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Best schools in the USA for foreign students

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Best schools in the USA for foreign students

All parents, without exception, take great responsibility in the education of their children, because this is the most valuable contribution to its successful future. After reading this article about schooling in the USA, you will not only get acquainted with the education system, with all the features and advantages of educational programs, but you can also choose the right school in America for the child. Do not miss the opportunity for which the child will thank you.

It is no secret that a foreign student who will receive school education in the USA in one of the schools in America will have a great opportunity to enter any university in the world without problems to continue his studies. Education in America pursues a strictly individual approach to each child, leaving him the opportunity to choose additional school subjects and extracurricular activities. To come to one of the leading American schools for admission to any class will not be difficult for students of all ages. Educational programs are aimed at developing a child's interest in learning, learning about himself and the world around him. At school, your child will not only receive a theoretical base in general subjects, but will also improve his knowledge of the English language, overcome the language barrier, make friends from all over the world and learn something new that will certainly be useful in his successful future.

School System in America

The features of each school are established within the state in which it is located. Today, any foreign student can take the necessary tests and go to study in America through one of the special student exchange programs. This opportunity allows foreign students to graduate from both the best public and prestigious private American schools. The education system in the United States includes 4 levels:


Degree of education

The name of the program

5 years

Preparatory School (Grade 0)


6-11 years old

Elementary school (grades 1-5)

Elementary school

12-14 years old

Secondary school (grades 6-8)

Middle school

15-18 years old

High school (grades 9-12)

High school

To date, the education system in the United States is considered one of the most modern educational systems in the world. A variety of additional programs, teaching methods and educational approaches makes it possible to interest the child in the educational process. The main goal of the American educational system is to educate a strong and independent person who is able to make decisions quickly. It should be noted the fact that the division into primary, secondary and high schools is not at all a conditional thing. In the USA, each age group and each level of education has its own institution with its own administration building, a student housing and teaching staff.

Features of school education in primary school in the United States for foreign students

A student in the United States begins school at the age of 5. He goes to preparatory school (0 grade) and sets up for full-time study in a year. At the age of 6-11 years, the child goes to elementary school (Elementary school), where he studies from 1st to 5th grade. Before starting school, children take an IQ test and are divided into groups according to their ability. This helps the student not to feel worse or better than others, but to be on an equal footing with all classmates. The program includes such academic disciplines as arithmetic, reading, writing, science, physical education, music and drawing. If your child's performance will be significantly different from the success of the students from the class, then they can transfer him to the class for gifted students, where the load and subjects are studied in more detail, or vice versa, to the class where students need a little more time and attention to learn the material educators.

Features of secondary school education in the USA for foreign students

At the age of 12-14, all students go to a secondary school (Middle school) and master the program of grades 6-8. In any American school, moving to a new level of education, students are divided into new classes. This is a great opportunity for your child to meet a large number of new people and learn to adapt to different characters and temperaments. In the case of foreign students, this is a great chance to find out how American people live. The load in educational programs is increasing, and the range of additional classes is expanding. In a secondary school in the USA, every student without fail practices in mathematics, English, history, and natural sciences. In addition, each student chooses 2-3 subjects based on personal interests, it can be art, the history of the country, drawing or computer science.


Features of high school education in the USA for foreign students

In high school, students study from grades 9 to 12. The secondary education system in US schools always provides an opportunity for students to choose additional lessons on their own, but at the age of 14-18, students get more freedom in choosing classes for obtaining a certificate. There is a certain list of subjects that students are required to study, but they can choose all other activities on their own. This is because students at this age are already thinking about the future and have some idea of what they want to do. Every day after checking attendance, students go to classes and listen to lectures on the subjects they need to enter US universities or universities in other countries. While studying in high school, students pay more attention to preparing for the final SAT test, the results of which will help in the process of enrolling in a dream college. Also for all comers in all schools in America, there are courses in-depth study of subjects The Advanced Rlacement (AP). The program of increased complexity includes 34 subjects and corresponds to elementary courses at the university, so it will be much easier for future students of the best universities in the world to get used to studying. This opportunity always attracts all purposeful students who think in advance about the future and want to prepare for study at a prestigious university as early as possible. The more prestigious the school, the more objects of increased complexity it can offer students. The results of preparation for the AR program give the best students privileges for admission to universities in the USA, Canada, Great Britain and more than 50 countries. Upon delivery of subjects for the mark “excellent”, everyone has a chance to win priority enrollment upon admission to Princeton, Harvard and Yale universities.

All graduates of American schools receive a High School Graduation Diploma. In order to finish school with a diploma, each student for 4 years of study must receive from 20 to 23 credits for subjects of the compulsory program and subjects of choice. One credit is given for the study of one subject during the school year. In addition, the student must devote 15 hours (5 hours per semester) to socially useful activities. Below is the required number of loans to obtain a certificate in different classes:

9th grade

6 credits

10th grade

6 credits

11th grade

6 credits

12th grade

5 credits

The list of required loans includes the following items:

Natural sciences (biology, chemistry, physics)

3 credits

Mathematics (algebra, geometry, trigonometry)

4 credits

Humanities (history, political science, economics, US history)

3 credits


4 credit


1 credit

Physical Education

1 credit

The school year in US schools is divided into 2 semesters, and at school the student spends 5-6 hours a day, plus time for lunch. During the year, students have the opportunity to go home for Christmas, Easter and summer holidays.

