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Best schools in Barcelona for international students

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Best schools in Barcelona for international students

Leading schools in Barcelona for international students 

When deciding to get an elite secondary education in Barcelona, foreign students gain indisputable advantages regarding the high level of quality and effectiveness of educational programs and improving the level of knowledge of several foreign languages. At the same time, foreign students are guaranteed a comfortable and cozy stay, staying in the fresh air and in a country in whose territory a huge number of famous attractions are concentrated.

The classification of elite schools in Spain provides for the division into the following types, namely:

  • Spanish schools
  • Schools with a foreign educational system
  • Advanced international private schools.

In addition, Spanish schools are divided into public and private educational institutions. A distinctive feature of public schools is the fact that they are partially and fully subsidized by budgetary funds or by the Catholic Church. Please note that the advanced public schools in Barcelona have a secular nature of learning.

As for foreign students, it is extremely difficult for them to study at a public school in Barcelona due to the lack of a residence. In addition, as a mandatory requirement for admission to an advanced public school, a residence permit is required. Specifically for foreign students, specialized courses have been developed, within the framework of which students are effectively prepared for passing the Selectividad final exam. Successful passing of this exam guarantees unimpeded admission to the ranking university of Spain. It is planned to accommodate foreign students in host families, as well as enrollment in a free school in the region.

As for the leading semi-state schools, much more opportunities have been created within their walls for teaching foreign students. So, for the admission of foreign students there are more free places, and also provides the possibility of living in a comfortable school residence.

SMAPSE experts recommend foreign students pay attention to elite private boarding schools in Barcelona. It is worth noting that teaching is conducted in small classrooms, classes have only modern technical and infrastructure equipment, and the bilingual nature of instruction. In addition, foreign students are given the opportunity to choose to pass the Spanish Selectividad exam or the British A-level exam.

Please note that in Barcelona there are fewer American schools, and if you are interested, you can pass effective preparation for passing the American SAT exam.

Below will be presented the ranking of the best schools in Barcelona, which was compiled by the famous periodical El Mundo. It is worth noting that this publication annually evaluates in the context of many parameters of semi-public and private schools in Spain. So, the professionalism and experience of the teaching staff, the academic performance of students, the number of foreign languages studied, the number of teachers who are native speakers of the language are evaluated.

Below is a list of top schools in Barcelona for foreign students.

  • Semi-public and private school - Colegio Montserrat

It occupies a leading position in terms of the quality of educational services not only in Barcelona, but also in Spain for many years. It is worth noting that the elite school of Barcelona is partially funded by the state. In this connection, at the stage of education in primary and secondary schools, the educational institution is semi-state. As part of the educational stage of bachillerato, parents fully pay for the education of their child, the same situation applies to the first stage of the children's school. Most academic disciplines are taught in Catalan. Entering this ranking school in Barcelona, foreign students are given the opportunity to obtain an international baccalaureate diploma.

  • Elite international school - Agora Sant Cugat International School

1989 was marked by the opening of a ranking school in Barcelona, more precisely in the suburbs of San Cugat, occupying high positions in the list of TOP-10 best schools in Spain. Attention foreign students are invited to undergo an international baccalaureate program.

  • Prestigious private school - La Miranda

The school belongs to the 29th line of the ranking of the best schools in Spain, located in the suburbs of San Just Desvern. The year 1967 was marked by the opening of an advanced school in Barcelona. It is worth noting that many famous people and celebrities who permanently live in the capital of Catalonia, decide to educate their child in an elite school. In particular, the son of the popular singer Shakira is studying at this school. 

  • Top school - Colegio Internacional SEK-Catalunya

The prestigious educational institution is located in the suburbs of Barcelona, namely in the beautiful foothills of Monsigne. 1995 was marked by the opening of this school, in the list of the best schools in Spain it belongs to 104 line of the ranking. Please note that education under the international baccalaureate program is possible in primary, secondary and high school, which distinguishes this school from other leading schools in Barcelona.

  • Elite English school in Barcelona - The British School of Barcelona

1985 was marked by the opening of an advanced school, the walls of which are taught in accordance with the American educational system. Foreign students can be educated in the framework of the international baccalaureate program in English.

The system of secondary education of the best schools in Barcelona

The Spanish educational system includes two stages, namely:

It is worth noting that teaching in prestigious public schools in Spain is conducted in Spanish or local language. The local language of instruction extends to the following Spanish regions, as Catalonia, Basque Country, Valencia, and Galicia. As for the elite Spanish private schools, among foreign students English-language educational programs are popular, which provide for the organization of optional classes in Spanish.

List of the best boarding schools in Barcelona for foreign students

Below is a rating prepared by another reputable Spanish agency, the emphasis was on the selection of educational institutions that provide for the residence of foreign students on the school grounds.

  • Agora International School Barcelona - over the 20 years of its operation, the elite school has provided a high level of quality of educational services, and the prestige of this educational institution is universally recognized. As part of the education, the emphasis is on the disclosure and harmonious development of the creative abilities of students. As for the cost of education, it starts from 21,000 .
  • Elite private school Boarding School Barcelona - located in the small town of Sitges, Barcelona is 1 hour away by car. In addition to education for students, various events and electives are organized. As for the cost of education, it averages 10,500 per semester.
  • Bruguera Tennis Academy - this school occupies the top positions in international rankings, and it received the status of the best educational institution for raising stars in the field of tennis. Thus, educational programs provide for a combination of intensive studies with active sports training. The cost of education on average is 4,200 per term.
  • ES International School Barcelona Advanced School - foreign students planning to receive a ranking higher education in the USA are the target audience for education. So, upon graduation, graduates are issued certificates of the American standard, in addition, foreign students have in-depth academic and linguistic knowledge. Tuition starts at about 9,500 per year.

Requirements for admission to prestigious schools in Barcelona international students 

  • Availability of an international language certificate
  • Passing a school-wide test
  • Providing a school report card grades for the last 2-3 years
  • Providing letters of recommendation from educators
  • On an additional basis, an interview with a member of the school's admissions committee may be required.

Please note that tuition fees at the best schools in Barcelona per trimester vary from 8,000 to 20,000 .

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