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High schools in Boston for foreign students

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High schools in Boston for foreign students

Deciding to get an education in the USA, it is first of all to pay attention to the Boston high schools. After all, this city is one of the university centers of America, where a large number of different educational institutions are concentrated. In 1635, the first free high school was opened in Boston, and since then, education in high school in Boston for Americans and foreign students has become increasingly in demand.

Advantages of studying at a secondary school in Boston for foreign students

  • Today, Boston is the leader in higher educaton. Boston maintains world leadership in achievements in various fields of science: engineering, biotechnology, medicine, physics and mathematics. Learn in the "most intelligent city of America" is not only prestigious, but also exciting.
  • Boston High Schools open up huge opportunities for their alumni to enter the best US universities, such as Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Study in English, of course, provides an opportunity to build a successful career not only in America, but in any other country in the world and become a sought-after specialist in the international labor market.

Features of teaching in Boston secondary schools for foreign students

The US education system is represented by public and private schools. All high schools in Boston, like other cities in America, are divided into 3 main stages:

1. Elementary school (primary classes, 5-10). Compulsory subjects are included in the curriculum.

2. Middle school (middle classes, 11-15). Here, to the compulsory disciplines, 3-4 additional ones are added for the choice of a schoolboy and / or a parent.

3. High school (high school, 16-18). High school students are free to form a curriculum, choosing the subjects they will need when entering a college or university.

All classes are taught in English. For those who need to tighten the level of language skills, schools open language courses as an additional section.

It is better for foreign students to begin preparing in advance for admission to the chosen educational institution. The list of required documents includes:

1. an extract of estimates for the last few years,

2. recommendations from teachers,

3. certificates and certificates of the presence of sports and other achievements,

4. application for admission.

Some of the requirements of some educational institutions may include:

1. writing an essay on the selected topic,

2. certificates of successful passing of language tests,

3. interview (by Skype / personal),

4. the delivery of the standardized academic test SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test), which is designed to assess the basic skills needed for learning: the ability to verbal reasoning, reading comprehension and mathematics.

In America, much attention is paid to the personal development of students in every way, so the leading Boston high schools tend to organize extra-curricular activities, taking into account the personal characteristics and abilities of the students. The choice of students offers numerous creative and sports sections.

In multinational Boston, foreign students will feel comfortable: they will acquire new friends from different countries of the world, in which companies can get acquainted with American traditions and customs, expanding their horizons.

Best Boston High Schools: description, accommodation, cost, ranking, prices, reviews

  • CATS Academy is one of the most popular and prestigious schools in the city. 

Having excellent equipment of classes, a rich infrastructure of the campus, CATS Academy has a unique educational atmosphere and high level of service. The school has an impeccable reputation, is known for highly effective author's teaching methods, excellent academic results, which is a guarantee of admission to the university .

CATS Academy is waiting for foreign students 14-18 years for senior programs, summer language courses in English and a very interesting course for high school students preparing to enter the universities of the Ivy Leadership Program.

This program involves classes in the classical program of the American high school, preparation for the ACT and SAT examinations, twice a week visiting useful consultations on the selection of college and university. A visit to Harvard, Yale, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Brown University is included in the list of compulsory events on the course. So you can personally inspect the campuses, talk with students and administrative personnel, and, perhaps, decide on your place of further education! The program also includes a course of English as a foreign language (ESL), where students will be able to raise their level of English to the required level.

Extra-curricular activities, sports and social (volunteer) activities are an integral part of the process.

Accommodation of students is organized in comfortable residences (21,200 $ per year). It is also possible to live in a host family on a full board basis (18,400 $ per year).

The cost of the annual educational programs at the CATS Academy will be from 33,000 $ + accommodation. Summer English courses will cost from 1,875 $ per week. For 2 weeks of education on the course Ivy Leadership Program will cost 3,990 $.

Prestigious private co-education school The Cambridge School of Weston (CSW) offers effective programs for both American students and foreign boarders. The main goal of The Cambridge School of Weston is to provide quality, progressive, comprehensive education to students from all over the world, to teach them to look deeper, to educate full and responsible members of society, good citizens. For the students of The Cambridge School of Weston, there are many opportunities for sports and creativity on campus and beyond.

The school offers programs of the senior school for the education of foreign students from the age of 15. Accommodation is organized in comfortable residences, where not only pupils live, but also academy employees with their families and pets - a home atmosphere of mutual aid and mutual respect is created here.

The cost of annual education will be from 59,400 $.

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