US Performance Monitoring and Grading System: US Schools

In America, knowledge is ranked on a 100-point scale. However, in US schools, instead of a digital mark, teachers use the letters A, B, C, D, F for convenience. Each letter has its own numerical equivalent and its own borders.


Literal result













Below the average

Less than 60



In America you can get a grade of "+" or "-". The sum of all school grades forms the GPA (Grade point average), which is of great importance when entering one of the universities in the world. The results affect how prestigious the university will be able to choose a student for themselves in the future. The better a student studied in high school, the stronger the class is waiting for him in high school. The higher the performance in high school, the higher the final GPA score, and, therefore, the chances of getting into a good college and university increase. The secondary education system in the United States is doing everything possible to prepare the child to study at one of the prestigious higher education institutions in the world, which is why studying in American schools will be a great opportunity and a confident start for foreign students.

Features of schooling in America: admission to schools in America

Every foreign student can go to school in the United States in 3 ways.

  • Student exchange program
  • Paid student exchange program.
  • Studying in a private school.

All interested students go through 3 stages of the competition: testing for knowledge of the English language, a written exam and an interview. The commission takes into account not only language knowledge, but also the motivation of the child, the desire to study and live in another country. Those who show the best results and pass the selection receive the opportunity to study at one of the best public schools and live in a host American family for a year. The cost of education is borne by the fund that organizes this program. You are only required to pay for flights and pocket expenses of the student.

The selection of students for this educational program takes place in the same way as for the first program: testing, writing and interviewing with the organizers. The choice of school and staff depends on the capabilities of the foundation, which takes on the entire organization. AFS organizations operate across the country, and smaller foundations can only offer education in individual states. If you choose this program, then for a year of study at a public school in the USA you can pay from 4,000 $ to 8,000 $.

In the USA there are a lot of private educational institutions that are ready to accept foreign students. Parents can personally agree on education or contact one of the companies that teach foreign students in America. The admission process depends on the rules of the school and on its ranking. If talking about the price, then a year of study in one of the private schools in America will cost you at least 10,000 $.

If the student does not speak English well, they can take him to school, but put him in preparatory class, where he will study under the program, which includes the subject “English as a Foreign Language”. Such classes last 2-4 months and help in the shortest possible time significantly increase the level of English proficiency for successful continuation of studies. Sometimes this program is arranged with an additional course in parallel with the general educational program. Depending on the program and school in which the student will be studying, there are some age limits. Public schools in the US only accept high school students (grades 9-11), and private schools are ready to provide a place in the classroom for a student of any age.


Tuition for schooling in the USA for foreign students

The cost of secondary education in the USA always depends on the status of the chosen school and on the services that are included in the terms of the educational program. In addition to education, the price may include:

  • Accommodation
  • Nutrition
  • Registration fee
  • Insurance
  • Textbooks
  • School uniform
  • Additional activities
  • Additional classes and laboratory work
  • Final Exam Preparation

The cost of teaching foreign students in US schools is from 37,000 $ to 53,000 $ a year. Since there is no free education for foreign students in America, it does not matter at all which school will be studying: in a private boarding school or in one of the US public schools. Of course, the cost of education in a public school is much lower than in a private one, but the level of education is equally good in all educational institutions in America.

Documents Required for Schooling in the USA

In order for your child to be admitted to one of the best schools in the USA, the following documents will be required:

  • Visa
  • Vaccination certificate and medical opinion (in English)
  • English Test Results
  • The results of the interview with teachers
  • Extract with grades from the last place of study for the last 1-3 years (in English)

Extracurricular activities for students in schools in America

The US secondary education system, together with the compulsory education program, puts the student in the first place. Teachers of all schools in America give extra-curricular activities a lot of time. Since they try to comprehensively develop the student and raise an active life position in him, the list of additional activities includes everything up to climbing. Without exception, all students can find something to their liking. Someone chooses professional sports, someone becomes a member of the theater troupe or a member of the support group of local sports teams. Someone playing musical instruments, singing in a choir or drawing on canvas. The debate club and interest clubs (chemistry, mathematics, history, etc.) are very popular among students, where participants solve olympiad problems and analyze topics that are not included in the main program of the school. The great advantage of teaching students in schools in America is not only in improving their English proficiency, but also in the fact that the student can get acquainted with the culture of another country and see the sights. Schools in the USA often go on a variety of field trips to nature reserves, museums, memorial sites, or even other countries, as well as camping trips, student parties, and national cuisine days.

In conclusion, it should be mentioned that the American school will educate your child in independence, responsibility, self-discipline, initiative and willingness to solve problems of any complexity. Teachers not only instill a love of English, but also help develop the child’s individual abilities. Learning and living abroad will teach the student independence. For every foreign student, the opportunity to study in another country is a test of their own strengths and capabilities. The competition among American students is always quite large, so you need to not only be smart, but also be able to show your abilities and quickly join the team. America's leading public and private schools educate future leaders, diplomats, and politicians. In addition to all this, studying in the USA allows you to prepare your child for studying at famous universities in the world, a diploma of graduation from one of the most prestigious schools in the USA will open the door to a successful and happy future for you, as it is a guarantee of quality.

If you are thinking about sending your child to study in America through one of the student exchange programs, then SMAPSE best specialists will consult and help you with choosing a school. SMAPSE employees are well versed in the secondary education system of America and have been successfully organizing such trips for a long time. SMAPSE experts are ready to meet and discuss the details at any convenient time and in any convenient way.

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