunities for an unforgettable vacation: students will go on organized excursions to picturesque towns in the mountains, get acquainted with the sights of Switzerland, its history and rich culture. In addition, on the basis of language camps, sports events and competitions, cultural events are often arranged. It is important to understand that the leading professional teachers who have many years of experience working with foreign students are engaged with children, and the lessons themselves take the form of unobtrusive games, discussions, etc. - the child will not be bored to learn a foreign language at a children's camp in Switzerland!

Summer language camps in Switzerland

Courses of a foreign language in the form of a language school based on a children's camp in Switzerland are available to all comers throughout the calendar year. Winter children's camps in Switzerland work from December to February, giving way to spring language camps that open for everyone from March to May. Summer language camps operate during June-July.

In Switzerland, there are many educational institutions located in all cantons of the country. As mentioned earlier, it is necessary to clearly understand what foreign language your child wants to learn, since the specific canton depends on the set of offered to study foreign languages. However, in some language camps it is possible to study at least all foreign languages ​​at once: English, German, and French...

Summer vacations in the children's language camp in Switzerland is the most popular educational program in a foreign language among students from all over the world, since it is summer vacations that last more than other vacations (between quarters or semesters), and the climate is most favorable and conducive to rest.

Educational groups in summer language camps for children in Switzerland are formed on the basis of the individual characteristics, talents and abilities of all students. At the very beginning after the arrival at the summer camp, the teachers conduct special testing, which shows the level of possession of one or another foreign language of each student. Introductory testing is a prerequisite for the educational program and curriculum to be most suited to the child's abilities and skills, so that he does not experience stress or discomfort from being too complicated or too self-confident because of an easy educational program. In addition, the summer children's language camps in Switzerland offer students learning a foreign language of varying intensity and duration. A standard language course provides up to 20 academic hours of a foreign language per week. After classes every day and on weekends children go for a walk, excursions, visit sights, go in for some kind of sports or attend exciting creative pursuits in interest groups.

Winter language camps in Switzerland

However, not only in the summer is worth visiting Switzerland for learning a foreign language and rest - the winter period is no less attractive, especially for those who like winter and winter sports. Winter vacations in the children's language camp in Switzerland also provide an exceptional opportunity to increase the level of proficiency in foreign (English, Italian, German, French) and simultaneous recreation. Everyone knows the Swiss mountain resorts, because the country is famous for ski slopes to the whole world. In winter, students will be able to learn how to ride snowboarding and downhill skiing under the supervision of professional and experienced coaches, but you can just walk around the beautiful winter Switzerland.

As for the summer holidays in the language camps in Switzerland, in their free time, students can go hiking, glaciers, swim in the clean Swiss lakes, do some kind of sport (from tennis and golf to football and cycling). Also, the spring period of learning a foreign language in children's camps in Switzerland is very popular, when it is possible to ski (because mountain skiing is high in the mountains), and just take a walk in warm weather.

Accommodation in children's language camps in Switzerland

Most of the children's language camps in Switzerland operate on the basis of a university or a private boarding school and provide educational programs with two types of residence to choose from: either in a hostel where students of the relevant educational institutions live normally, or in the host Swiss family. At the same time, each children's camp has its own lists of tested families who are ready to host a foreign student and have everything necessary for their comfortable living while studying a foreign language. In case of accommodation in a student residence, students live for 2-4 people in spacious common bedrooms with everything necessary for study and rest.

In some language camps with the study of a foreign language, Switzerland offers daytime educational programs, that is, students attend classes during the first half of the day, and in the evening and on weekends they go home to their parents. A similar option would suit those children whose families also came to Switzerland for one reason or another.

As for meals, it is organized on the principle of a full board in the common dining room (that is, includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, and often also afternoon snacks). Each children's camp offers traditional European dishes, as well as dishes from countries whose language is studied by the students.

Cost of children's language camps in Switzerland

The cost of children's camps in Switzerland can be from one and a half to 4,000 CHF a week. In most cases, this price will include the educational program, the chosen accommodation, a minimum of three meals a day (full board), as well as a rich program of activities. Other things being equal, the cost depends on the following factors:

  • the time of the year: as a rule, winter children's camps offering mountain skiing or snowboarding are much more expensive than educational programs in the same camps, but in the summer;
  • other factors, such as: airport transfers and back, fullness of study groups, registration fees for foreign students, etc.
  • intensity of classes: an intensive course, as well as the study of various additional disciplines will cost you more than an ordinary language program;
  • program of events: the fullness of the leisure program also affects the final cost of the children's camp;
  • duration of education and living in a children's camp;
  • type of accommodation for the period of stay in the language camp;
  • geographical location of the educational institution;

The children's language camp in Switzerland is an excellent opportunity to travel to a safe country with a rich culture and history, as well as beautiful nature. Vacations, whether summer or winter, held in the children's camp in Switzerland, will be remembered for your child for life, will allow him to find new friends from around the world, and will also serve as a significant impetus to further study of foreign languages. Start the process of choosing a children's camp in Switzerland right now! SMAPSE experts, who have many years of experience in the field of foreign education, are ready to help you at any time convenient for you. Consultations are free and are carried out via e-mail, phone or Skype - just leave a request in a special form on SMAPSE website. Switzerland is waiting for you and your child!

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