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2020-08-21 12:24:19

TOP-10 places to visit in the Czech Republic

TOP-10 places to visit in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a country where the sky seems to be supported by towers and spiers of numerous palaces and towers. In addition to its architectural beauty, the Czech Republic is known for its natural landscapes: caves, geysers, lakes, mountains and nature reserves. All this creates a unique atmosphere of the country, for which you need to allocate as much time as possible, otherwise you will not be able to fully enjoy them!

Prague Castle

Prague Castle is the largest ancient fortress in the Czech Republic, located on the banks of the Vltava. This important cultural and political center was founded in the 9th century. The favorite activity of tourists is the daily midday changing of the guard. In the courtyard of the fortress:

  • Teresian palace
  • Baroque gate of Matthias
  • Chapel of the Holy Cross
  • Fountains
  • Forged well of the Renaissance era.

In the fortress itself there are even more must-see places:

  • Zlata Ulochka
  • Royal garden
  • Singing fountain
  • Queen Anne's summer palace
  • Strahov Monastery
  • Baroque library
  • Numerous chapels
  • Powder bridge, etc.


Olomuc is a city in the east of the country, famous for its central part, the only one preserved in the Moravian part of the Czech Republic. The second name of Olomuts is the City of Flowers (because of the annual flower exhibition). In Czech Olomuc, you should definitely try the famous glazed curds and visit 25 bizarre fountains. The city is under the protection of UNESCO.

Hluboka nad Vltavou castle

The snow-white castle Hluboka, built under the Vltava in the neo-Gothic style, has seen more than a dozen owners in its lifetime, each of whom made changes to the structure. One gets the impression that the castle, located just 150 kilometers from Prague, was not created, but copied from the pages of fairy tales. The building is surrounded by a park, you can go inside and admire the beauty!

Reserve Bohemian Paradise

The Stone Town, which has become a nature reserve with the eloquent name Bohemian Paradise, is a place that arouses the desire to always walk through the labyrinths of stones, canyons and rock towns. The observation decks created by nature offer an incredible view of the surrounding towns and villages, towers, rocks and forests. Inside the stone city, a number of sights stand out, among which the Drab rooms - a conglomeration of rocks, boulders and canyons, hugging each other and resembling fingers.

The Charles Bridge

The crossing between Malaya Strana and the Old Town was built by order of King Charles IV, who personally laid the first stone. The tower that precedes the bridge is famous all over the world and has become one of the main symbols of the country. The bridge, which is 516 meters long, is decorated with 30 sculptures and sculptural groups. In addition to the fact that the bridge is famous for its sculptures, many legends and legends walk around it.


Holašovice is a heavenly place for everyone who wants to go several centuries ago and plunge into the peasant life. One might argue that there are many such places on the planet, but the uniqueness of Holašovice is that all the people living here are real. They really live a normal life here, do not play, as happens in 99% of such settlements! The houses in the village were built in the 17th-19th centuries in a unique South Bohemian style that is not found anywhere else.

The main event in the life of the village is the two-day festival "Rural Celebrations", which attracts artisans and craftsmen from all over the world. Dances and dances, national cuisine, brass band - this is what the festival attracts thousands of people every year.

Krumlov Castle (Cesky Krumlov)

Krumlov Castle is a revived picture of films about knights and the romantic Middle Ages. The difference is that in the movie it is a set, but in real life it is a real knight's castle. Inside the complex you will find:

  • Architectural structures
  • Courtyards of extraordinary beauty
  • Parks
  • Bridges
  • Observation decks with views of the entire city
  • Theater
  • Equestrian arena
  • Palace.

Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Brno

Cathedral of Peter and Paul - Cathedral Church of Brno. The spiers of the towers rush upwards and seem to touch the sky - this impressive picture is visible from anywhere in the city. The cathedral, built at the end of the 13th century, has passed a difficult historical path: it was a simple chapel, under its arches the persecuted found refuge, and for the enemy-invaders, the church became a symbol of the fortitude of the townspeople. Today it is not just one of the main attractions of the city, with a stunning view from the observation deck, but also a working Catholic church with regular services.

Prague chimes

Astronomical Prague Clock, or, as they are also called, Prague Orloj is a clock that attracts thousands of tourists with its intricate mechanism. Their age is one and a half thousand years. And even then, in the first years after their creation, they fascinated the audience with a bizarre procession of figures. Thanks to the watch you can:

  • Find out the time, day and month
  • See zodiac sign
  • See an hourly performance that plays with the magic of time.

St. Vitus Cathedral

Vitus Cathedral - Prague's Notre Dame de Paris. The Catholic Cathedral is the seat of the Prague Archbishop. The cathedral is included in the list of the main Gothic pearls of Europe, artistic and national-historical shrines of the Czech Republic. Inside, the temple is decorated with statues of bishops and monarchs, stained glass windows, carvings and Gothic arches that create a feeling of weightlessness.

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