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2018-07-30 11:56:42

Eton: the path to a dream

Eton: the path to a dream

Eton College was founded by Henry VI in 1440 as an elite school for boys. The educational institution for its entire history was completed by 20 British Prime Ministers, including today's head of government David Cameron. Also among the graduates of Eton College there are writers (George Orwell, Ian Fleming) and scientists (Robert Boyle, John Smith). According to the Good School Guide rating, the school has no equal in its class. Eton College is considered to be the best educational institution for boys among English schools in England (note that prestigious and successful schools for girls).

Requirements for the entrants

Today Eaton takes to study not only citizens Britain . The college is open to foreigners. But the conditions for admission are quite strict. Eton College accepts only boys with excellent academic performance, achievements in creativity or sports. Also the basic requirement for applicants is fluency in English.

The easiest way to enter college is by studying for a few years at a private British school . This will allow you to acquire the necessary communication and academic skills, to adapt to the language environment. It is also possible to have specialized training in the school at the preparatory program.

Choose an educational institution on the Eton College website. Here is published a list of 120 British schools, whose students had experience of enrolling in college. Among the educational institutions you will find the prestigious Windlesham House School, Sussex House School, St. Paul's Cathedral School, Port Regis School, Notting Hill Prep, Moor Park School, Knightsbridge School, Holmewood House School, Highfield School, Elstree School, Dragon School,Cottesmore School , Aysgarth School.

Admission to Eton

Eton College is one of the most selective schools in Britain. Registration for admission begins long before him. The entrant Eton College will have to go through a complicated selection procedure. Based on its results, a decision will be made to enroll it for the training course.

To register a child for admission to Eton College, it is necessary to reach the age of 10.5 years. It is also recommended to visit the school together with the boy. The visit will give an additional motivation, allow you to communicate with students and staff. At the age of 11, the entrant will have to pass preliminary testing and interviews. It is conducted in computer form.

In fact, testing is an exam for determining the level of IQ. Examinations are accepted twice a year: in the autumn and summer trimester. The test results are published on the school's website in July and December. Before the exam, the Admission Board of Eton College communicates with the parents of the applicant, agrees the date of testing. At this stage, a package of documents is handed to the school, including an extract of estimates, information on the achievements and talents of the student.

Successful passing of testing, interview provides the applicant with a conditional place in Eton College. Practice shows that a third of applicants receive conditional places. Some applicants are entered on the waiting list. They will be offered places for children to whom the admission committee will refuse to enroll in Eton College.

After receiving a conditional place in school, applicants with their parents are encouraged to visit the school again. At this stage, meetings are organized with House Master, students of Eton College. Also, parents and applicants can get acquainted with the conditions of accommodation in the residence of the school. After this, an agreement is concluded with Eton College, an entrance fee is paid. Its size is 1800 pounds sterling. Of these, 1200 are returned after graduation. The fee is paid by all applicants who have received conditional places and stand on the waiting list.

At the age of 13, boys take the Common Entrance exams. They include testing of knowledge in English, mathematics, science and one foreign language (Spanish, German, French, Chinese). As a result of examinations, applicants are offered unconditional places in Eton College.

The boys who have not received a place at school can be enrolled for studies when they receive a musical or royal scholarship. Winning the contest will help musical talent and independent thinking accordingly. If there is a scholarship, the student will receive a 10% discount on school fees.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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